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  1. Do German dishwashers actually work?

    I have a small collection of Franconian wine glasses, beer glasses with emblems on them.  Those emblems usually fade in the dishwasher so I try to avoid it.  All others go in. ;-)  
  2. Do German dishwashers actually work?

    My experience has also been fairly good.  I don't rinse off before putting them in.  I also don't put wood (cutting boards, wood handle knives, etc) or "pretty" glasses in.  Nor do I put my cast iron stuff in, but that is, of course, understood. ;-)  I also cringe and shake my head at the odd character (i.e. ex family) that pre-rinse.  
  3. Database recommendation

    OK, so looking for something like an ERP?
  4. Database recommendation

    Off the top of my head the more well known "free" RDMS: MySQL (open source) PostgreSQL (open source) DB2 (free to use AFAIK) ... uno momento ... Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relational_database_management_system   For the record, are you looking for the full package (User Application + RDBMS + Schema) or just a DB? 
  5. Naaah, well just get 'em all a playing some kinda instrument, even if its only an Arschgeige, and start a band! Hmm, gotta have a name.  How about "Sounds of Revenge"?  Or "Pensioneer Power"?  Or "Retire This DE!"?  Other suggestions?   (no insult intended sir, this is just trying to find some humor in a shitty situation)
  6. I agree.  However, assuming volume without quality is the main factor in getting satisfying revenge, getting sufficient power together to be effective without help is often a long process.  To expedite obtaining a semi-"Tower of Power" volume level, I would suggest at least a basic beginner's lesson.
  7. I give trumpet lessons. PM for details ;-)
  8.   I don't believe that that was necessary. Your local Gesundheitsamt should offer HIV testing for free and anonymously. https://www.gesundheitsamt-bw.de/lga/DE/Themen/Praevention/Aids-STI/Seiten/Tests.aspx  
  9. The link worked for me.  Cool idea, too bad I don't have little kids any more, or live in Berlin.  
  10. How can I color this?

    Damn.  Been here too long - couldn't think of the word dye ... grrr.
  11. How can I color this?

    In that case ... Perhaps a stain? https://dict.leo.org/englisch-deutsch/stain Definitely not a lacquer/varnish.  I am also not sure how well a grey plastic will take color. Use caution.
  12. Pleeeze help me - I have some question for the clever forum people

    Yeah, this one is just plain strange.  If she had asked what type of paint she could best use, then perhaps ... But the color?  One the other hand painting fuzzy plastic is just inane to begin with, IMHO.
  13. That does change the picture some.  The more information (not dirty laundry) the better a response can be. Your sons are also US citizens.  It is just a formality of getting their birth certificates (before they are 18) and their passports, when it becomes necessary.  Your daughters are also German citizens and that is also just a formality as far as I know.   Tech support (computer?), printing operator - sounds promising.  I again second BayrischDude - get a CV together with a the help of a native speaker and get that out the door.  You might be surprised.  Techy stuff in Germany is fairly open for "furners"   Do you think you wife is going to to opt for another stay in the states?  I would assume not ... Leon G beat me to the bullet and said all that I had to say.  
  14. Good morning Nelson G.,   as a US father of three who had to separate and divorce several years ago and who had to "go to alone" in DE so to speak, I believe to have an inkling of what you are dealing with.  Toxic is well known as well.  I am not well versed in the social services, other than the several interactions with the Jugendamt and the initial Arbeitserlaubnis that I needed back in the eighties.  I therefore have to differ to others for anything further.  I will go so far as to say that, as I understand and have experienced it, child support comes first, in particular after a change in German law that came about in the late 2000's.  Alimony should be calculated from what is left over after child support is calculated after the minimum you need personally to "survive" has been subtracted.  The Jugendamt can give you that calculation and will do so for free. I have not done any "research", but reading the above gives a somewhat worrisome picture.  You are alone (no local support network), your German language knowledge is most probably limited, as is your English (in the above).  You don't not have a regular job and the prospect of finding work in DE seems so daunting to you such that you felt you had to go back to the states to find work.  You have been here in DE for over ten years(?).  This all implies that you are having problems acclimating to Germany.  Seeing that your wife is obviously not interested in going to the states and your children cannot, being German citizens, be forced to go to the US with you (at least not without extensive legal proceedings), you are either going to have to acclimate to Germany _fast_ in order to be the father you would like to be, or you will have head back to the states and be forced to pay child support from there and not be a father other than on paper.  That is a choice, your choice.  Make it. The second choice (retreating to the states) is the easy one.  You will probably find work.  If you voluntarily pay child support and alimony, then you might saved from having the state department from breathing down your back through the local state social services.  If you don't voluntarily pay then the authorities will eventually find you and dock your pay.  Your wife will in any case most probably assume sole custody of your children and move on without you.  Your access to your children will be limited at best and only time will tell if they choose to reach out to get to know their biological father. The first choice (staying and embracing DE) is a bit more difficult, but quite rewarding.  If you play your cards right you can be the father you wish to be, perhaps save your marriage and maybe even find some form of happiness or contentment here in DE.  But, you WILL have to learn German, written and verbal.  Most need about 2 years to get fully fluent and they are usually immersed.  In order to get to up speed for a job in construction (which I did, Hilfsarbeiter Zimmerei), I only needed a few weeks though I had already taken several courses.  Don't ask me what level that was - it was twenty+ years ago.  It is daunting, but it is a hill that so many have climbed already, so ... I would say the important part is coming to terms with the fact that you have a choice to make.  Choosing to be with your children or not.  Choosing to be with you children means embracing something that you have apparently been very reluctant to embrace until now.  I believe everything else will fall into place once you have done that.   I second BayrischDude's stance that finding an apartment is indeed possible and would help on many levels.  
  15. Need help on how to handle [minor] car dispute

    Thanks @franklan.  That was a very informative post.  I'll keep a copy for future reference.