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  1. The War in Ukraine

      A person who was arrested and tortured for nothing was the father of the Soviet space program (and the nukes, the same rockets were used for transporting nukes to America).     
  2. Drivers and hand signals

      Usually buses that transport tourist groups do this, but I did see some city buses doing this. According to German StVO, you should pass such a bus with a speed of 3-5 kmh (Schrittgeschwindigkeit).   
  3. The War in Ukraine

      Israel and Germany were the countries where one could immigrate in the 1990s without having any specific qualifications, just by virtue of having German or Jewish background. After collapse of the USSR a lot of people did this thinking that the money rain was waiting for them. Those who were physicists and engineers (due to its militarized economy, the education in this field was very good) succeeded in getting nice positions. One of those people is Andre Geim (he is Dutch-British, but ethnically Russian German from Volga region) who got Nobel Prize in Physics later on.    This kind of educated and well-off people, who succeeded in a free country, do not support Russian fascism in any form.    The second group of people was those who got higher education which was useless in the West. Mostly humanities, in the USSR they were poorly funded and very influenced with Marxism propaganda. In addition, learning foreign languages was discouraged. Or so-called journalists who worked for Soviet TV and newspapers. Their qualifications were also useless in the West. These people did cleaning and other blue-collar jobs, some long-term unemployed and depressed. They blamed the West for their misery and watched Russian TV full time. Of course, these people became Putin fans.    A cleaning lady in my office turned out to be such a fascist. She worked as a librarian in the USSR, but here in Israel you ought to be fluent in Hebrew language and literature to take such a job. So she works as a cleaner for 20 years and hates Israel and the West, praises Russia but no way will she emigrate there. She is supporting the war and is disappointed that Russia did not take Kyiv and is "too mild" in her war crimes.    What can I say? There were Communists in the West during Cold War, and now there are Russian fascists here. This is the part of being a free country, I guess. Still, I am very sad when I hear the people I know believe in such crap. 
  4. Drivers and hand signals

    For now, you're right. I've heard of automatic cars being confused at a simple Baustelle.    But in the future there will be traffic controllers similar to the railway ones. The human operator will identify such situations and solve them by directing the cars to pass one by one. 
  5. Drivers and hand signals

    It's a graphical image, don't pay attention at the intersection size.    In reality, this can be any residential neighborhood,  no priority signs. Even though this situation is unlikely, the probability is not zero.    There is no direct answer in the StVO except the general rule of taking care of other vehicles and not endangering or hindering them.    The drivers should open the windows and agree with each other who goes first. 
  6. Drivers and hand signals

      The nightmare for those who follow the rules:   According to the StVO, nobody is allowed to pass: the yellow car should give way to the red car, the red car should give way to the green car, and finally, the green car also cannot turn left until the yellow car passes.    What do you do? 
  7. The War in Ukraine

      That took 6 years, though. Because initially "common sense" by jeba was the majority opinion. It took Hitler to take over France, Poland, Ukraine, and Russia all the way to Stalingrad. Only then did something started gradually change.    A former professor of mine (of blessed memory) graduated from secret Krakow University during Nazi occupation. The Poles surrendered without resistance (as suggested by jeba common sense), the universities were banned, many professors were sent to the KZs. But a secret university was in operation.    Never in my life I could imagine I would see history repeating itself. The Russians have bombed Kharkiv University. I am now 100% sure they will ban it if they take over the city. They won't, though.    Also, the only politician in Germany with common sense for now is Toni Hofreiter. Who could have thought? Unfortunately, he is a minority within the Greens.   
  8. Drivers and hand signals

    I recommend everyone who has not taken any driving courses in Germany do this, regardless of your experience level. The instructor gives a lot of helpful advice.   Watching for cyclists is also important: they are much faster than pedestrians and do not know the traffic rules.
  9. 3G in Restaurants?

    Germany loves throwing vaccines away. It did so last year instead of vaccinating those who were willing to but were too young.    This is the part of Ordnung muss sein.   The same applies to expired food in supermarkets: not only do they throw it away, they also press criminal charges against anyone trying to retrieve this food from trash bins.    Capitalism at its worst. 
  10. Drivers and hand signals

    Sure. As I wrote, driving much slower than traffic is forbidden (and can be fined as a result).    But if there is no traffic behind me I do not violate this rule by slowing down. 
  11. 3G in Restaurants?

