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  1. If you don't get the relieving letter, what you are going to loose? May be ask your HR what's the way out. 
  2. Was the post indent successful? Ie the post person printed the form, you signed it after verifying the details and they  sent it.    If yes then thing you should see the update after one week.    If post indent was unsuccessful, ie post person could not verify it and declined it then try to visit bigger post office where you may find some one who can do that. 
  3. We successfully got the BKG. Bought the house in July last year. Filled up the applicantion form in December last year. Verified through the post office ( Indian passport) in December last year. Uploaded all the necessary documents in may this year. Got the confirmation and money in account in July this year.    Even though the house is in name of the two people (wife & husband), only one need to apply. The Steuerbescheid need to be In both the spouse name.   One can check the application status in the online portal. Result of post indent gets updated within a week time.