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  1. It's in eu water so EU need to fix it.. I wonder will Russia keep pumping the gas if leaks are  not sealed? 
  2. Shouldn't matter. I know of Gemeinde in Niedersachsen supports for kita in hamburg. Sometimes simple stuff are quite broken in Germany and one have to live through it. 
  3. Good for you. Did the unit price changed? 
  4.   Theres pro and con of everything and so is with this decision. 
  5. Own gas contract while renting?

    They told you the price of a 12.month contract. Generally you don't need to do anything to sign for basic ( grundversorger) tariff. The basic tariff is quite flexible and price can also change from time to time.    Hopefully you can find another modern  place where prices are inclusive in rent. 
  6. Own gas contract while renting?

      I would suggest you to check the gas cost on check 24 website / app.  It will show the cost if you take a gas contract as well if you take the default provider. Currently default provider are quite. cheap compared to contract. The price of 300-400 / months most probably is based for a contract. For default gas / electricity, you don't have to sign anything.    In my view your landlord might be correct. 
  7. Feeling under threat at work

    I don't know your personal situation and your expertise. However currently it's an worker market as their is shortage of workforce in nearly all the sector. Perhaps you can look for another job and get the needed 20%+  raise by, changing the job. 
  8. Handling the aftermath of a car accident

    Police will have interviewed both party seperately and noted the event. In end they must have given you the case number. To me they wrote the number on the back of their business card. This is sufficient for lawyers to get the report. You will not get the report directly. Only insurance and lawyers can access it. 
  9. Handling the aftermath of a car accident

    Best would be to contact kfz unfall gutachter  that would detail the damage and estimate the case of cost of fixing the car and the case of write off. Let this be handled by a law firm. If the other party is 100 % responsible ( police report), the cost of lawyer and gutachter together with the car worth will be paid by the insurance.     I got the above experience when I was hit by another car similar to yours. The gutacter calculated the fixing cost greater than the car worth before accident implying the car to be write off. The money was paid through the lawyer without any problem. 
  10. tire assembly service and cost in germany.

    Go to atu website, select RadWechsel, then give postcode to select nearest workshop followed by  selection of reifenmontage. It will show the price.. Should cost around 100 including balancing for 4 wheels. 
  11. DHL card never arrived - what to do?

    Sometimes qr code is hidden in last emailfrom the dhl. Nonetheless visit the abholstation(if its manaully manned like Deutsche Post) with your  ausweis and get your packet. No need of  qr code. Yor name and adress in ausweis match the one the packet.  
  12. My dilemma is should one invest in this new connection (higher monthly fee for 2 years) even though the other two legacy connectivity offers similar speed. For example a cable of 1000 mbps costs 40/month. A glass fiber of 250 mbps will cost about 60-70/ months. So is this extra about 720 in two years good investment for a third type of connectivity for future proof? 
  13. A question for the collective. If a place already has a capacity of dsl line of 250 mbps as well as 1000 mbps cable connectivity, should one be tempted to install the 1000 mbps glass fibre connectivity? The cost of fiber infrastructure installation will be free if one takes two years telecom contract. Any opinion?