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  1. German right of way laws

    Guys, in practice bicycle goes first.   As a cyclist with the driving license I have encountered a lot of situations when I stopped at "right before left" crossing to let the car on the right to pass, but they refused to pass because too many cyclists do not know this rule, so it is safer to let them pass (which I do when I drive, too).   In a similar situation when 3 cars approach the junction, never happened to me in real life, but Panda is right: any confused situation should be solved with Handzeichen.
  2. What made you laugh today?

    Donald Trump has withdrawn all US troops from Germany overnight.   "Germans didn't help us in the Second World War. They didn’t help us with Normandy,” Trump said in a news conference Wednesday.
  3. Contaminated milk in supermarkets

    MHD is not date of expiry!! In English it's "best before" and basically denotes the date after which the producer is no longer liable for the quality of the product, and you have to use a complicated device called "human brain" to smell and taste if the milk is still good.   It is a common mistake that people throw away products which are of perfect quality, just because they rely on nanny state to take care of them.   The German term for "date of expiry" (do not consume after this date, ever) is Verfalldatum or Verwendbar bis ("to be used before")
  4. Depends who wrote this. As an Eastern European I can joke like this.   However, you can walk to any police station and get statistics about "specialization" of certain nations in crimes. Following Bavaria crime news, it's like this: Eastern Europe = theft, Germans = armed robbery. The latter reduced significantly because banks have more security and keep less cash, however bank robberies were very common in Germany before 1990. There is a nice movie called "Bank Lady" about the first and most prominent female bank robber.   It's not about skills, it's about way of thinking. Germans are used to break by force with the gun, so the penetrator didn't even think they could watch a Youtube video and learn how to open a cylinder lock. This is also one of the reasons the Schlusseldienst is so profitable here.
  5. But the lock from what I can judge in the video is a simple cylinder lock which any Eastern European can open with one piece of wire.   The idiot was however German with tunnel thinking, this saved people's lives...
  6. Even though it is higher in the East (about 7% in Saxen-Anhalt) this is the most worrying part. I don't even want to think what happens if unemployment in Germany reaches the levels of Spain, Italy or Greece.  
  7.   Antisemitism is not a purely right wing phenomenon, and you really do not need to dig that much into history of Germany to find a terror attack which is attributed to left wing extremists collaborating with PLO.   Also, you cannot blame jeremytwo for creation of East German youth suffering from unemployment in early 1990s. This is how these Nazis were created in the first place.   Or one can blame Harz IV. If these assholes had jobs, they wouldn't have much time for conspiracy theories.   What is appalling  here: police qualifies this as Amok, while this is crystal clear terror attack. In Israel, if a nutty religious Jew kills an Arab, this is automatically qualified as terrorism and is investigated by state security (due to his motivation, it's political). The family also receives compensation as a victim of terror.   Germany should stop thinking that terror is only when Muslims kill someone.
  8. Parking slightly on sidewalk

    You can do that, but I assume then you cannot park a car there.   Well, actually these kind of laws are mostly relevant for insurance and when there is fire. Then the authorities will care about Zweck.
  9. Even though they get the same 20% back by filing a tax return and listing this as business expenses.
  10. What?! You needed permission from the landlord to move abroad? What could they do, arrest me and keep in Germany forever?   Anyway, do Abmeldung and do not forget to do Abmeldung at your Krankenkasse and GEZ (even though they cannot chase you, it's better to be able to come to Germany as a tourist and be sure there will be no surprises at the border). The copy of your Abmeldung paper will be needed to deregister you as well as terminate all other contracts.
  11. Sorry, didn't read anything above.   In 2016 I was quite scared, as Trump behaved exactly like a 3rd world dictator, and USA to be converted to a dictatorship was a nightmare to me even though I am neither American nor ever intend to live there. We already have China as worlds powerful economy which is not a democracy, so USA to be another China was a nightmare for those humans who still value freedoms and democracy more than a fucking melting glacier in Greenland.   However, USA has strong judiciary, strong Congress, and no desire to be a dictatorship. I now subscribed to Trump's Twitter to get a daily laugh. The grandfather literally has a meltdown over a phone call to Ukraine (whose president is shocked to be in the centre of the worlds attention now).   Also, Trump deleted the tweet where he wrote Ukraine with article "the", I was impressed that we are so powerful now
  12. Never ever cancel the booking. It's not your problem, it's their problem. They are obliged to find a replacement hotel for you, and charge only the price you agreed before.   If you cancel, you lose all your rights for compensation (including compensation of price difference in case you are forced to go to another hotel).   Edit: actually, I did it once. Booked a hotel on a very remote Italian island, and got a mail in Italian in a week that they had a storm which cut off their Internet line, so they are politely asking me to cancel reservation. The mail was in Italian and I believed what they tell was true (I booked outside tourist season, in winter), so I did it and booked in another place since I did not want the hassle of arguing with them.
  13. Parking slightly on sidewalk

    You can rent it out to someone who has a car and no garage.   Actually, our former landlord followed this law (I did not know it's a law) and forbade any storage in the garage.
  14. Parking slightly on sidewalk

    You guys know you can be fined for driving a car?
  15. Telekom IP address changes every day

    External IP as seen by the websites in the internet is not your own IP. It's the IP of the server of your provider through which you connect to the outside world. Why it is determined as "Augsburg", one can only speculate. With Google it works like this: someone who uses Android smartphone "consents" to share their GPS coordinates with Google. The company records their GPS and the external IP. It does so with multiple users, and that way they have a database matching location and IP address. So, this information is based solely on statistics. Companies smaller than Google collect this info via other ways, their databases is small.   However, even Google database means nothing if  your provider changes their configuration and starts routing the traffic from Nuremberg via server formerly used for Augsburg. Until Google get updated statistics and finds out about this change, they will still mistakenly register Nuremberg users as users from Augsburg.