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  1. 3G in Restaurants?

    For the same reason the fraudsters write E-Mails in broken German (English, French, whatever their target speaks). They claim to be from Deutsche Bank support and create a page that looks exactly like Deutsche Bank, so why they cannot hire someone on Hartz IV who speaks better German?   Because they don't want you to press the button, you are waste of time for them. They want stupid people as their "clients", and grammar is the first filter. They are looking for people who will not notice anything.    
  2. 3G in Restaurants?

    You love to make yourself a clown, don't you? What is birth per 1000 people? Israel is a country with a lot of children, and the number of children is increasing year after year. This is logical that the number of new births per capita is decreasing because babies cannot give birth, they need at least 18 years to do that.   For you as a kid: 2019 1000 people give birth to 20 babies, that will be 20 birth per 1000 people 2020 1020 people give birth to 20 babies, that will be 19.6 births per 1000 people DECREASE!!!   What a joke you are, Mr HIV
  3. 3G in Restaurants?

    Oh no, you got me. Stillbirth!   30.12.2021 (everyone is vaccinated): 184`000 infants were born   31.12.2020 (only old people are being vaccinated): 176`000 infants were born   31.12.2019 (COVID-19 starts in China): 177`000 infants were born   Unbelievable, we see that vaccination works, there are 8000 more babies born in 2021 than in 2020!   You forecast for the end of 2022?
  4. 3G in Restaurants?

    Mr. HIV, you have proven not being able to read simple pieces of text, you still haven't explained me what was written in the article about the vaccine and HIV. I am sure Prof. Zvika Granot did not say what you claim he said because you can't read.   And now: if you tried to learn a bit of biology you would know that pregnant vaccinated mothers share the vaccine antibodies with their children, so they are born vaccinated. In this case, of course, no reason to vaccinate once more.   The number of vaccinated newborns is very high, but since they were vaccinated via their mothers, they are not in the statistics.   Take the microphone from the floor, Mr. HIV
  5. 3G in Restaurants?

    Thanks, Mr. Bear, for informing us that Israel started vaccinating toddlers one month ago.    And what is the reason for silencing of all antivaxxers? Because Israel is run by Jews!
  6. 3G in Restaurants?

    There is no sense in discussing any facts with them over and over again.   We are a small and isolated country that was the first in the world to be fully vaccinated. Our population is growing, and the housing prices are skyrocketing.   All our neighbors want us dead, in particular unvaxxed Palestinians want us dead.   If there was even a single problem with the vaccine, we would have noticed it. We are not suicidal, really.   No need to continue this bullshit.  
  7. This was true in the past, but most kibbutzim have been privatized by now. Very few "kibbutz with ideology" remained.    Kibbutzim (plural) were pretty unique because they were founded by immigrants (mostly from Europe) on a deserted land. In contrast, collective farms in Ukraine (USSR times), Poland or East Germany were founded on confiscated land, and in the USSR people were forced to work in those farms, they were basically slaves: no government IDs, no freedom to move to another farm or freedom to work in a town. Slavery in the USSR ended in 1972, farm workers got IDs and were treated as other USSR citizens with all the (non) freedoms applied.    In contrast, kibbutz members were free to be their members or free to leave the kibbutz. They got: 1. a job, but all income was paid into kibbutz. 2. housing and food for free. I don't know about healthcare. I guess the kibbutz paid into health insurance, so all members were covered.  3. Kibbutzim had several cars for the members to use for free. 4. AFAIK there were no kindergartens, all women took care of all children, including not their own. They also had to work, of course.    For the outside world, a kibbutz was an agricultural company that sold its products on a free market.    Did that work? Since very few kibbutzim "with ideology" remained, the answer is no. It worked well in 1930-1950s when Israel was like an African country, and collective farming gave the members financial stability in life. Nowadays there are better options than to work on a farm. Nowadays kibbutzim are like gated communities that accept outsider families to live there, but not to work. 
  8. 3G in Restaurants?

    "I never said that guns do not kill, I just deny the mass shootings".    You deny that this virus caused an extreme death toll and long COVID, so how is that different from denying mass shootings?    My dad (75) was sick before vaccines, he got mild symptoms, but very severe long COVID hitting his muscles. For one month he could barely walk. You deny the existence of my dad...    
  9. 3G in Restaurants?

    You can claim there is no virus, it is invisible for a John Depp from Austin, but claiming there was no shooting and that your son was not shot is a red line even in Texas.    
  10. 3G in Restaurants?

    Two good news: 1. Generalstaatsanwaltschaft München has opened investigation against one Querdenker from Upper Bavaria who is suspected in murdering the Austrian doctor.,TDYx802   2. Antivaxx doctor from Garmisch jailed for 2 years for issuing fake mask exception certificates. Generally, in Germany you don't go to jail if the crime is not violent, and you're first time offender. The only reason why the judge did not issue punishment on probation was refusal of the doctor to admit being guilty.   Well, at least this Querdenker is not a hypocrite, she has some respect from me.,TDXKLRI   Unfortunately she got only 3 years Berufsverbot. In Israel doctors get lifelong license revokation for much milder offenses.  
  11. Ha?   How old are you? Ever heard of a country called the Soviet Union?    China is economically no more Communist (but still larger sectors of the economy are controlled by the state), but politically it still pretty much is. 
  12. 3G in Restaurants?

    Nice try to divert the discussion, but Austrian police did nothing to a doctor who received death threats, apparently, while the criminals were from Germany (as if there is no European Arrest Warrant and as if this is not a crime both in Germany and Austria).    Querkender are untouchable for the police. 
  13. 3G in Restaurants?

    Not that I am afraid, I just have no words in English (or any other language) to describe the phenomenon of Jonnys.    Many Querdenker are so convinced that they are in a war with the World Evil, that they are ok to kill people, and they are genuinely happy that this doctor is dead.    Jonny is something different. Not a wanker. One can use the word "troll" but he does not spend enough energy/time to make people of TT angry, if he is a troll, must be a very lazy one.     
  14. 3G in Restaurants?

    Querdenker murdered a family doctor in Austria.   Nobody will go to jail for this crime.