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  1. They can't do it without sending you the full damage report from the Gutachter.   I think police report is none of your business, give them police file number and tell them to f*ck off. Many years ago Sixt tried to milk me by claiming I was "negligent" and thus refusing to apply Kasko insurance. I needed a letter from the lawyer who told them to f*ck off, which they did.   Please check what exactly is deducted from the CC, maybe it is something not really covered by Kasko. After that, you can apply for refund from your credit card company if anything else fails.
  2. Does deregistering burn my free to work visa?

    Then go ahead, ignore our advice and go forward.   BTW, a friend of mine did not know about TT back then, so she came back to Germany assuming her residence permit was still valid. It wasn't as she moved out of the country and deregistered. Long story short, she played dumb and got temporary entry permit. Well, she did not plan to stay longer in the country anyway, so it worked for her.
  3. Does deregistering burn my free to work visa?

    No worry, I am not hurt, I live in the Middle East, people here try to cheat as much as they can.   Example: we have Bürgerversicherung here similar to UKs NHS, but there are several health providers like German Krankenkassen. Every citizen is automatically insured as soon as they live in the country.   So, what many Israelis living abroad do is come here to get expensive treatments for free without paying anything into the system. To prevent this, there is 6 months waiting time from the time of arrival into the country or 3000 euro one time payment (very cheap, no?).  
  4. I am just trying to find positives. They usually pay well to the Europeans they hire, so people come there to earn some money and leave.    
  5. Does deregistering burn my free to work visa?

    Kapil do you really think that you're the first person in Germany who is considering buying cheaper insurance in Poland, register their car in Romania and use German infrastructure paid by the Freiers who do not cheat the system?  
  6. It's like a city in Texas, or Florida, but much more boring, and there is desert around it.   You can forget about cycling.   Advantage: its airport is much better connected to the world than Frankfurt, Emirates is a great airline, so you can fly out of there for vacation.    
  7. Trump wants a garden of national heroes

    In Bavaria, the most popular bloke is Prince Luitpold, dunno why. Not relevant for Germans from Frankfurt or Berlin.  
  8. Trump wants a garden of national heroes

    @john g., do you known that every single Israeli town has a street named after a Brit whose name is probably not so known in the UK: Arthur Balfour, UK foreign secretary.   The Brits wanted the Jews living in Palestine to fight for them (Ottoman Empire/Turkey was an ally of Germany in WWI), and they wanted to reach them via Jewish diaspora in Europe, by promising "national home for Jewish people" in (back then Turkish) Palestine. Balfour was tasked to write a formal statetement now known as Balfour Declaration, the very first legal basis for the establishment of the State of Israel.   Nota bene, I live very close to the Balfour Street in Haifa.
  9. Switching from work to Phd for non-EU

    It depends on your salary. PhD positions do not pay much, so, yes, you can fall under threshold for a Blue Card.   If you can wait for the PhD, I would recommend invest in German courses. That  (B1 exam) will give you permanent residency after just 2 years in Germany. And after that you can do whatever you want.   P.S. a PhD position which is not salary, but rather a scholarship, is very bad for you, stick to those PhDs where you're employed.
  10. There used to be meetup groups on this forum.   This website helped me a lot in Israel:   Try this:   Also, Freiburg does have a university, right? Look for the community there, the Uni is the place with the highest concentration of people from elsewhere looking for new friends.          
  11. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    Nope, most Israelis are very naive and tend to ally with fascists like Trump, AfD, Orban etc, just because they "support" Israel.     Labour founded this country and ruled it for many years, up until the terror wave in 2005. This is when it lost support, forever, barely making it into the Knesset.   Also, Israel/Russian politics is the reason I cannot identify myself as "left wing" because being left wing means blind hate of Israel, USA and unconditional support for Russia.
  12. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      Well, if you do know, why you complain? If you oppress one group of people, they will oppress you back. This is what reality is, fair or not, this is it. It does not matter if individuals supported or rejected Apartheid, everyone benefited from it.   There are a lot of South Africans in Israel. The Jewish community did oppose Apartheid, but they are considered "white", so now many of them decide to go back to Israel. Not a single one (that I know) complained about "white discrimination".  
  13. Belgium borders Aachen, quite a big student town, and apart from that ton of German tourists in Belgium. I would be pretty much surprised if they do not have access to the system, so don't count on this.   It's 2020 now, not 1985.
  14. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    You and jeba pretend you don't know what is Apartheid and what happened in South Africa during that times.   Why do you think that trying to play a victim gives any bonuses in life? It doesn't.
  15. State prosecutor presses murder charges against an asshole who killed a pedestrian during illegal car race in Selb (Upper Franconia):,S3TC2yT?fbclid=IwAR0PlUQQ5BuzWNgrO5JeznzMtlt2NSe2f3GvJ_T0h5OSQ6RjVnG8oTPkeVE