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  1. President Donald J. Trump

    Iran is neither an Arab country nor is especially loved in the Arab world. It attacked Saudi oil infrastructure, and Saudi is US ally (but too weak to fight back), Guten morgen.      
  2. The Vent - No Chat!

    "You cannot pay with the credit card, our Kasse is broken". I wonder if the cash withdrawal fees that I paid to my bank would suffice for delivery to Israel (including customs fees for orders above $75).   Fucking Luddites.    
  3. It's not conspiracy theory when it's open. Nobody hides that. And you for some reason confirm what I write and at the same time disagree. LOL
  4. It's called low fertility, population decline, demographic crisis, whatever. Face the reality: Germany has not enough babies. Everything else is Beamtendeutsch.    
  5. President Donald J. Trump

    To be pedantic, orthodox Christmas is a religious holiday which is only celebrated by people who believe Jesus was a god.   What you meant is called New Year and is on December, 31st.
  6. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    Well, in Germany people normally trust doctors and engineers looking at pictures. It's called "education".   Tesla Cybertruck will easily pass TÜV as a Pedelec/E-Bike, maximum speed 30 kmh. In this case, no problem with pedestrian protection.    
  7.   Zero? Do you work for Gazprom or something?   You can go full Schweiz and start trading with North Korea or Iran.
  8. Germany doesn't care about other European countries. It only cares about own ass while bullshit talking about "European values" and bashing Brits for leaving this Germany lead circus.  NordStream2 is the monument to national egoism and lack of solidarity in Europe.  
  9. President Donald J. Trump

    Sure, but they are still acting according to the law, even those appointed by Trump. He can't just appoint his cousin as a federal judge, can he?
  10. President Donald J. Trump

    Why? In 2016 if you read my posts I was convinced that was the end of the world's first democracy (if we exclude San Marino and some Swiss cantons).   However, the US has a strong judiciary, so he can't do whatever he wants. Let this clown serve 8 years then elect a normal president, what's the problem?
  11. No, it doesn't really mean anything regarding your liability. The prosecution has closed the criminal side of the story, which is most probably §315c StGB "Endangering the road traffic". This offence you commit when you either DUI or severely break the road traffic rule which may lead to injury or death of a human. Since you were injured the prosecutor opened the case automatically, but did not found any evidence you committed this crime.   This doesn't affect your possible civil liability at all.   P.S. Yes, in Germany you can be dead/injured, but still guilty. In Israel if you injure a pedestrian or a cyclist you're in deep shit and can be imprisoned. Andere Länder, andere Sitten.
  12. BER - Berlin Brandenburg Airport

    So far it's the most punctual and reliable airport in the world: no flight has ever been delayed, no luggage was lost. Why so negative?
  13. Protecting Parking spot with Lawyer App?

    That is a criminal offence, though (Sachbeschädigung)   I understand why people do it in lawless Eastern Europe, buy why would you do this in Germany possibly getting yourself into trouble?
  14. 1. Academic hour is 45 minutes. 2. Yes, it's normal to spend 3000 euro. I think I spent the same amount even though I already owned the driving license (from Ukraine) and had driving experience in USA, Israel and Germany (on the highways mostly). 3. I practiced in the autobahn, Landstraße and the city every lesson. We also did a lot of parallel parking trainings. 4. Passed from first attempt.   I think you should change the driving school.
  15. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    Because this lifetime is very short. The battery is exhausted and you can throw away the car (with the battery) as its price falls to zero.   Modern cars do not run one million km any more, but still they can be reused multiple times and then sold to Africa where they are reused once again. Electric car is toxic waste just like smartphones with built-in batteries which people throw away after two years (even though the battery is cheap and one can replace it).   Yes, big cities suffering from pollution will win due to electric cars, but the planet as a whole... no way.