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  1. Hello all.   I live in the UK and am planning a trip to the Aachen region for work during September. I've been double vaccinated by the NHS in England with Pfizer-Biontech and was pleased to see at the start of the month that the Corona-Warn app I downloaded appeared to accept my NHS app vaccine QR code as valid. I've updated the Corona-Warn app and now it says that it is invalid!    I understand that when I arrive at Düsseldorf airport, the German border will accept my NHS vaccine certificate (App or paper) as proof of vaccination for entry to Germany but I'm more concerned about being able to access hotels / restaurants etc if only Corona-Warn or an EU app is acceptable.   Does anyone have any experience of this? And what are my alternatives to be able to be free to eat out / stay in hotels during my stay? Regular rapid tests? Are these easily accessible, how much do they cost and how long are negative results valid for?   Thanks very much in advance for your help.