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  1. First, you apply for permanent residency. Once you are done, you apply for citizenship. This process takes a lot of time, and if you lose your job in the meantime, this will be a problem. Basically, the law wants you to be able support yourself without any assistance from the state, if you prove you are able to do it, no problem. 
  2. The War in Ukraine

    You are talking about chemical weapons, people in Ukraine are talking about tactical nuclear weapons. The Russians still hold the largest nuclear power plant in Europe (6 GW power, now working at 20% capacity). It is not easy to blow up it, but they will definitely try to do this when forced to leave the station.    Now, will Putin use nuclear weapons against Ukraine as an "end game"? The probability is not zero.    A very German way of thinking: Russia has signed a treaty, and therefore, it will not use chemical or nuclear weapons.     
  3. The legacy of Merkel.

    It was not her decision. This is the consequence of the bullshit Dublin agreement according to which poor Eastern and Southern European countries should protect Germany's borders. Obviously, that couldn't last for long.    Answering your question: that will, in the long run, make Germany a better place. Someone has to pay pensions to the aging population.    In the short run, there will be a lot of problems. No pity for that. 
  4. The War in Ukraine

    This particular guy did not "realize", he is a military expert and has warned about this outcome before the war.    This is one of the few guys who are allowed to tell the truth on Russian TV. I don't know, why. Perhaps, to please Putin loyalists that are not stupid. 
  5. Driving permit as opposed to driving licence

    Driving license card, I guess.   The Swiss term Führerausweis has some WWII smell. 
  6. Changing car tires

    I was also told that but since it was the weekend and we were far from home, no other choice.    However, after a while, we found a working repair shop the same day, and they fixed our tire without asking any questions, the cost was 10 euro. It worked 1 year afterward, then another tire got a puncture and we replaced them because it was time to do this anyway. Reifenspray is magic.     
  7. The War in Ukraine

    I didn't expect you to believe in the "cruel Muslims" cliche.    Nope, these are the same Russians that did Bucha massacre. However, mining civilian apartments before leaving is reported all over Ukraine. Basically, the authorities warn that returning to the apartments before explosive technicians check them is dangerous.       
  8. What made you laugh today?

  9. Driving permit as opposed to driving licence

    Thanks, PandaMunich, I stand corrected. 
  10. Driving permit as opposed to driving licence

    One minor correction: Germany can legally confiscate only Germany-issued documents. That does not make it legal to drive on any other foreign-issued license, of course. But they cannot confiscate it.      
  11. Driving permit as opposed to driving licence

    Depends on the country, I guess.    In Israel, "driving permit" is used interchangeably for both. Also, there are no separate crimes for driving with an expired plastic card and driving without having permission to do so: it is legally the same crime, just courts give smaller fines in the former case. Also, the government now allows driving without any plastic license at all, you just need any other government-issued ID.    Now the thing I don't understand is I have a lifetime Fahrerlaubnis for Germany and a German Führerschein which expires in 2033. But now that I am no longer a resident I can't renew the German license. Why? 
  12. The War in Ukraine      
  13. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

  14. The legacy of Merkel.

    The question is manipulative. I was a poor student living in student dorms, so I definitely won't send my wife to live in Erstaufnahme with any group of men, be them English, Syrians, Ukrainians or Israelis.   Young men in groups = big problem. Race is less relevant (I am not politically correct and I don't say "irrelevant", see my comment above about tribal upbringing, but it is less relevant).    
  15. The legacy of Merkel.

    Calm down. Arabs in small villages are very traditional in the way that they live in big families and rely on the authority of their parents even when they themselves have children. A tribal system. When the war emerged in Syria, people flew alone, the tribe members were no longer relying on their families to make decisions. In bigger cities this is less tribal, but still, there are strong family links and authority in life decision making. When the father/grandfather/uncle is not around, bad people approach you and brainwash you easily: you as a single refugee are looking for a family replacement.    Do you think you are better than them? You just have a luck to be born where you were born, that's it. 
  16. The legacy of Merkel.

    White?   Have you ever seen a Ukrainian? Have you ever seen an Arab?  I don't think you can tell one from another. Especially because beards are very popular among men in Ukraine now, and there are a lot of red-haired and blue-eyed Arabs.    It's more about the fact that men until the age of 60 cannot leave Ukraine. Most Ukrainian refugees are women with children. 
  17. The War in Ukraine

    That's for people who live where they have been born. Not relevant to most of this forum.    My Heimat is Israel but my Moledet/Motherland is Ukraine. 
  18. The War in Ukraine

    In the Russian language it can be both:  Otechestvo - Fatherland Rodina (Place of Birth, similar to the Hebrew word Moledet - the Country of Birth), the word is feminine and is used in combination with "mother": Rodina Mat = Motherland   Regarding specifically WWII, the word for the German invasion of the USSR (1941-1945) is "Velikaya Otechestvennaya Voyna" which translates to "the Great Fatherland War".    This is the term we were taught at school. 
  19. Zero Covid

    I wonder if this is not some kind of conspiracy of Data Scientists Union to keep their salaries high. People like garyh911 and Jonny help them a lot, are they hired?     
  20. The War in Ukraine

    Ok, fair enough.    BTW, the Russian space industry uses a lot of Ukraine-made parts, so it is shooting itself in the foot, even without any help of Elon Musk.    Globally Ukraine sells rocket launchers and rockets that deliver satellites to space. Maybe some of the Starlink satellites were brought to space by Ukrainian rockets, that might explain the generosity of Elon Musk. 
  21. The War in Ukraine

    These two things are not comparable.    SpaceX is just a toy to show off Musk's small penis. Starlink is directly supplied and used by the Ukrainian army so they can communicate even when the Russians destroy the mobile network.    The Russians theoretically have their own satellite network but thanks to corruption it doesn't work, they don't even have enough radios with encryption, and Ukraine bans their smartphones.    Actually, a lot of Russian army failures are due to corruption, stolen equipment, etc. They will never admit it, so there is a scapegoat. 
  22. 3G in Restaurants?

    AFAIK it was discontinued to lack of demand. The vaccine did not provide long-term protection.    I had Lyme in Germany and that was no fun. I hike a lot, so will take it. 
  23. 3G in Restaurants?

    mRNA technology allows the development of another vaccine: against Lyme disease.   There is no "natural immunity" against it, reinfections are possible. 
  24. Scam calls, Ausweis/Residence Permit problems

    I don't use caller ID because you agree to share all your contacts with the third-party company and that I am not comfortable doing.    Any unknown number can be a delivery guy, insurance company, or Finanzamt: most calls I get are genuine. Some can be scams, I accept that. 
  25. Zero Covid

    Well, Querdenker who have never been to China, will tell you "Germany is like China".   It all started with "there is no COVID":