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  1. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    Ryanair has returned me every cent, very fast and online, no phone call necessary. I actually did not expect such a good service from them and was initially thinking about contacting my credit card company (this I recommend to everyone who is entitled for refund but did not receive it).
  2. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    Something like this, but I don't use white wine:        
  3. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    Advantage of living in the south: I can cook Spargelcremesuppe from the fresh asparagus, even though only the green one.   First time after broken leg in 2017 I started jogging every day. 5.5 km, aiming at 10 at least.
  4. Death penalty in the USA

    Many Jews support death penalty, too.   I do not get the purpose. Revenge? Why to die is more cruel than spending the whole life in solitary confinement? I would argue with that.   Reducing crime? It doesn't work at all.   We can go further and introduce death penalty for suicide bombers (those who did not succeed). Which problem will it solve? None. Which problem will it create? At least one: innocent people can die.
  5. Coronavirus

    No way, we stay at home: arrivals from all countries are now under compulsory quarantine (you can travel, but when you return you stay at home for 14 days and report to the Ministry of Health). Non compliance can lead to criminal punishment.   All gatherings over 100 people are banned. The spring semester is not started yet, but there is a risk it will not start at all...   Train service is very limited.   West Bank authorities banned all tourism (in particular, this applies to Bethlehem which is in Palestinian area A), Gaza is isolated anyway, so (almost) no Corona reported there. In Israel, 100 confirmed cases so far.
  6. Coronavirus

    Israel put Germany, Austria and Switzerland under quarantine: no tourist from these countries is allowed in unless they prove the possibility of 14 days home quarantine.   Israelis and residents of Israel returning from these countries (in addition to Chine, South Korea etc) are required to stay at home for 14 days. These are paid sick days.   I booked tickets to Bavaria for Pesach/Easter... Maybe will have to cancel, but I prefer to wait. This Wahnsinn cannot last forever.
  7. Speeding with a foreign licence + rental car

    There is one 130 kph sign on A9 passing Franconian Switzerland. Because of the mountains the curvature of the highway is a bit higher than normal, that's why the speed limit. A couple of not so smart drivers got Darwin award there, as if you get out of the curve due to speeding you fall down...
  8. A world without rules?

    Sure, but the distances between villages is way smaller than in other countries.   This was the reason why wind power was killed in Bavaria: the government introduced the 10H rule: no wind power station is allowed to be built within the distance of its 10 heights. Basically, this means that once an energy power Bavaria will rely in imports after Energiewende.   In California they can built as many wind and solar power as they want as there is so much empty land.
  9. A world without rules?

    A world without rules is the world without humans. Or, to be precise, the world with only one human.    This is similar to the concept of a free electron, the most simple model every BSc physics student learns. When you place a second electron, regardless how far away you do it, they interact with each other, and there is a rule for that which in its simple form is known as Coulomb repulsion.   When two electrons are close enough together, their interaction becomes even more complex as they form chemical bond, and you need quantum chemistry to explain, why.   It's the same with humans: if you live far away enough, your interactions are so weak that you can claim you ain't need any rules. But the closer you live, the more complex set of rules is required.   Just for you to know: Germany has 233 people per sq. km, UK 274, USA 33, Canada 4, but most people live in the south, so there the population density is much higher.   Alternatively, people sometimes define "no rules" as "the rules I grew up with", so they need an outsider to point how many rules they actually have.
  10. Federal Court allows dashcams as evidence

    Following this court verdict from 2018 the first insurance company started giving discounts to dashcam owners.   The data is not transfered anywhere, the company only asks for the purchase confirmation of the camera, since it can be used as evidence in court and therefore can save the costs for the insurance.,RqIG6gk?fbclid=IwAR15h14BoTwHDC5d1SvFbGQS9LNrkn-Zag40mKw4B0PR2xbbnL6mssSCPJY
  11. 2 speed tickets

    The law is clear as fuck: you do not hold a fucking phone in your fucking hand when you drive. You buy the cheapest Chinese car phone holder, and then you can actually talk over the phone when driving!
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    I think the Brits will keep blaming Brussels for all of their problems just like they did during the EU membership.    
  13. President Donald J. Trump

    Iran is neither an Arab country nor is especially loved in the Arab world. It attacked Saudi oil infrastructure, and Saudi is US ally (but too weak to fight back), Guten morgen.      
  14. The Vent - No Chat!

    "You cannot pay with the credit card, our Kasse is broken". I wonder if the cash withdrawal fees that I paid to my bank would suffice for delivery to Israel (including customs fees for orders above $75).   Fucking Luddites.