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  1. Elderly Welfare Recipient Sanctioned for Gift

    Only unconditional basic income can solve this problem.   Unless it is introduced people who worked and paid into a pension will feel unfair when those who did not work receive the same amount unconditionally. 
  2. I rented a lot for years in Germany. My suggestion: take insurance with 250-500 euro Selbstbeteiligung. It will not make you bankrupt, but you also do not pay inflated prices for 0 SB. In the span of years, your biggest risks are parking scratches and a flat tire. Sure, something serious might happen, too, but if you are a ok driver, that will be once in 5 years (or never).    If you go abroad, make sure that your insurance covers the towing service abroad (not always the case). 
  3. The War in Ukraine

    It's not all Russians, it's just Putin, nobody supports this war.          
  4. 3G in Restaurants?

    According to the Church of Holy Horse Dewormer, there is no such concentration. The Holy Ivermectin is God's gift to humanity, it should be consumed in any quantity. 
  5. The War in Ukraine

      The trouble with Eichmann was precisely that so many were like him, and that the many were neither perverted nor sadistic, that they were, and still are, terribly and terrifyingly normal.    Hannah Arendt was hated for saying the truth: the evil is not Putin, Hitler, Stalin, Kim Jong Un etc. The evil is you (plural).
  6. The War in Ukraine

    I don't see here any blame on the victims, it is just the statement of fact that any collaboration with the enemy is unacceptable.   The westerners did not learn a shit from the Holocaust, but Ukrainians did. And this is why Putin will make war crimes, but not a genocide. No way.
  7. The War in Ukraine

    ?? It's the most dangerous route in Ukraine because there is a military airport there which the fascists are trying to capture.   If you know shit about the country, shut the fuck up.   P.S. I am a very bad keyboard warrior and do not deserve the title. I take the issue too emotionally. Eric7 and mseth do it more professionally. Sorry about that.
  8. The War in Ukraine

  9. The War in Ukraine

      You all are defending people before they even stand any kind of court, and denying that they themselves might admit guilt. What is the purpose of this apology?   
  10. The War in Ukraine

    The Ukrainian army refuses it not because it wants to prevent people from leaving for Russia, but because these convoys will be shot at, and Ukrainian army has no way to prevent that. Probability 100%. Roads leading to the West are not (yet) controlled by Russian army, so there is non zero chance people can use them.    The Russians at the moment use civilians as hostages.    P.S. The biggest number of refugees per capita is hosted by Moldova now, the poorest country in Europe. It is a shame we were ignorant on their own Russia-fueled war for years, we let Russian soldiers through Ukrainian territory for decades. Well, we are paying the price for this ignorance. I do not wish the West to pay the same price for exactly the same ignorance. But the button has been pressed. 
  11. The War in Ukraine

    The Russians always accuse others of what they are planning to do themselves. The West does not understand this, even though you as a Russian propaganda messenger are already saying the quiet part loud: they will at some point shoot nuclear rockets. Does not matter what the West does or does not, this will happen.    Now, I don't know how to stop Russia. I really don't know, I am not a military expert. I just believe that it is not too late, and if the West acts now, there will be less loss of life.    I believe there is a chance to stop Russia, but for now, the economic weapon must be applied in full force. Then China should be pressured to impose sanctions, too. The US can do it. They can lower customs fees on China goods as compensation. China has also some imperialistic ambitions, but they are economical. So, pressure can be exercised on China.         
  12. The War in Ukraine

    It's 1939 now.   The Winter War between USSR and Finland (November 1939 - March 1940). Yes, it was already WWII even though the whole world was not involved.    There is still a chance to stop it now. But, as I wrote before, nobody in the West will do it, nobody.    There will be a nuclear war, but not end of days.
  13. The War in Ukraine

    There is a third world war, and you are talking about rising interest rates.    Unbelievable degradation of morality, Eric. 
  14. The War in Ukraine

