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  1. 3G in Restaurants?

    I never read the comment section there. It's full of Jonnies and Mr. HIVs mostly.    Most comment sections of all media are full of nutjobs,  no sense to read them. That kind of people who "never read the mainstream media". The irony. 
  2. The War in Ukraine

    There is a good article about how the Ukrainian Ambassador was trying to tell that to all officials. The result was the same treatment I sometimes get here on TT: gaslighting for not being polite enough.   Als Melnyk aus der Kantine kommt, stürzen sich die Moderatorinnen auch auf ihn. Seine Ehefrau sieht zu, wie ihr Mann höflich seine Forderungen in die Kameras spricht, zum hundertsten, zum tausendsten Mal. Wie die Parlamentarier sich zunicken, wichtig an die Krawatten fassen. Wie Christian Lindner durch die Glastür kommt, einen Blick auf Melnyk wirft und schnell wieder abbiegt. Wie Rolf Mützenich wortlos am Botschafter vorübergeht. „Er leitet alle meine Mails nur weiter“, sagt Melnyk.
  3. 3G in Restaurants?   The fourth vaccine initially offered only to 60+, works. 
  4. 3G in Restaurants?

      Nice picture, @Mr.Bear. I  see so many HIV patients caused by vaccines, but it is exactly the same number as in the Wuhan strain. Did Wuhan strain cause HIV, too?!    The government did not tell us this!
  5. The War in Ukraine

    I have read a more credible explanation: Putin is angry at the generals that lied to him about successes.  Since they can't lie indefinitely, once he found out the army is losing he sent them to the frontline "to get direct control over the troops".    In fact, it's a punishment.     
  6. The War in Ukraine

    Smart people are leaving now for Central Asia: Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan. These are cheap countries to stay for a while and wait what will be better: emigrate further or return to the liberated Russia.   I am afraid after about a month this window might close, too: Russia will call for general mobilization of all people.
  7. The War in Ukraine

      There is a nice meme of a Soviet dissident fleeing to the EU and getting the political refugee status:   Without any applicable skills he can only do low paid jobs, so he gets depressed and then...
  8. The War in Ukraine

    I was wrong about Belorussians: no forces entered Ukraine, civilians do a lot of sabotage work.   
  9. 3G in Restaurants?

    We were really close to the end, and now the cases are up again since 3G was abandoned completely. It's a never-ending story.       
  10. The War in Ukraine

    This is neither religious nor ethnic conflict, nothing like Israel-Palestine, India/Pakistan or Rwanda, or Yugoslavia in the 1990s. There is no such thing as "ethnic Russian". Part of my family comes from Russia, I guess this makes me Russian enough in the eyes of Putin, cursed his name will be.    The closest description of the political situation would be pre-WWII Austria: there were Deutschnationale who embraced a single pan-Germanic state and a union with Germany, and there were Austrian fascists who wanted an independent Austria.    Hitler killed German nationalist political movements in Austria, and Putin did the same with Russian nationalist politics. After this war nobody would ever like any sort of union with Russia.     
  11. Du vs Sie culture in office

    Wow, is it like in Italy, where Dottore is a Master degree? 
  12. The War in Ukraine

    If Ukrainians resisted the German invasion in 1939 and 1941, your country would be destroyed much earlier, the WWII would have ended at the end of 1941, with less loss of life on both sides.    The stupidity of Stalin who killed the most competent generals, as well as repressions, lowered morale so that Germans were able to take the whole of Ukraine. Ukrainians only knew Kaiser Austria, so German occupation must not have been worse, right?    This was a huge mistake.     
  13. German Citizenship Application and Physical Presence

    It's time you consult an immigration lawyer. I believe they do check the records of Ausreise (out of Schengen), but only the German one. If you fly out of Italy, they don't have access to it.    Within Schengen, they have no way to check anything. You can live in a border town and do your groceries in the Czech Republic every day, this is legal and not recorded.   
  14. bvg fine

    Just to give you understanding of the applicable law: this is a crime from day 1 if you admit that intentionally did not buy a ticket. But if you don't admit (you don't!) they need to prove that you really intended not to buy a ticket, and not just forgot it/lost/whatever.   The courts consider the case as proven if you are caught multiple times within a certain time span: statistically speaking you cannot "forget" to buy a ticket so often.   Yes, then can, even though unlikely. Your payment to BVG will be irrelevant because if that happens you will be dealing with the State of Berlin, not BVG. In the worst case you will have to pay another (bigger) fine.  
  15. 3G in Restaurants?

