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  1. No lawyer is obliged to take you as a client unless they are compulsory lawyers in a criminal case paid by the state.    I think they are trying to politely say you that this application will be declined.
  2. I don't know who is sicker. If I lived 500 years ago, good chances are I would have been dead.
  3. And maximum weight up to 31.5 kg, that amounts to 13695  1-eurocent coins (total value 136.95) or 10294 2-eurocent coins (205.88 euro).   P.S. When I left Germany, I put all red coins collected for the last 7 years in a coin machine at real supermarket. Since I do not use cash much I got something about 20 euro, that would have been less than 1000 1, 2 and 5 cent coins.
  4. Sprachrassismus at Work

    Fully agree. I don't want to raise the Godwin's law in this thread, but it's a full responsibility of all Germans (to the extent one can apply collective responsibility) that English is world's lingua franca and not German.    
  5. Sprachrassismus at Work

    Well, Einstein was not accepted into ETH Zürich because he failed French exam, so there is still a point. However, he went to high school in Aargau and later was admitted into ETH which was liberal enough to allow students without Matura (Abitur). Einstein would have never been accepted to study in Germany the same as Wilhelm Röntgen, world's first Physics Nobel prize winner.   Röntgen also did not have Abitur and studied in the ETH Zürich, then got PhD at the University of Zurich (back then it was a better school than ETH). Then his Habilitation was refused in the Uni Würzburg because he did not have Abitur. Not a joke.   So he went to Strassburg and later got a professorship position only because of Luitpold the ruling prince of Bavaria who admired him. Now Uni Würzbug which initially refused to hire him, is proud of being a work place of the discoverer of X rays.   Has anything changed for the last 100 years?
  6. Sprachrassismus at Work

    My dentist being a native speaker of Arabic speaks "Hochhebräisch", a nice school book Hebrew. He asked me if I had any pains.   I knew the verb "feel pain" (ko'ev li), but did not recodnize the noun "pains" (ke'evim), even though the root is the same. So, I asked him what is pain, what is "keevim"? He was very surprised at first as he did not recognize I had language problems, he thought I was asking a philosophical question, what is pain?
  7. Sprachrassismus at Work

    I am happy I no longer live in a country with mentality like this. Well, actually, if back in 2011 I knew about this bullshit with "lazy foreigners" I think I wouldn't have accepted an offer from Germany in the first place.   Nowadays when my friends ask me what is better Germany or Denmark/Netherlands, I warn them that without German language you will be treated like trash in Germany, so they choose Netherlands, where there is no such nonsense.      
  8. Sprachrassismus at Work

    Well, having an official language is not an excuse to refuse to provide services in other languages. Only big post-imperialistic countries like Germany, France or Spain are jealous that English became world's lingua franca, and they bully foreigners out of this frustration.   Hebrew: was not spoken for 2000 years until its revival started in early 20th century. Now it's the official language of Israel with about 9 million speakers. German: 90 million native speakers, official status in 6 countries and in certain regions of 3 another countries.   Who fear most that the language will disappear if you are able to apply for Personalausweis in Russian or Turkish?!
  9. Sprachrassismus at Work

    My accent is very strong and I am not going to do "training" to change it.   Germans who move to other parts of Germany also stand out (such as, a Bavarian moving to Berlin or a Sachse moving to Nuremberg), but they never even try to speak like the locals do. So, I assume they can experience language discrimination, too.
  10. Bürgerbüro in the US? What's it called?

    Why do you need to translate this?   The Israeli equivalent of Bürgerbüro is called Misrad Hapnim. Official translation is "Ministry of Interior", will it be helpful to you? This is the place where you do the kind of papaperwork you do in Bürgerbüro in Germany. In Poland the same institution is called Urzad wojewodzki, in France it's Prefecture.    Depending on the country, these services are provided by municipality, province/region administration, or central state administration. The reader does not need to know all the political nuances, so do not translate, do not confuse.
  11. bike and car accident

    This ^^^   Those who got the license converted from USA/Canada/Australia should find out that one way streets are often open for cyclists two ways, so you should always expect a cyclist coming from the opposite direction.   Some other important rules:   1. It is forbidden to overtake a cyclist if you cannot keep 1.5 m distance to the side 2. When turning right look in your side mirror and watch for a cyclist coming from the right: in some poor cities sidewalks are designated as "cycling lanes", also children are legally allowed to cycle on the sidewalks. In addition to this, sometime bike lanes are located on the right of parking cars making cyclists totally invisible. 3. As a car driver you have maximum legal responsibility with respect to both smaller road participants (cyclists, motorbikes) and the larger ones (trucks). You are the one who has no right for a mistake.
  12. Why get Married?

    I think this is were my communist heritage turns on as I don't understand this German idea of ruining each others lives during divorce.   In our culture (Ukraine) women own everything. My mom owns all the apartments and my dad owns nothing. This is how it is done, to protect the more vulnerable partner (a woman). However that doesn't mean in case of divorce the former husband becomes homeless with only a toothpaste. Usually a couple sells the apartment and the money is used to buy smaller apartments for everyone. This is not regulated by any courts, there is this thing called "ethics" which is lost in current western societies.  
  13. Why get Married?

    I can tell you a million of similar stories of married couples. In Germany the father of the child is obliged to support his child: it doesn't matter if he is married or not. The authorities will chase him and confiscate all his salary and assets if he refuses to do so.   Also, imagine a millionaire marrying a poor partner. Will they allow this partner inheriting everything? Of course not, so they will sign a marriage contract regulating inheritance.   Commitment is not just a signature on the marriage contract.
  14. Why get Married?

    If one of you is not born in Germany, welcome to hell:   Germany does not have the concept of common law marriage, unfortunately.    
  15. Covid-19 Poll (UPDATE 9 Aug 2020: new poll questions)

    The whole poll is basically biased to make all critics of the current government policies to look like idiots.   You are given the options to choose between "the virus exists" and "the virus does not exist" instead of "current government policies make sense" vs "current government policies make zero sense".