      I am still waiting for the answer to my question. You can vaccinate with Moderna or AstraZeneca. These are effective vaccines. 
  12. Drivers and hand signals

    If there is traffic behind you, and by stopping you obscure the flow of traffic (and possibly cause accidents) then you break the law. In this sense, yes, there is a law against stopping.    What is safer is to slow down to 30 kmh and blink headlights to the pedestrian while approaching the traffic island to indicate that they can cross safely. 
  13. 3G in Restaurants?

    Sure, no problem. You donate this money to Come Back Alive fund which helps Ukrainian soldiers.   Since you are unemployed I do not think you have 100 euro. You can donate 10 euro. Or even 1.
  14. 3G in Restaurants?

    Same.    4x vaccines, cost: 0 euro 0 cents Money spent on ivermectin: 0 euro 0 cents Money spent on vitamins, snake oil, other bullshit: 0 euro 0 cents   Never had COVID-19.    Total pandemic cost: 0 euro 0 cents. 
  15. 3G in Restaurants?

      AFAIK Germany has plenty of vaccines: AstraZeneca, Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna. Your hate is directed specifically against Pfizer, why? Bad experience with viagra?
  16. 3G in Restaurants?

    The Jews know how to count money.   Simple math: 1 lockdown costs 1 billion US$ a week. +Ruined lives, closed businesses etc: a long-term loss is actually higher. Israel had 3 lockdowns in 2020 lasting for 1-2 weeks.   In 2021 Israel paid $47 for 2 doses, the highest price in the world. That amounts to 282 mln US dollars=2 days of lockdown.    I don't know what is the origin of your hate to Pfizer, have you got a Viagra overdose in the past or something?    But purely from an economic point of view, the vaccine is a huge success.   
  17. The War in Ukraine

    So is the UN.    I was skeptical when many Africans said that the UN and the International Criminal Court only persecute black people, so these must be just another colonization tool.    I was wrong, they were right.
  18. The War in Ukraine

    Why? He is doing his job very well: Russia is still a UN and Security Council member.    For comparison: USSR was kicked out of the League of Nations one month after the invasion of Finland. 
  19. The War in Ukraine

  20. The War in Ukraine

    She had time to revoke her Russian citizenship and apply for the German one. A colleague of mine did it in 2014 (after 8 years in Germany): he saw fascism coming, he said his friends in Russia became zombies.    Nothing unfair here: you are "not interested in politics" = you pay the price. This is a very moderate price for what Russians do in Ukraine. Germany could have her deported, for example. 
  21. The War in Ukraine

      If you can read Russian, this is the original article:   It basically accuses all Ukrainians to be Nazis, and that everyone should be "denazified".    It is a very clear declaration of intent, but the Germans will fund the Russian war up until the end, up until its defeat. And then, 2 days before Russia surrenders they will stop buyin Russian gas and oil to claim "we have never ever supported this". 
  22. 3G in Restaurants?

      There is a nice Klettersteig route on Alpstitze (the most beautiful mountain in the Bavarian Alps). This route is easy but is normally closed in winter. The Alpenverein cannot police the routes, so they remove the metal safety fences to discourage the beginners from using the closed route.    A group of teenagers still went there in 2017 (if my memory is good) and died.    Does it warrant a law? We believe that even stupid people like you deserve to live until retirement.    However, it is difficult to police the Alps, the police have more important things to do. So we accept that most stupid people are heavy smokers and booze drinkers, so they will not go to the mountains in winter. The minority will, ignore the recommendation, and die.    It seems the law is canceled because of too much policing required, but not because it became unnecessary.         
  23. 3G in Restaurants?

    Police arrested a man who got 87 vaccine doses (apparently to get multiple vaccine passports and sell them to antivaxxers).   It seems that we have a man who (according to local ativax people) died 87 times, got 87 cardiac arrests, got 87 COVID infections, got infected with HIV 87 times, but is still alive.     
  24. The War in Ukraine

    Totally true. This war is for the benefit of Russian ethnonationalism, but the most casualties are minorities colonized by Russia in the past.    Basically, if Ukraine submitted to Russia via @jeba plan, then Ukrainian soldiers would die for Russian imperialism in Poland and Germany...  
  25. 3G in Restaurants?

    I'm afraid of needles, btw. 4 times vaxxed, and I donate blood every 3 months (I have a blood type which can be given to >80% of the population). Still, every time I see a needle I get scared.      I's aggressive illiteracy that I see here, not fear,  this is a kind of modern century Luddism.