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  1. deregistraion form - permanenter Auslandsumzug

    If i am correct it's a green colored page (Abmeldung) which states that you have deregisterd from the adress and moved your residence to a country  outside the Germany from/since certain date, something like  
  2. Check when the last Tüv was done. If its recent then good. If old, then insist of New TÜV.    Also you might have some contact detailsof seller and their friend. Just do a Google search for their name, phone, adress, etc for possible other activities they might involved upon which could hint of scam.    Good luck. 
  3. For job too the procedure is same. Instead of invitation letter, you need the work contract and the cover letter from the company. The rest procedure are same.    Good luck 
  4. Connectivity problem using smartphone with Homespot

    This could be the problem of poor internet at that time or the issue of verification website (if other Website worked at that time) 
  5. Connectivity problem using smartphone with Homespot

    First you need to determine how much actual speed you are getting. Try on Browser and tell how much it report. 
  6. Clarification on Der Bebauungsplan

    I think E1 = Einzel Haus with 1 Wohneinheit  E2 = Einzel Haus with 2 Wohneinheit  So if you go for E1, you can have just one full floor of maximum 0.38%  ie 235m2. If you go with E2, you can build two full floor, ground and first each having maximum of 0.38% area making combined area of 0.76%. The ll in the circle in first row of E2 tells how many full floor you can build. In E1 you can fuild one full floor. So with E2 you can build 2 dwelling unit.     
  7. Clarification on Der Bebauungsplan

  8. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    One can also buy it in Apotheke for 1.5€. That's what I did in Hamburg. 
  9. Vaccine Consultation, Is this a Scam?   From above, there are various parts of a imphung that doctor can charge and will be paid by (atleast TK) insurance.    Kosten für die ärztliche Impfleistung (Impfanamnese, Impfberatung, Verabreichung der Impfung und den Eintrag in den Impfausweis) und den Impfstoff   
  10. May be he might be eligible for Hartz4 with added benefit.   For Ausbildung, he might need to take help from Bafög. 
  11. Migration for a 36 year software architect from india

    I don't know that but I guess it's not much... He might have taken some course for a1 /a2 level, but that may not have played a significant role for his employment offer. As i said, he knew the company and worked for it as a client.        The best chance of landing the job will be the skill sets you have is in severely  short-supply here. If the company can find someone here in the local pool they will go for locals. The other option is the networking. If someone already working here in German company recommend you. This will work with big (or say international footprint) company as they will have experience in hiring from abroad.  Small & Medium size company will avoid hiring someone from abroad.   
  12. Legal way avoiding registration in Germany

    Perhaps you can simply find someone in your building to let include you in their GEZ Mitgleid number.