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  1. 3G in Restaurants?

    I have a joke for you:   An old man complains to his family doctor that he can only have sex once a week. "Wow,", the doctor says. "Given that you are 75 that is impressive." "But my neighbor is 80 and he says he gets laid two times every day". "So what's the problem?", answered the doctor. "You should also say that".    
  2. 3G in Restaurants?

      There is no luck. He got the virus, his symptoms were not light (there were weekly pauses in his postings, btw), he keeps lying because he wants other people to get sick, too.   I have 4 doses and still wear a mask in closed spaces except in my office. Because there are still 1000 daily new cases  (+thousands unregistered by authorities), and I do not want to be one of them, even with light "like flu" symptoms.   For some reason, that makes some people angry. That confirms that they do not want freedoms and let people to decide for themselves, that was bullshiting. They want everyone to get sick.    
  3. The War in Ukraine

    Many Ukrainians would like to use this term because they find similarities between Hitler Germany and Putin Russia. But let's be honest: you can find similarities between Hitler Germany and any other authoritarian regime, that does not make all non-democratic countries Nazis.   Russia was a semi-democratic country until 1999, then it started drifting towards fascism slowly. The Second Chechen War gave Putin (an unknown KGB clerk in Dresden) popularity because the "honor" (=lost colonies of the USSR) was at least partly restored. Putin got powerful precisely because he did what most Russians wanted: invaded and occupied a country. It did not matter to them that this small Muslim country has nothing to do with Russia culturally, they just wanted to conquer.   2005-2008 (08.08.2008 Georgia invasion) was the time when Russia was no longer democratic, but some freedoms left.   2014 Annexation of Crimea and Donbass proxy war - the beginning of the end 2022 Ukraine invasion - transition to fascism completed: it is not allowed to call a war a war, the Russians no longer pretend they want to "liberate" Ukraine.   What happens to the fascist regimes? Either they transition back to democracy peacefully (Spain, Portugal, Greece) or not so peacefully (Austria, Italy, Germany).   I bet for the Italian scenario.
  4. The War in Ukraine

    No.   Ukraine has never attacked any country in the world, ever in its history. Ukraine was attacked by a country which is proud of invading and attacking other countries throughout its history.   If this country is defeated like Germany was, the number of wars in the world will decrease tenfold.
  5. The War in Ukraine

    He said exactly what many Germans and Russians are thinking but are afraid to say loud due to StGB.    Actually, the Russia foreign minister just said this. Actually, initially, I thought this was a conspiracy theory "not for public" as he said this at some Italian TV station.   But as the government of Israel brought this issue as unacceptable, the Russia MFA issued a responce claiming that indeed many Jews were Nazis and are co-responsible for the Holocaust, and that Israel is distorting "the historical truth". I read it and was thinking like: are Russia MFA secretly working for Ukraine? They are basically pushing Israel out of neutrality. Or are they just idiots? 
  6. The War in Ukraine

    Have you ever heard of any German being attacked due to being German? Has anyone ever killed a German civilian to revenge for Nazi crimes?  Are Germans afraid to disclose that they are Germans and tell abroad that they are French or Swedish?    If not then why are we having this discussion?!   Any flight from Germany to Tel Aviv is separated from the other flights and is heavily guarded by the Polizei with assault rifles. Why? There is a reason.    Either you side with the oppressor or you side with the victims, this is not quantum physics, there is no "both" in between. jeba's posts is a proof to me that Germans learned nothing from WWII. 
  7. The War in Ukraine

    This is the whole idea of Hannah Arendt: people can be nice and decent, and commit genocide. In advanced developed countries evil never looks like evil.      Putin did not order the raping and killing of the civilians, the soldiers did this. They will return to their homes, shipping stolen washing machines and laptops by Belarus Post, and be nice fathers and husbands.    We live in 2022, so some of those items can be tracked (for example, iPhones and AirPods), and they are tracked by the rightful owners in all regions of Russia.    We live in 2022, so rapists can be easily found and identified on social networs, you do not need Mossad to do this job.    What you are doing is genocide endorsement. "Most people are nice, so let's ignore the criminals and the suffering of their victims".    Many older Israelis still hate Germans. And you know what? I do not tell them "but most Germans are nice and they have learned from history". I just shut up and listen to people who survived the Holocaust, and I do not tell them about nice Germans.       
  8. The War in Ukraine

    You have a gift from God: you do not speak Russian and have no clue what most of them are thinking.    I would like to unlearn Russian to stop reading and watching their social networks, too.    And I would like to unlearn German to stop understanding Olaf Scholz.    At no point in my life I was so disappointed that I speak 6 languages. I can understand bullshit in 6 languages. That's a pain!
  9. The War in Ukraine

    They would. Russians already are Putting blame on Putin as the person who is solely responsible for war crimes. They will not arrest him for another reason: people like him commit suicide when they see they are failed. I am sure he is carrying a small bottle of poison with him.         
  10. Only in America

