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  1. German driver licence after leaving Germany

    Sure. I assumed by the nature of the questions International Student is asking that he/she is doing the test from scratch as they seem not to have any driving license before. I can be wrong, though.   P.S. Wanted to abbreviate International Student's nickname, but fucking Islamic State has the same abbreviation, had to type full name.
  2. Is Berlin really THAT great?

    Romantische Straße is 30 towns, be more specific. They only have in common that they are small and provincial (except Würzburg), and beautiful as these towns were mostly untouched by Allied bombing in WWII. I guess if you like the spirit of Cologne or Berlin you shouldn't choose Romantische Straße.             
  3. What made you laugh today?

    This alt-right lady (click to see the whole conversation):   She is Schrödinger's antifa: Merkel is a Nazi, but Hitler was a Jewish puppet.
  4. ...only if Germany fails to innovate. But if it fails, its economy will fail sooner or later anyway.    
  5. German driver licence after leaving Germany

    Yes, everywhere in the EU, in Switzerland as I wrote above, other EEA/non EU countries I am not sure, ask them.        
  6. What made you laugh today?

    “One gypsy schnitzel, please”. “Hey, it's 2018!!” „Oh, then I'll take one vegan broccoli celery schnitzel with lactose free soy sauce, you son of the bitch.“ „With pleasure.“
  7. Okay, then shoot yourself in the foot. EU is world's second economy, when China overtakes it will still be world's third economy. But you suggest to ally with Malaysia and Saudi. Good luck.
  8. You're very optimistic.
  9. EU is the only democratic partner. All others are dictatorships.
  10. I guess it's better for the US to stop considering itself the center of the globe. Especially when now it's incapable of being a global policeman, it cannot even overthrow Assad. So, these times are forever gone.   Now, US should consider advantages of cooperation with the EU, not vice versa.    
  11. ??? Just in case you haven't noticed, all metal parts in cars as well as other devices are gradually replaced by plastic. What have 60s to do with that? 60s were era of coal and steel, now there is plastic era.    
  12. I think Europe does realize this. US is weakening, too. Its importance will reduce to that of Europe. There will be no great America again. This pill is to swallow.    
  13. Chinese labor is no longer cheap. If you made in China something with German quality it will costs the same as made in Germany.   The biggest threat to German economy is not China, but electric car and inability of German car industry to deliver something more that Karosserie.   Second biggest threat is Datenschutz, Luddism and refusal to enter a new digital age.   But this thread is not about German economy, it's about Trump. He now loves China, you missed the latest news. He is now attacking EU and Canada, threaten them with customs fees. Get back to reality.
  14. You know shit about my life but you somehow constantly trying to imply I don't have any life. Only a person who does not have confidence in themselves does this. You somehow think that your life is crap, so you try to bully others and convince yourself that you have the best life ever.   An advice: if you want to show off your life, you have chosen a wrong discussion board. Post your Benteleys and yachts on the Instagram under #richrussiankids tag.
  15. ...and it's the whole route which counts: the package can be ok both in NZ and Germany, but it will have intermediary stops in Singapore or Dubai where it can be hot in contrast. Yes, quite risky, I would agree with FF.