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  1. Handling the aftermath of a car accident

    When you shop around for car insurance online they ask for SF class, Year when you got the licence etc. They never ask if your crash history. Based on your details they calculate the premium. So just fill up the questions Correctly.     
  2.   Will an impfpass be given if a person doesn't have one? 
  3. So in reality a fishing & spamming method. 
  4. Legally buying used cars from private seller  
  5. It's all about location..  With that kind of money one can't even buy a parking space.  
  6. I would suggest you visit the neighbouring Sparkasse /bank for a mortgage Termine to see how much loan they can offer for your situation. Then take that as a base and start. 
  7. First check at telecom website what's the maximum allowed bandwidth at your Adresse. If its say 250 mbps, then you will get 250mbps.
  8. Gas Heizung Wartung

    Without knowing any cost breakup, i am just guessing by basic knowledge the following   215 - (19% tax) = 180 - 20(likely transport charge) = 160 - 60(wartung material cost like electrodes, dichtung etc) = 100 as a labour cost.  Seems Ok for an hour work.   
  9. If you took the loan, then pay them or make a payment plan. If you didn't took the loan  and it seems that a mistaken identity, then politely write them the letter that you are not the person who ever took a loan with the said bank.   
  10. I meant the tax residency country. For example When you live more than 180 days in germany, you are supposed to file taxes in Germany. When you live say 3 countries in an year, you need to check with lawyers for which which countries you need to file the taxes. Since not all the countries have the same tax law, so can't answer your questions exactly. If your income is taxed in any countries, then you need to file tax in that countries and get rebate so to avoid double taxation.   
  11. 1. Yes if you keep your German citizenship  2. Yes 3. Depends upon how frequent you change your resident country in an year.  4. No, being German citizen, you are free to come and go anytime and pursue any legal economic activities  5. For freelancing outside EU, you pay the tax at the country you stay. 
  12. Tax for double employment

    See in short term money in your hand will differ based on your choosing which salary is taxed in which class. When you file the tax declaration (i think you have to) next year for the current year, then the taxes will be calculated on the basis of your total whole year income. If you have paid excess tax then you will get back money from finanzamt. And if you have paid less taxes then you have to pay the difference to the finanzamt. 
  13. Tax for double employment

    You can decide which salary need to be taxed with tax class 6, the class where you pay highest tax. Since you need to file tax declaration, in the end it doesn't matter which salary you select for higher tax.