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  1. My 9kWp Photovoltaik Anlage

    Nearest country that works from Germany is The Netherlands
  2. Deutschland Ticket (588€)

    Just a wild guess. It will be more indirectly in terms of early service due to parts wear due to carrying those extra 14 tonnage of load(200*70 kg on average) 
  3. All things Tesla

    Has the chip shortage issues been solved? 
  4. Scammed Through eBay

    In case seller fails to provide you the desired product, you can get your money back from PayPal and your creditcard.through chargeback. But before doing this you should give time to seller to deliver the product. 
  5. Buying a home in Germany 2022

    Try all that you can find and go for that gives you better option for your situation. Online brokers (Dr Klein etc.) can give you advice online through screen sharing or you can visit the bank or brokers physical office personally. 
  6. Acting like scammers.   Hope some sense prevails. 
  7. Don't panic! Test of national catastrophe alarm

    Mine didn't rang 
  8. My natural gas rate doubled

    Might work for retired but not for working folks. 
  9. Perhaps it's time to change the provider. Other provider shows better rate in check24 comparison site 
  10. Can I use a UK sim card in a German phone?

    If your UK sim on UK dumb phone was working before (on German network) then it will work with German dumb phone too. 
  11. This works for me too. There is an option in AC to demist the windshield. Switching it on makes the ac to full blast the air through the vent towards windshield. Even cold air last removes the mist. Its loud but works. 
  12. Looks like lots of websites are effected. Even toytowngermany shows red. 
  13. I have old vented dryer and wondered if investing in new dryer worth it? A quick excel calculation told me that a 500 euro heat pump dryer will take about 10 years of regular  2.2 drying/ week to recover the purchase price with energy cost of 30ct. /kwh. So i decided against replacing unless the old breaks down. My assumption was newdryer will take 1/3 the energy compared to the old one. 
  14. Proper paper ticker on Flixbus?

    The self checkout feature in nearby edeka needs one to retain the paper bill after paying, as  the Barcode of the bill should be scanned to get out from the self checkout area.   
  15. My natural gas rate doubled

    I read it wrong. Its just an suggestion, not decided yet