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  1. Another idea to build comprehension is books in English accompanied by the audiobook, or reading the book together, with you reading aloud.  With these, her job would be to listen and simply read along silently, or just listen.  There are online English instruction companies that are pretty good (I work for one), but they tend to be based in China, so that's probably not an option.  I would be happy to help out but I live too far away.  I've been wanting to do a "Fun with English" and "Intro to English" sort of thing in local Kindergartens and Horts.  I just need to get it all together and while I good at teaching English and a professional storyteller (and a former school counselor, for that matter), I'm a rotten business/marketing person. But, listening to audio books is an option, as well as reading aloud and talking about the book for a short time after in English would be a way to speak English in a designated place and time. Susan
  2. I get it.  Overall, I like living here, but sometimes I just get so tired of all the Germanity.  I didn' come over here until I was almost 50, so language learning has been a nightmare and I wasn't planning on staying very long, bu then I met the love of my life (who is that rarity, a German who get my humor, bless his heart), so here I am.  I like my town.  Mostly, I am content.  But sometimes... And as a white woman who looks like a typical German (except for how I usually dress), I've had other people make comments to me on the bus and other places about "Ausländer" when they see POC.  I tell them that I am also foreign and you should see them back up and tell me that, oh, but my German is so good (it isn't) and on and on.  I have friends who are POC and have excellent German and they get the looks and the muttered comments.  I got a comment and glares when I walked with a middle eastern man to a train because I was helping him find his way in the Munich HBF.   I worked in urban schools in the US and loved my students to pieces and had good relationships with the families and became very sensitive to what is and (what isn't) racism.  I believe you, Renemp.  And I understand that sometimes you just need a safe place to vent and blow off the steam.  I hope you can find a group of people to hang with and be comfortable with, maybe a gorup of young Americans.  Normally I don't recommend that, but maybe it would be helpful in this case.