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  1. Hi there Toytown,   I am negotiating a contract now and could use some feedback.   If you work in design or video (photography, photoshop, web design, flash, FinalCut ) how much do you charge per hour or day for your creative services in Berlin?   I started working at a company as an English language copywriter and they paid me decently, got more hours and now work in office and at home. As I work there longer, they have now uncovered / discovered that I am also adept at photo, photoshop, web design and video editing work and more and more of my job requires me to use these skills, with the occasional English language copywriting daily task thrown in as well as community management (Marketing dept). I have become the 'art director/creative director' in the Marketing dept and nobody else on the 'Team' can do the special-skills stuff that I do.   A great deal of the communication of this international company is in English, so they have a dire need for native English speakers, and I am one of four out of approx. 85 employees. I have an arts background, studied photography and have been freelance for many years -- self-taught in much of the more current design + video editing skills)   On one hand, they are giving me a great opportunity to hone my skills while paying me decently. On the other hand, I don't want to be taken advantage of, nor do I want to out-negotiate myself and become "too expensive" and be left in the dust.   Any advice or feedback on your experiences in these fields?   thanks!