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  1. Bomb at Ariana Grande concert - 22 dead

    You are incapable of reading and understanding quite simple sentences.   A typical terrorist is 10 times less capable of reading and understanding what is written, than you. So, the answer to fraufruit question: no, quite unlikely a terrorist could have been triggered by Trump because he was incapable of understanding wtf he talked about. Trump himself has no idea wtf he talks about, let alone anyone else and let alone terrorists.   Terrorists are usually triggered by humor: since they are incapable of reading and understanding, they think humor is a personal offense.   In this case, no trigger, just well planned attack.
  2. My car taken by Kriminalpolizei

    This ^^  is why I try to avoid street parking abroad. Underground garage / dedicated P+R parking costs money, but no worries with fines, thieves etc. Especially in Paris or Brussels, where there is only one street parking rule: if a parking space is not occupied, here parking is forbidden!
  3. My car taken by Kriminalpolizei

    I am not an expert in stealing steering wheels, just for the record.
  4. What made you laugh today?

    Sorry for one more Trump post, but this is really funny:  
  5. My car taken by Kriminalpolizei

    Well, that's why less professional thieves remove the whole wheel, it seems.
  6. How do I get out of paying Church Tax?

    Good for you. Not the case in Germany. Germans are not militant atheists, and many do not consider church wedding/church funeral as a part of exercising religion. I have doubts jeba's uncle was really against such funeral. He just didn't pay the tax, that's it.
  7. My car taken by Kriminalpolizei

    Here, however, the thief removes airbag without removing the whole steering wheel:  
  8. How do I get out of paying Church Tax?

    Lutheran church is usually more lenient, AFAIK. So, yes, talk to them.
  9. Sick of the "Clipboard Gangs"

    Welcome to Berlin. I didn't suggest to call the cops, I suggested to join them. Police is severely underfunded in poor places like Berlin, so they do nothing to stop illegal begging.   But Selbstjustiz is never the answer.
  10. Sick of the "Clipboard Gangs"

    You can do it, too.   You are not being judged for defending your kid, but for making it public and kind of being proud. I cannot say what I would have done in your place, but definitely I wouldn't have written that on TT, even when that would have been legal within Notwehr laws. Only a sick person can be proud of beating another person, regardless of how bad that person is.   It is not Wild West here, it is Germany, and here there is rule of law.
  11. Actually, no. To Ärztekammer. And when you want to complain about Ärztekammer, go to Gesundheitsamt.   Could you at least specify the Bundesland in your profile? Everything it decentralized in Germany, so it's useful to know where do you live.    
  12. How do I get out of paying Church Tax?

    Yes, but there are laws which are not going to be changed in the near future. No way.   I can expect that GEZ will be canceled at some point, marijuana be totally legal, Sunday shopping ban canceled. This all is likely.   But church tax, renewable contracts, Schulpflicht, no way. This is part of Germany and is not going to change in any foreseeable future. No sense to rant about it.
  13. How do I get out of paying Church Tax?

    In America there are gazillion churches, and an American can change their church multiple times, but it is different in Germany. Catholics are Catholics for generations, so it's not your parents „decided“ you should be a Catholic, but they were born Catholics themselves, and the parents of the parents were Catholics as well.   Mixed marriages between Catholics and Protestants were unthinkable for a quite long time in Germany (one of the reasons for that was that most Protestants lived in DDR, most Catholics in West Germany).   Secularization as we it observe now is a quite recent phenomenon in Germany.   Church in Germany has a status of „corporation of public law“, which gives a right to take taxes. Basically, church and state are not really separated in Germany, there is only a law that there should not be any exclusive state church (like in Scandinavia), but otherwise church is like a state for its members.
  14. How do I get out of paying Church Tax?

    Well, you didn't choose to be born in the US either, but now you have to file IRS every year because of this. Bad luck.
  15. How do I get out of paying Church Tax?

    It's called Roman Catholic church, not German Catholic Church. Actually, „καθολικός“ means „worldwide“, so it's Worldwide Church (the word Roman denotes the fact that there are also some autonomous subdivisions of the Catholic church such as Latin Church or Greek Catholics, they all however recognize Pope as their supreme leader). So, you are supposed to follow whatever church law the host country has, this includes paying church tax in Germany.   If you were baptized in Catholic church, you are Catholic worldwide, because Catholic means „worldwide“.