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  1. Areas of Hamburg?

      Age of kids can have financial impact about where you live. For school going kids(6 yrs and more) , it will not matter where you live. However if your kids are in 3-6 years and you need to put them in kindergarten, then living in niedersachsen(Neu Wulmstorf, Buxtehude etc) will cost less than in hamburg. However sending younger kids ( 1 to 3 yrs) will be cheaper if one stays in hamburg. (I have no idea about childcare cost of schwelzwig holstein). 
  2. Buying a new car Need your advice

    Simply the car could be the pensioner car. They just use for occasional city driving. 
  3. Email from police - stolen PSN codes

    It's difficult to know which sites are legal or not, apart from original. Site. Even i see the regular penny/rewe offering 15% discount on playstore & itune cards legally from time to time. Physical Guthaben cards and codes from legal source definitely can avoid such email. 
  4. Car Accident with Fahrerflucht

    How much do you think will be the repair bill? If the other party happily pay it privately, then there is no problem. 
  5. Car Accident with Fahrerflucht

    How could they have got your number? 
  6. Tax returns for 2020 and tax free allowance

    Yes you can put the computer cost etc in your steuererklärung. But your work should reflect that you need these gadget for your work. 
  7. If it's a big car(suv), you can request a small one. However I doubt if they have it with automatic. If you decide to change driving school( will cost abt 150-200), make sure they have small automatic car. 
  8. order and delivery from Spain

    If you order anything from that is delivered by amazon(not private seller) , also stuff from outside EU, Amazon shows the possible extra taxes that it may cost and charges you upfront. Then they are responsible for duties etc. They will deal with the Zollamt.  Amazon states that in case the excise duty is higher than they charged, they will pay that and not passed to the customer. 
  9.   I suspect its an ssd drive, looks like a ram.    Oh, so you figured out... 
  10. And what is the reason? Unacceptable reason or no answer from other side?     
  11. Does house insurance cover lights?

    Electricians are the right people. However it's better to call and explain the situation about high ceiling and challenges (due to Altbau) they might get into if the hanging  hooks needs to be installed or they have to be creative to find a solution for hanging. 
  12. No Christmas greetings perhaps.. 
  13. Get an Unfall lawyer and Unfall gutachter. They will then happily pay the damage charge plus the cost of the lawyer and gutachter. (provided the other party is 100% responsible). What they need is strong worded letter from a lawyer firm. 
  14. Why not just get your Paket from dhl get delivered directly at a post Filiale? See the following link  how you can do that.
  15. Job with an own van

      Well you need to advertise your service. As far as I know (I believe even you know) such services are advertised locally through eBay-Kleinanzeige and Word of mouths.