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  1. Transnational family in a pandemic world :-(

    Thank you, FrauFruit.  I had the same reaction. I've been having a very difficult time.  Like many here, my 87 year old mom is back in the US.  She doesn't have dementia, but does have some kind of cognitive disorder.  Her brain is all mixed up, but at least she knows me.  She's had a stroke or two, but mostly recovered physically.  We suspect a lot of TIAs that have caused even more brain problems, though.  She had a pacemaker put in in the last year.  My sister says she is kind of diminishing.  We are starting to talk about funeral plans for probably this summer.  I desperately want to see her.  I usually get back once/year, but not this time.  My sister and I are very close.  Husband works 11 hour days so everyone else can work at home.  This whole thing is crushing me.   I know this pandemic is serious, but I also think we are killing flies with hammers.  
  2. Driving test learning materials in English

    For those who are looking for a fairly easy way to get their license here, here's my story. I'm from Florida.  I only needed the theory test, not the road test.  I'm glad I had to take the theory test because things are just enough different that I learned a few things.  I got a copy of the book, which was a nightmare.  There are so many people in this country with excellent English skills.  I have no idea who translated this book, but it was completely awful. I really didn't understand much of it.  My wonderful German husband found an app that I used.  It had every single question that could possibly be on the test.  All 1000+.  I used that to study.  The translation there wasn't a whole lot better, but it also had the questions in German and what I didn't understand, my husband could help.  The app was "Fahrschulcard."  I went through each section until I knew everything in it.  Then I went on to the next section.  After completing a section, I went back and reviewed the previous sections.  I was memorizing the answers but also learning the German rules of the road.  When I finished all 1000+ questions (I ate, drank, and slept that darn thing) I took practice test after practice test on the app.  When I passed enough tests, then I made my appointment for the test.  I passed.  I missed only one question which was about towing a trailer and weights.  I could never get those right.  They guy said everyone missed that one.  The tricky part of the test is that some of the questions have more than one right answer and you have to get them all to get it right.  No partial credit.   I had to register through a driving school, I think.  Maybe.  My wonderful husband dealt with the bureaucratic side of things for me.   But don't even bother with the book.  Use the app.  You can learn it all through that.