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  1. It can be hit by Russia, though.    The largest (6 GW) NPP in Europe is now occupied by Russian soldiers. The station is operating and produces electricity, the personnel is basically taken hostages. But the situation can deteriorate at any time.    From this point of view, decentralized renewables are safer in case of war: you cannot turn off half the country from electricity by occupying a single power plant.     
  2. 3G in Restaurants?

    Jonny is a guy who thinks that COVID-19 and horse worms are the same.     
  3. 3G in Restaurants?

    You are like a clock without a battery: you show the correct time every 12 hours.    Either it's over or it is not and then there will be a new wave. Nobody knows what happens in the future (except you, of course, you are a clock).    I don't want "nature vaccine Omicron", so I wear a mask.   
  4. 3G in Restaurants?

    7k new cases in Bavaria, not really justifiable for cancellation of the mask mandate. At least they still test at schools and masks are required in the public transit.    In Israel they canceled after 4k new cases (population comparable to Bavaria). I still wear a mask and avoid public transit.   
  5. The War in Ukraine

    Reading is recommended.
  6. 3G in Restaurants?

    Mr. Vaccine HIV has posted another article suggesting that wearing masks is beneficial not only against viruses.   I think he wanted to post something else but did not understand the article
  7. The War in Ukraine

      I don't click on articles that contain the words "did NATO provoke Moscow". I have read enough bollocks on Ukraine for the last decade, and there is nothing new produced, the same nonsense is being repeated, and these people who write these articles get paid for their "job".    I would also like to write one article and then repeat the same content for decades getting paid for that.  
  8. 3G in Restaurants?
  9. The War in Ukraine

    Interesting fact: the Warsaw Pact is the only military union in the history of humanity which fought only with its own members.   How is it relevant to the current war? The Russians planned it exactly like invasions of Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1968: Blitzkrieg+removal of government and installing the new puppet government.   But this time it did not work...
  10. The War in Ukraine

    This was posted on Twitter by Germans who seem to be surprised that most Germans view Russians as "white people" and Ukrainians as "Africans who can use the washing machine".   Those who are trying to find racism in different treatment of Ukrainian and Syrian refugees: you were right, but not in a way you thought you were right.  
  11. 3G in Restaurants?

      Fully agree, bro. Today I had a lunch and it didn't work: after 5 hours I am hungry again. The government and the food industry wants me to buy food every day. Unbelievable profits they make from this food conspiracy.   I stopped eating. 3 days for now, I am still fine.   Do not fund Big Foodma.
  12. The War in Ukraine

    Also a report from Bucha (use Chrome translation feature) by a friend of mine who is from Bucha and is a also a former BBC journalist:      
  13. The War in Ukraine

    This is where we stand in the post-truth world:   This does not necesserily correlate with what the countries factually do: Turkey and the US are the main weapon suppliers of Ukraine, Germany finances Russian military and up to now refused to supply any weapons, France is appeasing Putin. 
  14. 3G in Restaurants?

    The crackpots believe that Google & Co. shut down the channels due to direct or indirect pressure of "deep state", "mafia" or "the government". If that was true, that would be censorship.   But this is false. I don't think there is any chance to convince them, these crackpots believe that Trump won, so there are no arguments to bring to them.        
  15. 3G in Restaurants?   Omicron is a mild disease? The vaccines do not protect from COVID?   Those who believe in this, do not have children (who are at high risk to develop post-COVID heart Paediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome (PIMS). 
  16. The War in Ukraine

    The USSR was, at least formally, a union of independent countries. Even when in reality those countries were Moscow satellites, they were allowed to keep their language and culture (to the extent compatible with Marxism).   Russian fascists want to erase Ukraine from the map, band the name "Ukraine" and ban Ukrainian language. It sounds crazy and absurd for you, but not for anyone familiar with the history of Russia-Ukraine relations. Ukraine was always a sore in the eye of Russia. Putin wants to "fix the errors made by Lenin who created a fake country of Ukraine".   Further reading: Russia's genocide handbook   So, it's not really Soviet Union Putin is dreaming of. He is not a Marxist. He is dreaming of restoring the Russian Empire (which included Poland, Finland, the Baltics).  
  17. The War in Ukraine

