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  1. It just means that the extra costs will be provided to kita for language teachers if in the group there are more than 40% non native kids.    Machine translated. Paragarap § 17 Additional specialist staff for the promotion of children of non-German language of origin in day care centers with an above-average proportion of these children If the proportion of children whose language of origin is not German is at least 40 per cent in a day care center (above-average proportion within the meaning of Section 11 Paragraph 2 No. 3 Letter b of the Child Day Promotion Act), we will support the targeted linguistic promotion of children, parental work and intercultural work Raising additional professionals. In these institutions, each child of non-German language of origin is assigned a staff allowance of 0.017 positions. Foreign children and immigrant children who were admitted before the year 2000/2001 are considered children of non-German language of origin.  
  2. Inkasso

    Perhaps Inkasso could have found your deatials linked to your husband name from somewhere. 
  3. Yes many do have, including myself. 
  4. First check here how much technically (support by line & distance of Junction box) the Speed is possible at your new address. You can only get the maximum speed  that the dsl infrastructure supports, irrespective of what your contract says.   If you have multiple Rooms, then try to hook up the dsl modem/router  in the telephone line in other Rooms and check if the Speed improves.   Good luck.  
  5. Minimum Apartment size for couples

     In my opinion its just about the money. Couple of years ago, a single family house was quoted to cost 250K to build(land cost extra). Just Including a Keller increased the cost by 50K. The end price of new build already being high, the builders try to keep the price affordable to first time owner by excluding the Keller. 
  6. Minimum Apartment size for couples

    Well if the spouse apply for family visa (from outside Germany) to join their partner in germany, several documents are needed. One of them is the rental contract, showing enough living space.  The law says,  Die Erteilung eines Aufenthaltstitels setzt – gerade auch beim Familiennachzug – ausreichenden Wohnraum voraus.  
  7. Strange, what's the room size written in the contract?   Anyway all the best in your endeavour. 
  8. Minimum Apartment size for couples

    Ausländerbehörde expects minimum 12m2 per person for approving spouse visa. So any 2 rooms apartment from 30m2 should be fine. The challenge would be what size apartments are availaible in your area and if it fits your budget. 
  9.     When you file the tax declaration. you are suppose to declare all your worlwide income. SO you need to declare your Hiwi/student income along with your full tme income. Based on your total income and the tax deductable income, it will be determined how much tax you should have paid in the year. So if you have two annual salary statement(student jobs & proper job) you will put both the statement in your tax filing.   Since you will have not worked full year on full salary(job with your blue card)), you can expect a decent amount of money back, including from student as well as full time work.
  10. Visa types determines if you are allowed to work or not. It donot determines the ammount of tax you pay.   Tax is determined by tax class,  Lohnsteuerklasse , which will be 1 if you are single and this is the first job. if you already have a salary slip, then you can look into highlighted area to see what tax class you are in.   Also the tax class is determined by your personal situation like single, maried, etc.
  11. For finanzamt (i think) this is irrelevant. What matters to them is how much you earned and if all the tax is paid or not.
  12. Yes, provided you file your claim next year and calculation proves that you paid excess tax. It won't be done automatically.    Well its for ausländerbehörde to check if your student visa allows you to work in your situation. 
  13.   Did you tried just visiting the appropriate police station and requesting a report? A quick Google search links to following site site. In the comment it says that it cost 25 euro(in 2018) and you need to personally request it( I guess they want to verify you before giving the report). 
  14. Do you have friends there, ask them for help. Ask your fellow colleagues for some help/tips. If I were you, I will just buy white paint and paint the wall. Look to YouTube for various painting tutorials.    Other alternative is search on eBay Kleinanzeige for someone who can paint it in short time.