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  1. Do they vaccinate all citizens regardless of insurance status?   Anyway, it's Pfizer or Moderna like in Israel, you need to take a 1 month vacation (or fly twice).     
  2. This is factually incorrect. A Vollmacht letter signed by the husband is enough to legally use his credit card. Ok, we know nobody does this in practice, however there is no need to throw accusations without knowing it for sure.   Now, assuming there was no written permission letter, only oral permission by the husband, then there is no crime case (unless the husband goes to the police and files a complaint), however there is violation of the bank's terms of use. The seller cannot verify the identity of the buyer, and is legally allowed to refuse such purchase. Banks can also refuse liability if there was fraudulent charge by the seller, and they find out the card was not used by its legal owner.   Now we stop the offtopic and stick to the facts.
  3. The reality on the ground: 1 doctor gives 4 shots per hour.   
  4.   Antivaxxer: we cannot use a vaccine which was tested in Phase III clinical trials on 20000 humans and approved by FDA! Also antivaxxer: get a drug under ongoing research, not published yet, not approved by FDA yet.    Logic?  
  5. Worldwide live vaccination rate tracker which counts people, not (only) doses:    
  6. No. Unless you do this frequently in different shops, this won't lead to criminal prosecution (your record will be clean).    If you do get the ban (Hausverbot in German), do not violate it, this will be serious. 
  7. A friend of mine worked as a security in a supermarket in Poland. His job was to remind "forgetful" people to pay for the items as apparently he was not allowed to call the police over such issues. He told me how uncreative most people were with stealing and thinking nobody will notice.    In Germany they are not that tolerant. Pay a fine and never shop there again, you will get a ban. 
  8. While many fair points have been made here, another logistical failure: vaccination rate is too slow.   150 thousand vaccinations per day? That way you will need two years to vaccinate 70% of the population.     
  9. Changing Last name after naturalization

    You know Tchibo coffee? It is an abbreviation from Tchiling-Bohne named after the founder Carl Tchiling who also had a very difficult Armenian last name to pronounce: Tchilinghiryan. So he shortened it, and now no one even thinks that Tchibo has "migration background".   It's 2021, not 1949 now, so I agree with @slammer that naturalization is a two way street, the Germans have to deal with it somehow, not you.
  10. Yes.* This is what differentiates a child from an adult.    Adults understand that there is no button to "stop this pandemic and return to normal life". They get vaccinated to increase the probability that this shit ends earlier than "normal".    Children: crying for hours that the parents do not give them a cake they want.    How old are you? Welcome to real life, dude. Time to become an adult.    *P.S. Some listed "facts" are lies, but assuming they all were true, still it is necessary to vaccinate. 
  11. Yes, I know, but I assumed that Free Prince has some disease making them eligible anyway. If not, well, then wait.    I don't understand why Germany has no vaccines. The ones we got are produced in Pfizer factories in Mainz and in Belgium. The government also wants Pfizer to build plants in Israel. It seems by the time this happens these factories will start delivering to Germany. 
  12. No. How would they know if you are medically eligible? Medical history is private data that even your Krankenkasse is not allowed to access (without a reason).    In addition, German healthcare is not fully digitalized, there is also no way your Krankenkasse can find out that you have illnesses making you eligible.    Be proactive, consult your doctor.     
  13. My article neither confirms nor denies what Panda stated, this is the only thing I found.    However, the official recommendation of the vaccine producer is 2 doses, not 1. I believe that vaccine producers know better how effective their vaccine is, and if you suggest something contrary you have to prove that.    The Brexit bullshit about vaccinating 100% of the population with 1 dose only is not proven to be correct so far. Whoever orders this, does it on own risk. Maybe it will work, maybe not.    Are you personally willing to take the risk? You are free to take 1 dose only.   
  14. You sure have forgotten to provide a peer reviewed article to support this claim.   Here is what I found:   This study compares efficacy of 2 standard doses vs 0.5 dose+1 standard dose. The second setup is indeed more effective. However they do not conclude that 1 dose is enough.
  15. Israel vaccination data is peer reviewed and now published in New England Journal of Medicine:     It"s Pfizer. There are also Moderna vaccines in the country, reportedly all taken by the army.