      A person who was arrested and tortured for nothing was the father of the Soviet space program (and the nukes, the same rockets were used for transporting nukes to America).     
  18. Drivers and hand signals

      Usually buses that transport tourist groups do this, but I did see some city buses doing this. According to German StVO, you should pass such a bus with a speed of 3-5 kmh (Schrittgeschwindigkeit).   
  19. The War in Ukraine

      Israel and Germany were the countries where one could immigrate in the 1990s without having any specific qualifications, just by virtue of having German or Jewish background. After collapse of the USSR a lot of people did this thinking that the money rain was waiting for them. Those who were physicists and engineers (due to its militarized economy, the education in this field was very good) succeeded in getting nice positions. One of those people is Andre Geim (he is Dutch-British, but ethnically Russian German from Volga region) who got Nobel Prize in Physics later on.    This kind of educated and well-off people, who succeeded in a free country, do not support Russian fascism in any form.    The second group of people was those who got higher education which was useless in the West. Mostly humanities, in the USSR they were poorly funded and very influenced with Marxism propaganda. In addition, learning foreign languages was discouraged. Or so-called journalists who worked for Soviet TV and newspapers. Their qualifications were also useless in the West. These people did cleaning and other blue-collar jobs, some long-term unemployed and depressed. They blamed the West for their misery and watched Russian TV full time. Of course, these people became Putin fans.    A cleaning lady in my office turned out to be such a fascist. She worked as a librarian in the USSR, but here in Israel you ought to be fluent in Hebrew language and literature to take such a job. So she works as a cleaner for 20 years and hates Israel and the West, praises Russia but no way will she emigrate there. She is supporting the war and is disappointed that Russia did not take Kyiv and is "too mild" in her war crimes.    What can I say? There were Communists in the West during Cold War, and now there are Russian fascists here. This is the part of being a free country, I guess. Still, I am very sad when I hear the people I know believe in such crap. 
  20. Drivers and hand signals

    For now, you're right. I've heard of automatic cars being confused at a simple Baustelle.    But in the future there will be traffic controllers similar to the railway ones. The human operator will identify such situations and solve them by directing the cars to pass one by one. 
  21. Drivers and hand signals

    It's a graphical image, don't pay attention at the intersection size.    In reality, this can be any residential neighborhood,  no priority signs. Even though this situation is unlikely, the probability is not zero.    There is no direct answer in the StVO except the general rule of taking care of other vehicles and not endangering or hindering them.    The drivers should open the windows and agree with each other who goes first. 
  22. Drivers and hand signals

      The nightmare for those who follow the rules:   According to the StVO, nobody is allowed to pass: the yellow car should give way to the red car, the red car should give way to the green car, and finally, the green car also cannot turn left until the yellow car passes.    What do you do? 
  23. The War in Ukraine

      That took 6 years, though. Because initially "common sense" by jeba was the majority opinion. It took Hitler to take over France, Poland, Ukraine, and Russia all the way to Stalingrad. Only then did something started gradually change.    A former professor of mine (of blessed memory) graduated from secret Krakow University during Nazi occupation. The Poles surrendered without resistance (as suggested by jeba common sense), the universities were banned, many professors were sent to the KZs. But a secret university was in operation.    Never in my life I could imagine I would see history repeating itself. The Russians have bombed Kharkiv University. I am now 100% sure they will ban it if they take over the city. They won't, though.    Also, the only politician in Germany with common sense for now is Toni Hofreiter. Who could have thought? Unfortunately, he is a minority within the Greens.   
  24. Drivers and hand signals

    I recommend everyone who has not taken any driving courses in Germany do this, regardless of your experience level. The instructor gives a lot of helpful advice.   Watching for cyclists is also important: they are much faster than pedestrians and do not know the traffic rules.
  25. 3G in Restaurants?

    Germany loves throwing vaccines away. It did so last year instead of vaccinating those who were willing to but were too young.    This is the part of Ordnung muss sein.   The same applies to expired food in supermarkets: not only do they throw it away, they also press criminal charges against anyone trying to retrieve this food from trash bins.    Capitalism at its worst.