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  1. BVG is entrapping tourists with 40 euro fines

    Ah,  john g. I do understand the world, more than I would like to.   Germany is so simple: there is a written rule, you follow it, you're fine. You don't follow, you're fucked. Those who have a problem with that should probably stay at their village.   It's different in those corrupt countries: there are rules. Sometimes enforced, sometimes not. Sometimes they will be enforced only for you unless you pay the bribe etc... Too complicated.   There are also certain methods to avoid paying a bribe. I don't have such skills, but some of my friends do. To exercise pressure and convince the asshole they you're trouble for them, they should let you go.
  2. BVG is entrapping tourists with 40 euro fines

    I am a BVG employee and I absolutely confirm that we target British women only. We are not allowed to check other nationality because of Brexit.   We are instructed to ask how do you drink your tea. If you say "with milk", it's 60 euro fine on spot. Be careful and say you drink black tea, or say you drink coffee.
  3. Tracing Dormant Bank Account in German Bank

    After 30 years of no activity and no contact with the owner the bank is allowed to keep the money for themselves. But that does not mean this has actually happened. The bank might still pay up the money.   Try contacting Bundesverband Deutscher Banken:   Unfortunately, in contrast to Switzerland, there is no open central register of dormant accounts in Germany.
  4. Cat owner liability insurance

    I guess it is more about car/horse accident.   Wildlife collides with the car = a case for car owner's (Teil-)Kasko insurance. A horse collides with the car = horse liability insurance pays as the owner violated their duty to control the horse.   Interesting is when you temporary keep wildlife at home. Normally you're not allowed to, but if it is injured or is death threatened due to not having enough weight for winter hibernation, you're encouraged to help. Germans keep hedgehogs in winter, for example: if they weight too little, they die in winter.   I guess in case of damage/bite this is not covered by any insurance.
  5. Cat owner liability insurance

    But parrots and rabbits are insured, right?
  6. Cat owner liability insurance

    Discrimination! A clear case for the European Court of Canine Rights (Cour européenne des droits du chien).
  7. You're correct in your recommendation, Nicolas. I am curious how @Anirude succeeded (or not), he was so self-confident. If he indeed passed the practical test, I would be in awe and bow in respect.   One thing: in this particular case there is not much difference between starting from scratch and attending driver lessons voluntarily to prepare for exam: in both cases you will need a lot of lessons, but in the latter case you're allowed to waste your money and go to exam unprepared. That is not recommended, but is allowed.
  8. Fritzkola

    Oh no! How could I make such a grave mistake!   I will now to to Verband der Besserwisser Deutschlands (VBD) and ask them to burn my diploma!
  9. As soon as you stick to civilized world, that doesn't matter.   However, if you're arrested in Iran, Turkey or North Korea, it does matter, who will try to get you out: Teresa May, Merkel or Trump. Who has more chances to succeed? It's hard to say, in this respect the best passport if Swiss. But out of that three I would say the Germans are the most effective to protect their citizens. Political neutrality of Germany is also important. But that is all subjective.
  10. Only in America...

    This man, who does not believe in terrorist bullshit nanny state religion, arrested for proving that terrorism does not exist:     I wonder, what the charges against him will be. Saving taxpayers money for doing "bomb squad" job for free?
  11. Need legal advice on domestic violence

    Instead of asking stupid questions why don't you just make your point? It's hard to argue when you only discover after a third post-question what the argument is.   I have experienced similar situations from a child point of view, so I guess I understand what OP is talking about. That's not a pleasant experience. But my parents are still together now that their kids are old. Marriage advice here is not appropriate, that is my point. Yours?
  12. Need legal advice on domestic violence

    ??   We are not talking to a victim of domestic violence here, who might be in a very mentally and physically challenging situation, so she needs solid advice. We a talking to a man who is in control of his own will. This is not a kindergarten here to lecture on marriage. He seems to well realize the possible consequences of his actions.   Thus, my advice is to stick to the question which was asked and do not answer the question which was not asked.
  13. Need legal advice on domestic violence

      That's so Toytown: you ask a question how to boil an egg and get advice which starts with "Build a nuclear reactor".   Divorce is a very long and complicated procedure which will have a side effect of the wife not calling police any more, but it does not solve this current problem. There are way simpler ways of boiling an egg before you start with the nuclear reactor...
  14. What irritated you today?

    Vatican has no sovereignty over all churches in the world. The government of Chile has, the priests are Chilean citizens without any diplomatic immunity.   The Pope even cannot fire that priest because only Archbishop of Chile can do that. Although he can exercise more pressure, that is true.