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  1. Trash not covered, danger for pets

    Hi Kiil, thanks for your reply.  My neighbors own the property on which the bio bin sits.  That property borders with mine and also with the community parcel that is being soiled.  I have since taken the high road and am avoiding the the place in question and keeping my dog on the leash when I indeed have to cross it.  My neighbors are putting the lid on, most of the time, so to avoid conflict, halte ich den Ball flach.  If the situation does get worse, then I might escalate.  Well see how it goes.  Again, thanks for you reply.
  2. Trash not covered, danger for pets

    A neighbor has a compost container that they don't properly cover.  As they often put non-biodegradable items in it (plastic Wurst wrappers, baking sheets, bones, etc), let it overflow, and don't cover it properly, the waste gets scattered by wind and wild animals about the field and orchard next to the houses.  Our dog, a golden retriever, has often helped herself to the odd bit before we can act to stop and as such is in danger of getting a hold of something dangerous, like the recent cooked chicken bone she was choking on.  I have spoken to the folks and they were nice enough and agreed that they would cover better, but sadly things haven't truly changed much.  We live at the edge of this is a tiny rural village (Baden-Wütt.) and cross a piece of community property out back of the house to go for our dog walks where also the neighbors property borders and of course the said bio container pollutes the countryside.   We are at a loss on how to approach this (getting them to clean up their act and the environment).  I am going to call the Gemeinde, but before this explodes I was hoping to hear some advice about how to maybe most successfully proceed. Thanks in advance.