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  1. Judaism in Germany

    As someone who was born in the state which made the impossible possible: they made a religion out of atheism. No joke, my parents had to study "scientific atheism" at the university, I condemn fundamentalistic secularism just at much as I condemn religion.    Public display of one's religion is no different from public display of one's football team. I hate football, why would I have to know that someone else loves Bayern Muenchen. Because my feelings do not matter. It is the same with religion. Limiting its display does not stop fundamentalism, it actually ignites it.   
  2. Antivaxxers: do everything in their power for the virus to mutate and break through the vaccine.   Also antivaxxers: angry that nobody sympatizes with their "struggle".    You really have a very funny brain. 
  3. Judaism in Germany

    As soon as you are invisible (no Zizit and Kippah in public view) you are safe. If you publicly display your religion, you can be attacked by some monkeys for no reason. Sad but true: most religious Jews in Germany do not wear a kippah in public (or hide it under the "secular" hat).    In addition, there is "religious neutrality" rule for many public jobs in Germany. That means you cannot take those jobs if you wear a kippah. The idea is that the rule is applied equally to Christians, Jews, and Muslims, but in practice, it targets the latter two groups. 
  4. Jonny, did you already learn what is the difference between European Union and Council of Europe?    If yes, next homework for you: learn the difference between a virus and a bacteria.  (warning: this might ruin your antivax religion). 
  6. It's an imaginary friend. Do you think people who have friends would spend so much time on some anonymous forum spreading nonsense?   Mr. Bear already admitted that the only friend he has is some antivaxxer from Romania whom he have never met in real life.
  7. They are fully vaccinated and do not use ivermectin, I am now 80% sure about that.     
  8. A lot of people like to pay money to the pharma industry for medications which do not work.    Why question the vaccine that does work?   COVID is not really unique: there is no treatment for any flu virus either. Either your body kills it, or you die. you are free to change that: get MSc in biology, then 3 years PhD, 5 years PostDoc, open a lab, work 30 years and maybe, maybe you will succeed. Or not.   The idea to work many years without any guarantee is frustrating? Sure. But that does not mean you should take a horse drug which does not work (or any other nonsense which does not work).
  9. These are worms. Privileged rich anti-vax people do not know what it is, it is the disease of the poor. Was quite common in Ukraine in early 1990s. This is what antihistamines are for, to kill worms.    Apparently, in Australia this is still a thing among aboriginal people. The nutters stockpile it and make the drug unavailable for those who need it. 
  10. Capturing video in public includes a Physical violence

    All above is true.   Filming of people without their consent is illegal with certain exceptions such as public events and protests (in those cases 100% legal to film anyone).    But public interest in the prosecution of crime is higher than the right of criminals to privacy, so that will make the filming legal.   
  11. You wanted to say: my posts are horse ivermectin.   BTW, the horse drug is now officially banned in Australia.
  12. If you have someone in the family who did something really terrible. Like served in the Wehrmacht in WWII, or was a convicted pedophile, or whatever. It is not your fault, but you still do not feel comfortable about it.    So what do you do? You invent some phantasy world where the phantasy government wants to persecute you, you are now a victim, not a son/daughter of a penetrator. You feel better this way. Vaccination is ideal for such phantasies. 
  13. Both founders are Turkish (a married couple), and the main developer of mRNA is Hungarian (who previously worked in the USA). Not that I deny them their right to self-identify as Germans, but. 
  14. Jeremy, you probably do not realize what kind of ivermectin you write because you do not know the difference between DNA and RNA. The difference is like between non alcoholic beer and vodka. For Taliban it is the same, for a normal Muslim, not at all.    
  15. I see they are responsible and have had only one wave. So, for them it might actually work.