    There are warnings about mines all over the Golan... Basically, you are not allowed to hike outside official hiking routes that are safe.    The American family probably crossed into the forbidden area. It could have been a Darwin award...
  11. Being a human driver myself, I can tell you with certainty: I would never sit in a car operated solely by a human driver other than myself.   Sorry, I don't follow your logic. 99% of accidents are simple Vorfahrt violations easily solvable by computer programs.   A computer program will not start the deadly overtake maneuver on a 2 lane road when there is a truck driving on the opposite lane. The program will calculate that they do not have enough time to complete the maneuver. A stupid human will do it anyway and die.
  12. Food outlet - catastrophe

    You visited a kebab shop. I assume you have eyes, so you have seen a big rolling piece of meat, and the vegetables on the side.    You own eyes, so you saw the kebab guy cut meat for you, and you saw him putting those vegetable that looked fresh, right?    It all looked good at the shop, but was bad at home? Did you put it on the heater for the whole day and then opened?    This story sounds very fishy. I bet it never happened. 
  13. Self-driving technology is very far away from eliminating the driver, so let's start with taxis.    What is needed for real autonomous driving is not only the car capable of driving by itself. But: 1. Self-driving cars communicating with each other.  2. Communication with traffic lights, signs, and navigation systems.    This can be achieved only if the government and car producers talk to each other and work together. I see this is being done in Sweden, but so far German politicians are mostly Luddites, so do not expect this in 10 years in Germany.    Then, some traffic management control center operated by humans is also a prerequisite. Human operators can divert self-driving cars and solve traffic jams, etc.   It's a nice future but not in 15 years. 30-40, maybe. 
  14. What kind of cooking oil do you use?

    I believe we can all both consume good and healthy food without fucking the environment/animal welfare.    Hopefully, there are a handful of startups working on lab-grown meat. This is the future. 
  15. In the past, traffic jams regulated speed limits, has anything changed in Germany? Fewer cars on the roads?   In Israel, the government reduced or switched off public transit during the pandemic, so people bought more cars = more traffic. The image of public transit reliability is ruined for the next decades. I realized this in 2015 (I think) when there was a terror attack in Munich, and the government stopped all public transit (including taxis). Thanks God I was driving and could safely get home when the asshole was still on the loose.   
  16. Beer bottles with flip tops (or swing tops)

      If I allow myself a recommendation for Allgäuer Büble Bier. The best mountain beer ever, I am sure available in Lindau, too.    I haven't tried their Weizen, though, I prefer their Hell and Dunkel.
  17. What kind of cooking oil do you use?

    Sure, y'all are right, it's just an example. One can get a smartphone really cheap, that was my point.     
  18. What kind of cooking oil do you use?

    I see you have never been poor so you have no clue. This is why you can afford not to have a smartphone.    I owned this when I was broke (the previous version, ZTE Blade L5), it costs 40 euro:
  19. What kind of cooking oil do you use?

    The only people in 2022 who can afford living without a smartphone are retired German landlords. 
  20. Depositing foreign currency into a German account

    Yes, but the bank might ask for proof of legality. I guess this won't be a problem for refugees, but they should open their own account, not ask a friend.   
  21. What kind of cooking oil do you use?

    We also use air fryer a lot even though there is an abundance of oil.    We buy locally grown olive oil, but Israel produces only half of the amount of oil consumed (small country, high population density, not enough land for olive trees). The other half comes mostly from Italy and Spain. 
  22. 3G in Restaurants?

    Replace scientific "objectivity" with "hard work".    "Vaccine causes HIV" is a strong statement that deserves the Nobel Prize. The only minor thing required: work hard to prove it. Decades of experiments on animals, then another experiments on human volunteers, and tadaam - you have proven it.    Youtube science: you just claim it and challenge the others to prove you wrong (=do the hard work).    Hard work requires money and time. Would you like your taxes to be spent to prove that vaccines cause HIV?
  23. 3G in Restaurants?

    The discussion you're referring to looks like this: A: Ihr Haus ist Scheiße.  B: Mein Haus ist ein Kartoffel.    It seems one or two people in this conversation either have mental illnesses, or they do not speak German enough to hold any conversation.   Mr "Vaccine causes HIV" and you do not have any knowledge to hold any conversation, so what discussion are you talking about?    If you do not know the difference between viruses and bacteria you do now know the difference between Scheiße and Kartoffel.     
  24. It can be hit by Russia, though.    The largest (6 GW) NPP in Europe is now occupied by Russian soldiers. The station is operating and produces electricity, the personnel is basically taken hostages. But the situation can deteriorate at any time.    From this point of view, decentralized renewables are safer in case of war: you cannot turn off half the country from electricity by occupying a single power plant.     
  25. 3G in Restaurants?

    Jonny is a guy who thinks that COVID-19 and horse worms are the same.