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  1. Verhafteter Islamist war früher Neonazi   Low Saxony police arrested some Sascha L. who was a far right and anti-Muslim and very besorgt until 2013. „Germany is going down“, „Muslims will set up Sharia state in Europe“ and all of that.   In 2014 converted to Islam and became a Salafist.   I am so surprised. Not.   Every besorgte can change their beliefs with a speed of light. Former DDR commies switched to neo-Nazism after 1990 just like many hard line Nazis in East Germany switched to communism in 1945.
  2. During apartheid members of the same family ended up in different race groups (and, as a result, got different civil rights).
  3. Email addresses leaked

    What about „unsubscribe“? Looks like a legitimate news service, for which you „agreed“ without reading small print. Otherwise just set up a filter which will throw all these messages to the bin: i.e. the filter can recognize it by certain words in the subject or in the body or by e-mail address mask.
  4. Nope! The author of that citation was not Hitler.   However it is interesting to study Nuremberg laws to understand the fundamentals of racism. Hint: many Catholics were defined as „Jews“ or „non Aryans“ despite being as German as Kaiser Wilhelm.
  5. Oh shit, that's tough. Totally unreadable. I suggest to contact some German university faculty of history. I am sure they have PhD students who might be interested as well, so that will be win-win situation.
  6. „Wer Jude ist, entscheide ich“. (you know, who)   During apartheid in South Africa Indians and Chinese were „coloured“ and Japanese were „white“.   What is race and what isn't is arbitrary and only partly based on ethnic origin. Racists define what is race. In reality races do not exist, but because there are racists, we have to speak of them as if this is something meaningful. For example, Israel still has a citizenship law, which is vaguely defined by infamous Nuremberg race laws. Why? To cover the descendants of those who would „qualify“ for being a Jew in Nazi Germany.
  7. Doesn't matter. The roots are the same, since many minorities work illegally at unqualified jobs, they are also treated as slaves.   That Indians are actually highly paid professionals was unknown to this mad man.
  8. How Trump appointees can change the world

    After CBP controls were introduced in border areas of California and Arizona (30 km from the border or further), there were a couple of locals who protested that way. They refused to answer the question „Are you a US citizen?“ (it back then was not even a demand to show ID, just a question about citizenship), some of them just remained silent, some of them were saying „None of your business“.   Results? Sometimes border agents let them go, sometimes detained. But that was 5 years ago. Today I believe they will be detained without hesitation, their possessions searched, they will find an ID.
  9. All cranky people absorb news and what public people say and then use that information in their imaginary world. To provide you evidence, I must be a professional psychiatrist, I am not.
  10. How Trump appointees can change the world

    A life in Trumpland:   To be fair: I think this also could have happened under Clinton as well, America was going towards tougher controls for a long time. But this will go fast under Trump. Be ready to Israel-style ID controls everywhere without Israel level of terrorism threat.   Have to buy pop corn to watch this security theater.
  11. What made you laugh today?

    Nee, it's not a fact. Just a thought, why it could be funny for certain people, doesn't mean it is funny. Whatever, forget it.
  12. What made you laugh today?

  13. What made you laugh today?

    I got it. But I have doubts this really made you laugh (I tried to imagine what makes a Trump supporter laugh, but still didn't find it funny at all). My humble opinion.   I would rather leave this thread free from political propaganda and post something which is really funny.   What is funny about Le Pen not wanting to wear a veil (unless you are a radical Muslim which thinks that ladies without veil are funny)? Maybe there is some hidden English sarcasm there? I don't think so.
  14. What made you laugh today?

    Where is the picture of Le Pen licking Putin's anus?   This is the laugh thread, not „pathetic political cartoons“ thread...
  15. How Trump appointees can change the world

    This is what I am talking about:   There is nothing there about Libya, perhaps this is bilateral agreement between Italy and Libya only. There is agreement between EU and Turkey, so the latter admits everyone who came via Turkey.   Only those who managed to get to Germany without being registered in Italy, Greece or Poland. Then indeed they can't deport such person to the neighbouring country because it is unclear, who that country was.