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  1. Crazy political correctness in the UK

    Technical/science terminology keeps changing regardless of the PC, so you cannot easily read the old books. 
  2. Crazy political correctness in the UK

    If Christians can be offended by "daemons" and "abort" in Linux, why someone cannot be offended by "black list"?    It's just a fucking list, rename it and move on.    This cry about "political correctness" actually irritates me much more than political correctness itself, because it is so loud. I don't like many changes in the language that are happening now, but I also don't think it worth my time discussing them. Also, if it makes whoever happy to rename "White House" into "Unicorn House" name me even one reason why not to? 
  3. Why don't you send a fax? You also get the delivery confirmation.   Deutsche Post used to provide this service for free with their E-Post website, but they discontinued it soon after I left Germany. However, I did manage to use the service in 2019 to remind my asshole bank that they owned me money left on my closed account, and they processed this fax much faster than E-Mail (the country of Luddites, what to do).
  4. Polizei

    If you pass the exams, yes, you can.   Note: it's 3 years of study on really shitty scholarship (even though you might get some "Dienstwohnung" which might be a bonus in expensive cities like Munich or Stuttgart), and then you start with 2000 euro brutto (depending on the Bundesland it varies a bit, but more or less). And the  job is hard.    Why would you want this if you are not born here and do not have well off parents and a house to inherit?
  5. We don't know. The history books will show how much role he played there. But without him this wouldn't have happened, this is for sure.    Even if he did nothing, he did it correctly.         
  6. The title he can use forever.    I for one wonder if he leaves the WH voluntarily or gets the FBI escorted him out for more drama. 
  7. American intervention in Syria? Are you a commie, balticus, or just reposted some bullshit without reading?   I for one have zero doubts than if Trump was a president during 9/11, he would instead have said: "Sad. A lot of people died. Shit happens". But as a Trump supporter would you rather expect him to protect the interests of the USA?
  8. Car Accident with Fahrerflucht

    There was no spare tire on my rental car when this happened, and even if there was one, I did not feel like changing it at minus 10 degrees frost at night. So I had the car towed to the garage.    In Germany, there are no remote places outside of human civilization, so one can pay a small fee and rely on ADAC. It is also dangerous to do any work on the autobahn.    In Israel, we carry a spare tire and foam because you never know if the mechanic in the area does not observe Shabes (then if your tire is flat on Friday afternoon, you're stuck for 24 hours), and also there are really remote places like the desert etc.
  9. Car Accident with Fahrerflucht

    You are very nice. I would do that only if the car stopped and the driver gave their details. Then I have no interest in the bureaucratic hassle and in punishing the driver with increased premiums.   However, this is not the case here. The driver thought they will be able to just drive away. No way I would have accepted anything than double cost of repair in cash. The assholeness should not be encouraged.   P.S. Always fold your both mirrors when you park. Saves a lot of money.
  10. Who do you think will actually win?

    Hi, how are you Joker?   P.S. I was wrong just like I was wrong about the collapse of the world's first democracy in 2016, but this is the kind of being wrong which makes me happy.
  11. Weißburgunder from Südtirol, please. Thanks to globalists (tm), I can buy that in Haifa.
  12. Just to refresh memory.   Senator John McCain after losing the battle to Obama in 2008:   President Obama congratulates Donald J. Trump for winning the elections:   And this is President Trump congratulating Biden in 2020:  
  13. God neither exists nor determines election results, so thanks Donald Trump for losing this election and making a lot of Republicans to vote against him (Arizona is blue for the first time in history!)   Congratulations people who believe in science and facts.   To those who believe in conspiracy theories, don't cry: you will win in 2024, after the largest post-Corona financial crisis in history.
  14. Who do you think will actually win?

    Or the society is broken. We have the best voting system in Israel, but it resulted in 3 elections in a row. If it was not for Corona, there would have been 4, 5, 6 election. But now there is this "unity government" (Große Koalition). Israelis think like children, that does not help in forming the government.
  15. Now Sudan. Trump removes it from "terror sponsor list".