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  1. It's everywhere, not specific to only one town.   You want some notable name? Praga, for example. Not the capital of Czech republic, another Prague.   Or Nowa Huta. Has one of the best examples of socialist architecture in the whole Warsaw bloc. But do not go there after dark.
  2. What made you laugh today?

    There are direct flights from Germany, if I visit I will not need a car.   SF also has good public transportation, but I was coming from a place which doesn't have any.
  3. Got Evicted Without Notice and Belongings Removed

    Most Germans rent their place lifelong, unlike in other countries. And the longer you live, the longer should be "normal termination period". And for old people rental contract cannot be terminated at all (because it will cause them big difficulties).
  4. Got Evicted Without Notice and Belongings Removed

    That is what the law says, so this has no meaning, just a reminder. And even if your contract said "you can be evicted after one month non payment" that would be illegal clause and thus invalid.
  5. I weren't. I speak the language and know correct answers to the questions. But I was speaking about feeling of safety. That feeling doesn't increase when you read in the media that some man was beaten to death because he answered the question incorrectly.   I don't read US local media, if I did, perhaps my feeling of safety would have been different. My point was that nobody bothered me in 100% black neighbourhoods in the US.   Poland borrowed UK football hooligan culture, the worst part of it. Media call them "fake football fans", I would rather call them criminals which have nothing to do with the football.  
  6. Motorcycle/Scooter owners, where do you park?

    Outdated info. These days traffic lights signal is the only road traffic rule which is observed by the southerners.  
  7. The answer depends on which Polish football club do you support. The answer "I am not interested in Polish football" is wrong.
  8. What made you laugh today?

    Damned one way streets! This map describes yourkeau driving in San Francisco.
  9. How to find a wg

    GEZ is a colloquial term for both TV tax (Rundfunkbeitrag) and company which collects it.
  10. Well, actually there are a couple of crackpots, who every fucking time moan that Western world prays only for Houston, but not for #inserty poor country name here#   So, for some people this is not stupid, unfortunately.
  11. True, except that you seems to deny that racism still exists in the US. Even when exaggerated sometimes, it's still a real problem.   And even when there are more criminals among blacks in the US (first you bring them here as slaves, let "free" but do not give any land, then you deny them education, and then you are surprised that many of them become criminals), there is definite bias in police forces against black people, more rude treatment, and more killings, yes.   This issues need to be addressed, it's incorrect to assume that black people are treated totally the same as white people.   Black racism/violence/whatever has no monetary base and will vanish as soon as causes for it vanish. There will be no black RAF, it's not 1960 today.   Ah, and I felt in Bronx way safer than in some "100% white" neighborhoods in Poland.
  12. Well, I actually do not want to compare anyone with Nazis, because there were no such pseudo-pacifists during Nazi times.   People from Resistance were not sacred: they used to kill civilians which they suspected in collaboration with Nazis or treason. After WWII many women who had affairs with Nazis (not always voluntarily, as you may suspect) were but to shame, beaten, tortured.   Allied air forced dropped many bombs killing civilians, including women and small children (pacifists love mentioning that).   Yet we know our side, we know who was enemy and who was friend.   Here I observe broken moral compass.   Was soll das with "all lives matter", "black racism" etc? What's the purpose of this bullshit?   No, it's not racism, it's broken moral compass. Go to and buy a new one.
  13. No authorization. Schade.   Ok, let's try this. What do you think of L'Oreal?  
  14. Bundestag Elections Poll 2017

    This is the symbol of well running economy. Economics 101   And rents are only high in Munich and around. If you go a bit up north you get normal rents.   Prices, what do you mean? I hope, not prices of beer at Oktoberfest.  
  15. Help! issue with flooding and police misconduct

    Yes, by free I meant "dead cheap" as you do not need to heat cold water, just extract already hot water from the underground.