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  1. Consumer Protection or Fraud complaint agency?

    My partner received 2 letters from a collection agency supposedly representing a software company, second one was a Strafanzeige. My partner and I have never had any dealings with this company. We are supposedly to have registered for software support for Open Office (a free program). I researched this software company and their address is the same as the alleged collection agency. It is my understanding that only a court can issue a Strafanzeige. And this collection agency address, being the same as the software company, that was another 'red flag'. I did contact a person knowledgeable about business within Germany and his advice was: this was most likely a scam and to report this company to the authorities. I would like to do this however, to whom should I make this report? I live in Heidelberg and this company is in another state. Is there a Consumer Protection Agency or Frauds Agency at the federal level to which I might make this complaint? Should I notify at the state level and then, which state? The one my partner and I live in? The state of the collection agency? By the way, in my research, I found many others of which had similar complaints and were told to ignore these letters.