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  1. Thank you for your gaslighting, Marianne, but if you take an English dictionary and try reading my post again, you will find out I did not recommend stopping to pay.   Now, your post contains some false information I would like to address: 1. Germans already don't want to make contracts with foreigners because they have no Schufa. This is why I don't recommend anyone to move to Germany without a valid work contract and relocation assistance from the employer.  2. I haven't lived in Britain, but Israeli civil law is based on British law introduced during the times of the British Mandate for Palestine pre-1948. We have yearly contracts, but we can cancel them at any time. No renewable bullshit and payment for services you no longer use. Actually, it's a common practice to get a better deal by canceling the contract. The customer service will call you and try to convince you to stay. Usually, you can negotiate a better price during this call. This will never happen in Germany.   
  2. Cannabis legalisation in Germany 2022

    If you don't allow advertising there will not be any increase of smokers. Other than that, it is more beneficial to consume a drug where you know exactly the percentage of THC, and where the state regulates maximum percentage. In the illegal market you don't know what you get. Imagine buying booze illegally and not knowing if you get a beer or vodka. 
  3. 3G in Restaurants?

    I was not talking about you, but you chose to be offended.
  4. 3G in Restaurants?

    They are not interested in you. They are looking for victims who believe everything they say without checking the facts. Like a serial rapist and murderer is not looking to rape and kill everyone in town. That's against his interests. He is looking for specific women who are an easy target.    No sense in commenting on everything Mr. HIV and Jonny Depp post. You are not their target, they are posting in the hope to find a proper target, here on this forum.     
  5. Yes, then your best option is to pay for it (and use them in the meantime). 
  6. Depends on when are you planning to leave. If never, just pay up, it does not worth it.   The alternative is to stop paying and empty your bank account so that future direct debits will not work. What happens next is they will keep sending payments reminders up until the total sum reaches some significant amount (500 euro I think, but not sure). Then they will transfer the debt to the Inkasso company, and this is where things get serious (search for Inkasso on this forum). At that moment you do not want to be living in the country.    This will all take time, also for you to think.      
  7. Cost of living crisis

    ...If you first understand the 50 pages of legal gibberish. Sorry, no, this is totally not about equations. 
  8. I hate Germany for this. When I lived there I learned fast to avoid subscription contracts as a plague. Some people cancel the contract the moment they sign for it, this is smart.    They will charge you until 13.11.2022, and unfortunately, they are allowed to do this.    Germany is very customer unfriendly. 
  9. Yes. You should only reverse the standing order if they made a mistake.   Do you have a confirmation letter that they received your cancellation? This letter typically specifies the contract expiration date. 
  10. It depends on their ToC, but typically your contract is canceled 3 months after theiy receive the notice (some paragraph in the BGB). There is no immediate cancellation unless their policy allows for that (like Amazon Prime service).   So, unless you are leaving the country shortly, don't cancel the direct debit, you owe them. If you are leaving for good, fuck them but remember the debt will be waiting for you should you return (to reside, not to visit) within the next 10 years. 
  11. 3G in Restaurants?

    So, you haven't finished. Who is to blame?   Or, to be less politically correct, which kind of Jews you are blaming for it? Global pharma companies (run by Jews)? Wall Street (run by Jews)? Oil fracking (run by Jews)? Or just Jesus (born by a Jewish woman)?   I did not understand from your post what the conspiracy is.
  12. 3G in Restaurants?

    There is a good saying in Russian for you:  Ссы в глаза — Божья роса.   I am sure you understand what does it mean.
  13. Cost of living crisis

    They grow up.     
  14. The War in Ukraine

    We have such a power plant in the Negev desert: 240 MW power and 4.5 hours of energy storage. Ivanpah in California has 380 MW power, and the one in Morocco is the largest in the world with 510 MW.    For comparison, one nuclear reactor in the Russia-occupied ZAES power plant is 1000 MW, and there are 6 of them. 
  15. 3G in Restaurants?

    The article with all the details is here, but I don't have access to it:   The horizontal line is vaccine efficacy range between 0 and 1 (1=100%), vertical line is just a trial number. Blue line = simulation results are the same as for published trials, red lines = at least some age group falls out of published trials.    In short, blue color indicates their simulation is consistent with published trial.    All vaccines show at least some blue except Sputnik. Further in the Twitter thread, they increased the number of trials from 1000 to 50`000, and then sputnik showed 13 wins (was 0 for 1000 trials).     
  16. 3G in Restaurants?

    A Russian vaccine is... Russian (Twitter thread).   
  17. Physiotherapy requests

    I got physio on my leg in Bayreuth, no specific requirements for clothes: I wore whatever I felt comfortable to. Sometimes I needed to take off my shoe and socks, that's it.     
  18. The War in Ukraine

    The first thing you learn in the Middle East is khamsin: a wind from Africa which bring extreme heat wave and a lot of sand. You wash your car and your apartment windows, the next day it is covered with sand again. Last year the sand from Africa reached as far as southern Ukraine: the snow was colored in yellow, people were afraid it was some chemical pollution.    Now, the dream of solar panels in Sahara. Forget about electricity storage and delivery, tell me how are you going to keep the massive solar panels sand-free?       
  19. 3G in Restaurants?   Basically, an antivaxxer faked the vaccination passport and travelled to India, brought smallpox back. He himself survived it without a glitch and put the whole country into danger.    Wroclaw was put into lockdown, smallpox vaccination was mandatory under the threat of fine or arrest (China-style policy).     
  20. What made you laugh today?

      If the picture does not open, here it is:
  21. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Actually, no. Last year Bank of Israel planned to create something like this, but this is still an idea only, the risks are being analyzed at the moment.             
  22. The War in Ukraine Israel can't replace Russian gas for Germany but it can serve the Mediterranean EU countries.
  23. 3G in Restaurants?

    That's dangerous. Everyone is interested in themselves as a starting point.    The wonder of vaccination is that you protect yourself in the first place, but also protect the others around you.    These people hate other people as a starting point. They hate everyone so much that they are willing to harm themselves only to see the others suffering, too. Terrorists. 
  24. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    I guess you haven't heard of the NFT.     
  25. 3G in Restaurants?

    Distrust to the government, but for different reasons.   Left wingers distrust the government because it is right wing, even though this is not the case now, we have Groko, but the Prime Minister is from the right party. Arabs distrust the government because it is Jewish (but again, we have Groko with some Arab ministers). The irony that due to the fact that Arabs do not serve in the army (they can but are not obliged to, while Jews are drafted both male and female), this is the primary reason why they become doctors: can study for 7 years without losing 3 years in the army. So, the community that has higher than average doctors per capita rate also has a lot of antivaxxers (not doctors).   And now, people from the community that I kind of belong to, were born in authoritarian state and do not trust the government regardless. This correlates with high antivaxx rate in all post-Communist Eastern Europe.