    This changed with John Demjanjuk's trial and opened a can of worms.  Oskar Gröning was "just counting the gold teeth of murdered prisoners", and hi was presecuted for that. 
  15. The War in Ukraine

    This "you will freeze this winter" bullying was happening since at least 1995 when there were yearly negotiations on natural gas prices between Russia and Ukraine. The threats were empty: Ukraine has its own gas reserves enough for heating the population. What Ukraine does not have is gas for its metallurgical industry, this was bought from Russia.   Until the Crimea invasion, Russia bullied Ukraine once again with "you will recognize our invasion and annexation, or freeze". My parents installed electric heaters in the meantime, and also all schools and kindergartens were switched to heating by electricity (thanks to nuclear power). I don't think there is gas heating left anywhere in my town. The major cities are still heated by gas, though.    Europe is dependent on Russian gas but has no problem switching to coal, diesel, and wood.  Not electricity, though. This propaganda take "Europe will freeze" is created for the Russian audience, not for you. That's why for you it makes no sense, for Russians it does make sense. They are being fed the ideas that there is an economic crisis in Europe and USA.    Eric7 is a great example of how Russian propaganda works: you do not need to block access to free media like in the times of the USSR (even though they blocked Facebook and closed all "opposition" media for now). You just need to convince your audience that free media lie. You see, Eric7 can read my posts, but he does not believe a word.    Yet, being brainwashed does not free from (moral, not criminal) liability. Not at all. 
  16. The War in Ukraine

    She didn't
  17. The War in Ukraine

    No.   As biased as I can be, Russia is not Nazi Germany, you do not get shot for deserting, and, no, your family will not get killed or imprisoned. As a soldier, you have two choices: 1. Desert in Russia = up to 7 years imprisonment (if caught).  2. Desert in Ukraine: prison until the war ends, then deportation back to Russia according to Geneva convention. 3. Fight and die.    They make the choice.    
  18. The War in Ukraine

    Hannah Arendt got it many years ago and was ostracized for this because her ideas did not fit the box of an evil madman solely liable for the tragedy. People hated her for suggesting it was not just Hitler.    Read her book "Eichmann in Jerusalem, or the banality of evil". It is based on the testimony of Adolf Eichmann, a man who was "just following the orders", who was no ideological Nazi, he was a typical Deutsche Beamter who can send war refugees to refugee camps with food and healthcare, and Jews to death camps, it doesn't matter to him what to do, whatever the boss asks to do.    We have had all these genocides in 20 century so we have lessons to learn. We did not. 
  19. The War in Ukraine

      If you want to call me a racist and a Nazi just fucking do it, write in plain English: yourkeau is a Nazi.   You all do not have the courage to say the quiet part loud.  Cuckolds. 
  20. The War in Ukraine

    No, you don't know shit.    I gave you the reason to dismiss everything I wrote and feel safe. At least for now.    BTW, you claim there are a lot of Russians who are against the war and Putin. Find me a single one on TT. 
  21. 3G in Restaurants?

    You are free to explain yourself.  The "I reposted the doctors" defense does not work: there was no such claim in the article which you reposted, you added the comment yourself. In full conscience.    I know that you never admit to being wrong, that's why I can make fun of you forever, Mr. HIV. 
  22. The War in Ukraine

    I support the settlements. 
  23. 3G in Restaurants?

      On 14th of February, 09:23:26 Mr. Bear claims that vaccines cause HIV. Then links the article where there is no such claim, Mr. Bear is functionally illiterate and did not understand what the article was about.   You will forever be Mr. "Vaccines cause HIV".
  24. The War in Ukraine

    I don't understand why I should explain that roses are rose?  
  25. The War in Ukraine

    Population of Russia: 144 million Number of cops: 750k So, you need 0.5% of Russia population to go out on the streets, and nobody gets arrested. Cops do not arrest when they are outnumbered, and when the numbers are equal they also very of this.   Now, let's talk about those 4000 poor Russians who got arrested as opposed to one million Ukrainian refugees who lost everything.    I see here some Blue Lives Matter vibe.