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  1. Airfryers

    Well, then it does the job. Even though I do add some oil to my Schnitzels, without it it is less tasty.    My wife loves to cook falafel in air fryer, it it is pretty good. Not as tasty as deep-friedIt one, but definitely more healthy.    It also consumes a lot less energy than the oven, but the price is you can only cook stuff for 2 people maximum.     
  2. If you are ready to invest 1 million euro, a couple of EU countries will give you a passport without any residency or language requirement.  E.g.
  3. Insults in social media

    Calling Mr. Bear a moron is illegal.   Callin him Mr. "Vaccine causes HIV" is legal, he said that and he doesn't even find anything wrong with that statement. 
  4. Insults in social media

    People who throw up insults are pretty much always too stupid to know this. And those who do use VPN and incognito mode are usually careful enough not to attract police investigators.    That being said, where I am now it is legal to insult (if it is not a libel/defamation), and weed is legal, too. So good luck reporting me to the Germans, I am not hiding my IP.     
  5. Austria to Germany - why passport checks?

    Nope, it's legal to do random spot checks. Federal police of Germany can check any person or vehicle within 30 km from the border.    But the police is not allowed to check everyone (unless it is temporary in an emergency situation, then member states should be notified).    If you use local roads instead of federal roads/Autobahn, the probability of being checked is miniscule.    Another posibility is to cross the border via mountains: the police are too lazy to climb there.    Public transportation = police checks are performed regularly, and if you take a train from Eindhoven to Aachen and you look like someone who likes weed, the drug police will be on you in Aachen. 
  6. 3G in Restaurants?

    Also pollution, but they did have a couple of flu epidemics, H1N1 and so on.       
  7. 3G in Restaurants?

    In the Far East it is normal to wear a mask during a normal flu season, Japanese and Chinese to it a lot.    Europe and America are no more the leaders of human civilization, Asian countries are. 
  8. It's just a degree that has zero relevance outside of academia. It just certifies that you are capable of doing research on your own, you can still suck as a researcher.  Don't use the title if you are a democrat and a republican (not Republian and Democrat in the US, I refer to support of the democratic and republican political system).    This doctor bullshit in German is a kind of Ersatz for aristocracy, claiming that you are better than others.    Germans plagiarize (copy&paste) their thesis, get the genuine PhD and then use the title. This is also a crime, but only high profile politicians (sometimes) get punished for this because a lot of people read their theses.    If you have a certificate of PhD no police will ever question you, even if your thesis was a total bullshit.    P.S. I support the total abolishment of doctoral degree as a concept. It should be replaced with "x years of research experience" for job positions that require so. 
  9. 3G in Restaurants?

      Omicron is not deadly, though. But it still causes long COVID. Not a big deal for Mr. HIV since he has permanent long COVID anyway.      One should note that fear to die indeed caused the government do stupid things like imposing lockdowns, forbidding people to get a haircut, destroying businesses, and all in all it was for nothing: the virus spread anyway until the vaccine was created.    There was neither Jonny nor Mr. HIV in 2020 protesting agains lockdowns, because they did not care. They are fine with terror, whether it is private by antivaxxers or government via mass hysteria.   I still remember being called "old people murderer" by the hysteric crowd just because I do not sit at home 24/7 and live off my savings.    After the vaccine this nightmare is over, we can get back to normal. What Jonny and Mr. HIV likes want is back to 2020, lockdowns and mass deaths again.       
  10. 3G in Restaurants?

    You did not report, HIV.   You made your own research based on the claim in the article, that unprotected sex can increase the probability to get HIV. Since condoms are a luxury in many African countries, the researches suggested that m-RNA vaccines not to be used there. This was what researchers said, they said one should vaccinated with traditional (virus based) vaccines instead.    However, in developed countries we use condoms because any probability that is above zero is too high for us. Do you know what a condom is? It's like a face mask, but for a penis. We use this when we have sex and do not want to get STDs.    You made a conclusion that vaccinated people will get HIV even when protected and even when the partner does not have any HIV, your Nobel Prize claim was that vaccine creates HIV.    You are a scientist, don't speak so bad of yourself.
  11. 3G in Restaurants?

      Memory loss, Mr. "Vaccine causes HIV"? I am here to remind your most valuable contribution to humanity: you discovered that an m-RNA vaccines causes HIV. A Nobel Prize is waiting for you.    Albert "mass and energy are the same" Einstein Wolfgang "two electrons with the same spin do not sit together" Pauli Alexander "mould kills bacteria" Fleming Louis "heat kills the bacteria" Pasteur and Mr. "mRNA vaccine causes HIV" Bear, Nobel Prize in Horseshit Sciences 2024   You must be proud of yourself.     
  12. 3G in Restaurants?

    HIV does not have any job to pay any bets.    HIV, I am fine with meeting your personally. You just need to save 2 years of your Hartz IV and book a ticket to TLV. You can pay to me 5 euro, not 100, I am fine with any money. Even 1 eurocent is ok if you come and pay. 
  13. 3G in Restaurants?

    Why all Holocaust deniers are English?    Is it a kind of guilt denial because you sent Jews trying to reach Palestine back to Germany?    No, these people were not following the orders, there were fights with the British in Cyprus, some of them successfull.   
  14. 3G in Restaurants?

    Carbon dioxide in powder? I don't know what is more funny.    We live in times when not knowing basic high school chemistry and biology is taken as pride, as opposed to "sheeple" who know the difference between graphene and carbon dioxide.     There is a group of people in Israel who actually do this, the ultraorthodox guys. They refuse to study math, sciences, and English.    But at least (most) their rabbis are not antivaxxers, so they do whatever their leaders tell them, and do get a vaccine. 
  15. 3G in Restaurants?

    Graphene dioxide?    I've heard they found hyrdrogen hydroxide there, 100% of everyone consuming this toxic substance dies.