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  1. Travelling with Long-Distance trains.

    Doesn't matter: to differentiate Fernverkehr from Nahverkehr one must use 'Nur Nahverkehr' switch in DB ticket machine, website or DB Navigator App. Then only those connections will be shown where Länder Tickets and Schönes Wochenende Ticket is valid.
  2. Creepy clown craze

    Follow up to my question: 14-year-old stabs 'creepy clown' in prank gone wrong   Interesting how the courts will see this case. Notwehr or not Notwehr?
  3. The government does what its citizens want to, whether important or not. Not all religious communities collect church tax, some rely on donations like you suggest. But they can do so, this church tax tradition has existed in all Europe since forever but only in Germany it remained as a tax.   I don't have any problem with that: I like when price is fixed and you don't have to guess how much to donate.
  4. The government doesn't touch church money, it only serves as an accountant for the respective religious community.
  5. what the FATCA ? an American turned German data mystery
  6. Link to the law, please. We already discovered that simple English explanation on such websites can be confusing and not complete. UK government simply doesn't assume that its citizen can leave the holy island and move to evil EU, so no information for expats.
  7. Buying a parking space as an investment

    No problem in Regensburg, too: there is parking shortage. The price will of course be lower than in Munich, not to mention Amsterdam/Paris. But still.
  8. No, the question is: can you get arrested for not complying to something you legally cannot comply (put foreign address on UK license)? I would suggest that even if the answer is "yes", this is a case to win in Luxembourg (before Brexit is complete).
  9. The problem is not money but the fact that you can only pay with coins. You have only 5 euro note? You dont pee. And also the fact that many public toilets in Germany close after 22 pm.
  10. It's a Denkmal from sandstone! They can't paint it. Where I live we also have buildings from sandstone. But we also have public toilets. This is so simple.   P.S. The church in Ulm is amazing, climbing to the top worth it totally.
  11. Yeah, typical German way of fighting illegal peeing:   Build the fucking public toilets, you idiots!
  12. ADAC translation problem with Canadian drivers licence

    I would be grateful if you upload this translation (personal data blurred). I suspect that this is in reality an International Driving Permit according to Annex 10 Geneva Convention. I apologize I didn't suggest this because I thought you could solve this in Führerscheinstelle.   But good this worked for you even if it is not really according to the law.
  13. In Germany only car owners are obliged to notify Kfz-Zulassung about change of address. If you do not own a car, you have no obligation towards German driving license authority, which makes the UK DVLA obligation obsolete as Sir Percy B points out.   What I don't understand is how do you prove you're no longer a UK resident if pulled over. Do the cops have access to border crossing records?
  14. Creepy clown craze

    No.   I answered another questions in my previous post:   Say, it's hot today and I want to walk naked. Is it criminal offense? No.   Say, I want to play baseball and take two baseball bats with me. Is it criminal offense? No.   Say, I want to cut cheese in my friend's house. He doesn't have a knife, so I take two kitchen knives with me. Is it criminal offense? No.   However, you have to prove that your official story is true. In case of doubt you might get arrested and the thing confiscated. So, the point is not to give a policeman such a doubt.