    Simple: 1. Vaccine causes AIDS, ivermecshit boosts immune system. 2. Vaccine was not tested, ivermecshit was tested on one million Scotland highland cows. 3. Vaccine is pharma mafia making profits, ivermecshit is produced by a non for profit charity.   Simple facts, 100% true!
  16. Du vs Sie culture in office

    I see you do not have the concept in your native language.    The comments above might be true, but siezen is per se not humiliation, it is the sign of distance and respect. It's actually duzen without permission what is offensive, not vice versa. I personally do not see any need to switch to du at work. I am here to work, not drink beer.    While the desire to be cold and distant might be because the colleague do not like you, they are doing their best to speak with respect. 
  17. The War in Ukraine

    There was a gazillion of people like this in Ukraine.    You won't believe how fast the rockets hitting your town can change political opinions. All those "neutral" and "I am not interested in politics" people now hate Russians and wish death to them.    People are not that stupid, so let's assume that jeba is simply frightened and trying to close his eyes in the hope the problem vanishes.    Actually, it might. If you Germans do a simple thing: ban Russian oil and gas, ban German companies from operating in Russia. All of them.    Ukrainian soldiers found parts made by Bosch in Russian military vehicles. Bosch said: we did not know.   Now you know, go ahead. Let Ukraine win.   
  18. 3G in Restaurants?

    No, because you must be vaccinated by then. Doctors recommend vaccinations. Are you vaccinated?   You post something which definitely cannot be confirmed neither by any doctors nor by anyone with basic knowledge of biology.   You post, you are accountable for it.   HIV can (theoretically) be transferred by using an old Soviet time multiple use syringe. This is the reason why there are so many carriers among drug addicts: they use the same syringe in a group of people (especially in poor countries).   So, if the vaccination center uses the same syringe for multiple people, and the nurse forgets to sterilize it between patients, then one can get infected because contaminated blood goes to the other patient.    
  19. 3G in Restaurants?

    Any chance me getting an answer to the question above? Ignoring will not help, I will remind you each time you post.   How one can catch HIV after vaccination? (yes, it is possible)
  20. The War in Ukraine

    That nobody has a name: Namu. You did not care about all the wars.   I posted about Russians using chemical weapons in Syria in 2018:  
  21. The War in Ukraine

    I wonder, where do you get certification for being Hitler, in TÜV Süd or TÜV Nord?
  22. The War in Ukraine

    Germany built Nord Stream 1 and almost completed Nord Stream 2: the goal of these project was to bypass the transit through Ukraine, so that Russia can bully Ukraine and the whole Eastern Europe EU states (Poland, Italy, Greece etc). Eastern Europeans were crying: do not build Nord Stream 2, you endanger us.    But for Germany "Deutschland zuerst" was more important than European unity.    Noone else is to blame, sorry. 
  23. 3G in Restaurants?

    No comment from Mr. HIV.    Researchers spent their whole life on understanding who the viruses work: not trusted Mr. Bear, PhD from Youtube University who claims that vaccine causes HIV (and masturbation makes one blind): 100% unbiased and trusted.    
  24. The War in Ukraine

    This is exactly what I wrote, but more detailed.    Sure, there is some hostility between China and the West, but in the end, when they are to face the choice, they will choose the West. Money will make a choice.    Surely, the price will be to tone down on their human rights abuses in China, but the West did not care about this anyway for quite a while.