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  1. Inviting Parents in Germany

    For travel health insurance, I will recommend to take the one from the German company here. It might be costlier compared to the insurance from an Indian companies but the claim (if arises) will be settled faster and cashless with the insurance from German company. 
  2. Scam calls, Ausweis/Residence Permit problems

    I got one recorded call yesterday. I cut the call after 10-15 sec. 
  3. What kind of cooking oil do you use?

    It's easy saying than done. Even if all the europe stops the food purchase, the food will be wasted at the shop/lager, but it won't find its way to the needy. The problem is the logistics. You just can't move the unused perishable good efficiently across the continent. The food  move needs advance planning and commercially profitable demand to move it in time. 
  4. What kind of cooking oil do you use?

    Seems fresh stock have arrived. Hopefully the stocks are sufficient to offset the increased rush... 
  5. When you buy second hand properties, there will always be some defects. Seller should allow you to analyse the property and get the proper opinion from the expert. Now it's upto you to check and decide  which points are critical as a deal breaker and which points are superficial. As a buyer you know the current market price and how important you view the importance of certain property that interest you based on the need, size, location, age etc. If the asking price is within your budget and sachverständiger do not point to any critical deal breaking defects, then it's upto you to decide if you want to pay the asking price or not. 
  6. When we bought the house couple of years ago, the bank informed us that some guy  will visit the property to see it, which was after one year of the purchase. The guy took the photos of the property and left in 10-20 min.    The private Immobilien sachverständiger that I used before the purchase privately, spent around 90 minutes checking the walls, electrical stuff, condition of tiles, moistures etc. He pointed out some defects which the seller had to fix (Moisture, mould) professionally. He gave a brief report which helped us to reduce the price by 5K, which was something. The service costed 600 and it helped us mentally that the property is good.    So my advice, tell the seller that you want to use your own sachverständiger (on your cost ofcourse) and if they refuse then one should not go ahead. 
  7. Purchasing house

    Just fill up the your details on online brokerage firm like interhyp, drklein etc and see what they offer. Generally they will contact you remotely and show the details through remote screen sharing. Doesn't hurt if you can secure lower interest rate.  
  8. Purchasing house

     This is standard. Try to get higher % within your budget. This will help if you can save lots in an year or get any inheritance. 
  9. How about partially telling them the truth (don't know if it willwork or not) That you moved with your girlfriend and didn't wanted to loose the apartment if it didn't worked. Unfortunately you need wgb to re-register at your old place. 
  10. Changing car tires

    Winter tyre is effective when average road temperature is below 7-8°C. So when you observe that average temperature when you drive is above that, then you should think of changing to summer tyre. That's what I do
  11. Elderly Welfare Recipient Sanctioned for Gift

    Out of curiosity, hartz4 recepie ta has to surrender one's  bank access or bank reports the balance to the authority directly? 
  12. Well it depends from which company the insurance is. If its from EU company like adac, then  they will certainly deal directly with the bill. However if the company is a non EU company, then you need to check. May be they can pay the bill directly to. As you wrote you need to check. 
  13. Solar Panels or Solar Energy

    Problem with this calculation is that 600 wp can never charge the battery to full potential. Moreover balcony system is used by plugging into socket. For quicker return, one need to do it DIY. For 600w panel kit + installation, one can be done in under 1000 euro. With full diy, the total cost will be around 60%.   So payback cost will be around 1000/ 109 ~ 9 yrs or 600/ 109 ~5.5 yrs. With proper panel orientation the full DIY installed panel, the payback is within 4 yrs (based on production data from users from Photovoltaik forum) 
  14. Is this the correct way for employers to send holiday payouts?

     Put the tax class according to lohnsteuerbescheinigung. Since you are using online software do a little experiment. just fill up all the details and see what does the software predict the money you get back, just Don't submit. Then play with putting tax class 1 or others. 
  15. Is this the correct way for employers to send holiday payouts?

    It shouldn't matter in my opinion. I doubt your employer can fix the tax class issue.You need to change that with the finanzamt Directly or with the elster software online. I changed Recently my self through elster software and it worked. Perhaps your case might be different.      Good luck