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  1. Yes you need to find a fahrschule in duisburg that can help you in practical test. So you pass the theory test with driving school in Köln and then practical test in Duisburg with another school.
  2. Accident of auto in parking place

    Insurance company negotiates to keep the costs minimum. 
  3. Accident of auto in parking place

    Take a break for some time to calm yourself down. Consider the extra costs as a cost of learning experience. Try to be extra careful next time with the weather condition in mind. Good luck. 
  4. Buying a house without realtor

    They takes care of contract preparation, and informing the finanzamt and tax officials with the change. They oversee that all the process moves smoothly. They have a standard contract which they will modify it of some special terms need to be added. 
  5. Buy online Apple airpod

    Apple allows it's products(which are not in demand) such as airpod to be sold by third party vendor. Even Aldi put sold it end of last year.  But be assured that the product is original and brand new if it is sold by shop that is registered in Germany. If they sell the customer returned product, then they will mention it in the product listing. 
  6. Seems like you had a bad luck years ago. Our embassy asks for proper pre-posted Einschreiben envelop in additional to the application forms. So I send a good quality envelop.
  7. No idea about Italian embassy, but it's standard to send passport by post to embassy for renewal. In the covid time, embassies are not entertaining personal visit. 
  8. Am I getting overcharged for water utilities?

    Don't you have water meter in your apartment? You can check the consumption yourself. Also did the meter was read and noted when you moved in?? 
  9. Teenager neighbor's noise driving us nuts

    As you have written, just pray he gets a job or go to college soon. With poor sound insulation, there's only so much you can do.    Goodluck. 
  10. Money was returned before the obligated delivery date. So technically OP didn't suffered any loss. Only loss would be that OP has to buy laptop elsewhere and need to wait again for the delivery. 
  11. From China I order only product less than 10 euro, for which I can't find any European seller. Moreover before ordering I say to my self that the product may not arrive, however that never happened to me. I also prefer PayPal for security. 
  12. I would never order anything with so long waiting time, that too for a laptop. 
  13. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

    If you work 90% then you should get 90% of salary from the employer plus 60% of the lost salary from finanzamt. So in end you get more than 90%. When I was in 20%KUG, I received around 96% of my net, but worked 80% only. 
  14. Cancellation agreement

    Yes... Just follow the procedure. You never know when it can be handy. For example if the new job dries away due to some unpredictable reason, your documents will be in order. 
  15. @medk How old is the flooring? I mean was it newly laid when you first move in? From the picture it doesn't seemed to be damaged. It's just a normal wear and tear  due to poor quality material used in the first place. Just don't sign any thing and tell them that you will verify their claim with your expert. Follow what the mietverein suggest. In the worst case scenario, you will have to pay just a part of the repair costs as its already minimum 3years old.