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  1. Engineer and Anti-vaxxer come to the bridge over crocodile filled river. Anti-vaxxer says to the engineer: Is it safe to cross the bridge? Engineer: It is 99,97% safe to cross that bridge. Anti-vaxxer: I'd rather swim. 
  2. Vaccine Consultation, Is this a Scam?

    I think you don't understand what is going on.    Why would doctors who studied for almost a decade for their license and who are paid well, do such a cheap trick to get additional 30 euro?   Think about it.    Yes, the doctors are underpaid by health insurance companies, the German two-class insurance system is on the verge of collapse.    This is really just the tip of the iceberg. Birth clinics doing C sections for no reason, unnecessary OPs etc, all this is a consequence of the collapsing system. 
  3.   You can laugh one hundred times every day. So funny. Good that I do not share the country with you anymore.    
  4. Jonny is a fellow antivaxxer. He is trying to do reductio ad absurdum but eventually fails.    P.S. In Germany you have AstraZeneca, no "gene therapy". Only we Jews are doing "gene therapy" for you because only mRNA vaccines are authorized in Israel.
  5. In Israel a pregnant mother was brainwashed with anti-vax propaganda, she died (and her baby, too). Do you find this funny?   I wonder if antivaxx conspiracy is the result of alcohol abstinence by people who used to be heavy drinkers.    Because, like, even if COVID-19 had 0 deaths or "was just like regular flu", the mere fact that one can lose the smell and taste of whisky for 1 week (or more) is good enough reason to get the fucking jab!    So, my conspiracy theory is that people who stopped drinking and now are suffering from this inability to drink a shot of good Scotch, they want all others to suffer like this, too. 
  6. Well, the US itself has a population of one Chinese province     No comparison would be ideal. Israel has a very high population density (400 per sq. km), not every US state of 10 million is equivalent to it. And even within Israel, there are more and less populated areas. Hard to compare, this is true.    Israel cancels mask mandate indoors starting from today.        
  7. All drugs have side effects, some of them deadly.      No way an insurance company can refuse payment based on this. Here, a useful link:   The link says, that even suicide is covered when the relatives can present a certificate that this person had mental problems.   If you undergo any treatment which is legally recommended by your doctor, if you vaccinate a legally authorized vaccine, and your house doctor approves vaccination, you are covered.    P.S. From the insurance company's point of view it makes more sense not to pay the people who did not vaccinate but die of COVID-19 because for the company the risk is way higher. However, since there is no Impfpflicht they cannot do that. 
  8. So far,  a billion people are vaccinated (with at least one dose)!   Israel is still the leader among countries with population over 500'000 people. I don't know why it is above 100% in Gibraltar, maybe that includes Spanish daily commuters.
  9. The head of the German Ethics Council demands vaccines for youngsters.    
  10. How has Germany changed you?

    The Ringautobahn in Tel Aviv has a 70 kmh speed limit. When I go there I am always the only one respecting this speed limit, not 1 kmh higher.   This is how Germany changed me.
  11. This actually adds insult to the injury. BioNTech had to ask an American company to do clinical trials, then American FDA approved the vaccine. Then it took another 10 days for EMA to read the results of clinical trials in America and approve it. Why 10 days? Because otherwise the people can come to conclusion that most EMA staff is useless and can be fired...   The EU and Germany has a very good pharma industry, this is true. However, this is not the achievement of the bureaucrats at all...
  12. Can you get kicked out of Germany for shoplifting?

    I friend of mine had a security job at a supermarket in Poland, he had to watch people and remind them to pay for the items they "forgot". I don't know about the law in Poland, but the policy of that particular supermarket was not to escalate it to the police if the customer recognizes "a mistake" and pays.   He told me how creative people were using really cheap tricks. But as a result of that he had a job.   You steal = all prices are increased accordingly to account for that.   It seems to me that, e.g. in REWE they keep the prices a but higher than elsewhere but zero security, zero checking. Shoplifting is already included in prices of goods.    
  13. Why would you pay to a TV company to watch a government propaganda network (AL Jazeera) or tax payer funded public TV station (BBC, ARD/ZDF)? These you can live stream totally for free...
  14. Tips for passing a practical driving test

    I was replying to the OP who is sad that holders of some US states driving permits can exchange their licenses without exams while they have to go through the rigorous and strict examination.    The same applies to Europe due to EU license agreement: someone from Greek island can drive in Germany without even exchanging the license.
  15. Can you get kicked out of Germany for shoplifting?

    They will. What happens next depends on your communication skills. Maybe nothing, maybe they will file Anzeige, you never know.    Either use a shopping cart or order online delivery.