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  1. 25 minutes ago, Techsmex said:

    When it comes to Idiots, TT has more than it's fair share.  -Techsmex


    Those who find offense to this are the troll moths who gravitate to the message..




    Not offensive at all. The meltdown next week (it could take a few days or weeks due to ballot fraud. See project Veritas ) will be so special. He won't do a Reagan in 1984, but this is only due to the exceptionally one sided TDS media, but he will pick up a lot more votes.


    He has been such a good President.  It is ashamed how badly he has been treated.




  2. Yes the guy getting rid of red tape is definitely a dictator. Incredible.  The people who will usher in the next dictator will cheer him on welcome him in and not even realise what has happened even after landing in jail. The useful idiots are the first to go.


  3. 6 hours ago, cb6dba said:

    Some people are getting far too worked up about the election.
    Why don't we all just calm down and watch a nice movie.. The Mummy trilogy is quite good, maybe even some TV, Doom patrol has a few seasons out..



    you're the one who has been saying "racist sexist misogynist Russian collusion" for 4.5yrs.


    This is funnier than any comedy 


  4. Turn your camera off if you are on a zoom call and get a bit randy.


    Poor Toobin you've just been Deboonked.


    One less person with Trump Derangement syndrome working at CNN.



  5. Well if all this is just lies and conspiracy theory then why is there NOTHING about it on literally all MSM? Normally if Trump spells something wrong it is global headlines 24/7. Now the BIGGEST scandal probably in US history for someone running for president and you hear nothing from CNN except "Debooonked". 


    This is so much fun. Trump has been the good guy all along.  Why did literally everyone love him until 2015 then hate hate hate. They spied on him they tore his life apart they lied day inand day out for 4years and all they got is that someone on his campaign did a dodgy deal 15yrs ago in the Ukraine and that he doesn't spell check. 


    Say it one more time for me? "Deboonked".




  6. 16 minutes ago, racerken said:

    Is anyone with a US citizenship considering abandoning it?  I voted via mail but I'm not so certain my navigational correction will stir change there.  Maybe I've been stuck here too long but things there seem messed up. 


    Don´t worry. Trump has this in the bag. Things will continue to get better for the average Joe ( LOL pun ). Some coastal elites seem to hate the idea.


  7. On 8/14/2020, 1:41:31, dessa_dangerous said:

     I'm really scared Trump is going to be re-elected. 


    Really scared that you will find out that it has been the Democrats all along that have been colluding with every dictator and his dog all along?


  8. 14 minutes ago, fraufruit said:

    Why couldn't your parents come to your place and see your kids? How could she stop that exactly? How could she prevent you from being close to your son? It just doesn't make sense.


    If you don't try everything possible to stay connected with your kids, I'm afraid that you will regret it one day and it will haunt you. The courts have seen everything - they know what a manipulator looks like. Just because you heard something (probably from her) doesn't make it true.


    Some women are craaaaaazeeee. 


  9. So what if we find out Obama et al really were cheating and go to jail. If I come back to laugh will you still be posting about Trump's tax return?


    If you are right then you should be extremely happy about Trump declassifying all the papers. You've got him fair and square this time.


    Just around the corner this time. 


    Rachel Maddow must be on cloud nine, this time.




  10. Trump is going to declassify, non redacted, everything to do with Russia gate and Hillary´s emails. I cannot find a single thing of WAPO, CNN, or even BBC. I cannot believe it. You finally have it. Trump is digging his own grave declassifying all these documents that will prove that he is a Russian asset, I thought the MSM would be thrilled to report this.


    Maybe this is the boom that J2 used to talk about.


  11. So it is coming down to the wire. 99% of the MSM has been telling everyone that Orange man is bad and racist and sexist and this and that for 5 years.


    But is he? Who do you actually think will win? Not who do you want to win.


    Considering all the privileged people on here are not affected by "Trumps horrible policies" what if a statistically large amount of "minorities and POC" swing towards Trump? Will you be racist and say they are stupid for doing it or will you think that maybe orange man isn't so bad?

    Or is it all lies that Biden has dementia and he is going to rip Trump a new one in the debates?


    Are all the riots in Democrat run cities (which they without exception are) all Trump's fault?


    Will the Democrats even accept the result? Will Democrat cities burn in November?


    What results do you predict and what results would make you, as an observer from an ivory tower) make you adjust your view?







  12. "Just to assuage you Stalins Russia was just as bad."

    We are all very happy you added that disclaimer.


    More people starved to death in only the Ukraine during the Holodomor than were gassed, but they had the good intention of equality of outcome so it and the 250 000 000 other deaths at the hands of equality of outcome get a pass.


    There are literally a handfull of people with national socialist beliefs, it's finished, it's done, there no chance it's coming back for many many decades. But in US academia over 20% of humanities professors claim to be Marxists. This is the scariest thing you will hear all year.




  13. 3 seconds of video. Wow. I guess he must have been an innocent bystander whilst the federal property all around him was being "Molotoved".


    I am sure he did nothing wrong. 


    There are a few reason that there are literally no riots in Republican run cities.


    - The police and Mayor / Governor don't let it happen and cracked down on it and don't support thugs.

    - Antifa and all these idiots are generally only in Democrat strongholds because insane incompetence breeds these idiots. 


    The latest Rasmussen poll has 43% of African Americans voting for "Orange Hitler". Imagine this is only half true. That's the end of the Democrats. I think African Americans are simply sick of being told it is all rich white people's fault and hate the fact that Demcrat politicians use far less words with them, essentially treating them like inferiors. 


    It would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad. If the mail in voter fraud the Democrats are vying for doesn't work I can only imagine what the Antifa Democrat 1984 Orwellian types will do next?


    But yeah cool 3 second video bro.