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  1. Street harassment: how to deal with it?

    I beg to differ. Stranger in a car is way more dangerous than a stranger on a street because you cannot run away. Especially unlicensed drivers in Uber. I won't be surprised if you can easily circumvent no conviction requirements.    
  2. Raising kids as vegetarians in Germany

    Actually, the future is in cloned meat grown in the lab. No need to kill animals (except to control the population, prevent epidemics etc). Text version:          
  3. The Finanzamt doesn't about you breaking the laws in other countries as soon as you pay German taxes. Polish police will also not give a fuck about your German permit: it simply is not valid for work in Poland, so you will be jailed as if you have no permit at all.
  4. Consequence of not paying German taxes

    Was it your first time in Germany? Did you change jobs in 2016? These are situations when the tax return is not voluntary, but obligatory.  The 4-year term is for situations when you are not obliged to file.   File the tax return. It is possible you will get more money back than 210 euro.   My Finanzamt is very understanding, when I do not have time to provide necessary documentation (or the tax return itself) I just ask for the deadline extension, and they always grant it. What German bureaucrats do not like is when you ignore them. It works the same as with ladies: a bit of attention, and a venomous snake will become a fluffy cat. Call them, talk to them.
  5. Raising kids as vegetarians in Germany

    The filtering process is less important for beer because unfiltered beer tastes way better. It's aesthetic reasons why many people prefer filtered Pils. Isinglass does not violate Reinheitsgebot and is allowed in German beers. Some of them (unfiltered, of course) do advertise as vegan, but not all. 
  6. They have a photo.   It costs 5 years in hotel JVA (minus five stars).
  7. Street harassment: how to deal with it?

    You were robbed at gunpoint, but you have never felt threatened  /  have never been assaulted.   So how can you judge what is "real shit" and what is "fake". I have been robbed at gunpoint and harassed by a freaky mentally ill man (not comparable to what women experience, but still pretty scary). Robbery is much better (and police arrest, too). It's just one minute, and the robber goes away. You know what to do to solve the problem: give money. Giving away your valuables hurts, but it's nothing in comparison to satisfying the demands of those who want your body. Being beaten to coma is actually way better. You are destroyed physically, but your brain is ok. You will recover.
  8. That is true. I forgot the English word for Schloss. A palace, of course.   Yes, I allowed myself this simplification because there is no Schloss Damenchiemsee The ladies island hosts a monastery instead.  
  9. Street harassment: how to deal with it?

      OP is female. She just clicked the wrong button.
  10. Just to add to helpful replies here: you are protected from being fired regardless if you will need longer time off work or not. Protection begins from the start of pregnancy until 4 months after birth (Mutterschutz).
  11. What made you smile today?

    Campain against drink driving in 1972:   For our American readers: that is a shift stick. You need to put it to position 1 to start moving and position 5 at ca 40 kmh (varies depending on the engine, in real life you watch for motor rotation speed, not car speed), positions 2,3,4 - something in between, so this ad metaphorically shows drunken beer glasses as shift stick positions (how to say Gang in English?) which you move as your car accelerates.  
  12. What made you laugh today?

    Nah, American English prefers phonetical spelling to etymological spelling, that would be "fashist".   Here on the pic it is a spelling mistake, no justification.
  13. Street harassment: how to deal with it?

    Upper Bavaria has the lowest unemployment in Germany (if not the EU). The probability of meeting a Bavarian beggar in Munich is lower than winning 1 million in the lottery.
  14. Not really. It is a major player in Middle East. Despite of being a NATO member, it now plays against USA in Syria. Turkish ground forces have just entered the Kurdish area in North Syria.
  15. Street harassment: how to deal with it?

    As you can observe from the first rude and shouting response, shouting and being rude is perfectly legal in Prussia (also known as Germany). Catcalling is legal as well.   What is not legal: 1. Racist insults. But: typical Prussian from Scheißhausen an der Saale thinks all Asians are Chinese. That by itself is not considered racist insult. Being an illiterate idiot is legal in Germany, too. 2. Physical attacks (in particular, touching); 3. Insults in general (like calling you a whore etc) In these three cases, you can go to police. But don't expect they will do anything. They write down your evidence, and if the same person attacks several women, then it will be brought to a court. The more people report attacks, the more chance attacker goes to prison.   Why do they not attack you when husband present? I tell you (being such a husband): because they are afraid your husband punches them unconscious. So what you need is to have a very rude face which will make them think you will pepper spray them.   How to do that? No idea. Try buying pepper spray and carry with you at all times. That itself will make you more self-confident. Using pepper spray is a legal gray area, though. Only actually use in case of real danger.