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  1. 1. Academic hour is 45 minutes. 2. Yes, it's normal to spend 3000 euro. I think I spent the same amount even though I already owned the driving license (from Ukraine) and had driving experience in USA, Israel and Germany (on the highways mostly). 3. I practiced in the autobahn, Landstraße and the city every lesson. We also did a lot of parallel parking trainings. 4. Passed from first attempt.   I think you should change the driving school.
  2. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    Because this lifetime is very short. The battery is exhausted and you can throw away the car (with the battery) as its price falls to zero.   Modern cars do not run one million km any more, but still they can be reused multiple times and then sold to Africa where they are reused once again. Electric car is toxic waste just like smartphones with built-in batteries which people throw away after two years (even though the battery is cheap and one can replace it).   Yes, big cities suffering from pollution will win due to electric cars, but the planet as a whole... no way.  
  3. In Germany you have Sicherungsverwahrung for that: staying in prison after conviction ends if the person is deemed to be dangerous, for indefinite amount of time. This is the best balance between US's two life sentences for jaywalking and UK's two years for two murders.*   *take listed sentences as metaphors.
  4. Car rental in Germany

    I am a tourist, my place of residence is in Asia, so I can move rental cars across the countries. You, not. It has nothing to do with what car are you driving illegally: the risk being caught is of course higher for higher value cars, but it is not zero.   You are not even allowed to drive a Polish registered car in Germany if you live in Germany (there are exceptions to this rule, but not many). A lot of people found out that German car insurance is way more high than Polish one, so they tried that. And were caught.        
  5. Car rental in Germany

    This is illegal. Europcar has lost 40'000 euro in a court case for something like this.   However, this is not recommended insurance wise: if your insurance is not valid abroad, this is worse than 600 euro fine.
  6. Car rental in Germany

    If caught by customs, you're fucked. They just were not caught.   The correct way is to register it at the customs, then no problem.
  7. President Donald J. Trump

    Actually, I hate the People's Republic of China and want it to fail. But Trump is a weak clown who is even unable to do a simple thing: recognize Taiwan and establish US embassy there. Zero balls. Ok, no other US president did that, too, but at least Obama did not pretend to be a tough guy. He wasn't the tough guy, and he did not pretend he was. That is the difference.   P.S. China invests massively in Africa. They will more their industry there in the future. This is something a good president should think about. But Trump is mentally in the 1970s. When he gets to 2019s and moves out of China, Chinese will already own Africa.  
  8. President Donald J. Trump

    In Ukraine we call this kind of defence "God's dew". When you admire someone so much that whatever nonsense this person does, you ignore it, they can piss you in the eyes, but you ignore that this is urine and you say "it's God's dew".   The plant might be profitable, but there was no movement of jobs from China to the US: the most components of Mac Pro are produced in China, the Texas plant does the assembly, you can even see on the video that there is no production on this plant, just assembly and testing. Since 2013. Zero achievement of Trump who tried bring manufacturing back to its golden age of 1970. But this will not happen. Not going to happen.   There are many reasons, why.
  9. Car rental in Germany

    Are you sure you paid cross border fee and not accident insurance (towing, repair costs)?   I rented this September and they told me I was only covered in Germany, so I paid for this one. Otherwise, no costs. That was Europcar in Memmingen airport.
  10. President Donald J. Trump

    Fake dictator Donald Trump "opened" an Apple plant in operation from 2013:   He is behaving like all communist dictators, but those actually open real plants (ok, not personally, but still). This guy had even to fake he was present at plant opening.
  11. Bavarian Landtag voted for fake science funding

    Sorry, but there is no need to spend half million of euro to learn genetics 101. I did it in the first year of university.
  12. Bavarian Landtag voted for fake science funding

      I am not a biologist but I know a bunch of them and I've never heard anyone complaining about lack of access to data. It's part of their job, to gather and process data from various sources including birth clinics. I do not buy this explanation.
  13. How do I background check a doctor

    It's not reasoning, it's a fact. You have no possibility to find out that someone is a bad doctor.   There was a mental clinic patient who faked medical diploma and was employed as a doctor, in the same clinic. It took a while to discover all this, and as he is mentally ill, he cannot even be held liable for this.
  14. Bavarian Landtag voted for fake science funding

    AfD was not expected to be pro-science just because of this vote. In another day they suggest to make a Germany wide miscarriage register "to prevent miscarriages".    
  15. How do I background check a doctor

    It only helps against Luddite doctors who have not discovered Internet yet. Unfortunately, it's usually the good ones. The bad ones remove all bad reviews about them by withdrawing permission to publish their personal data. And if the review website can't publish names and addresses, this review is useless.