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  1. I’m in my 30s and in Berlin and got my letter a couple of weeks ago (first available slot was mid-June). People in this age group are invited under certain medical conditions. The other way which is common for this age group is if you are nominated by a pregnant woman. They can nominate two people to be vaccinated as they are not permitted to have it in Germany.
  2. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    I have received my code, but the earliest non-AZ date is in June. So even if you receive an invitation, it will be a while before you can get it.    
  3. starting UG "nach Musterprotokoll"

    1. A Musterprotokoll simply means using a standard template agreement to keep lawyer fees down. Directors and people running a company are not automatically the same as the owners. 2. If you are working for your UG then yes you should have a work contract. It is not assumed that you as an owner will be working there. If you want to be paid for working there, yes you need a work contract. You can’t just take earnings out of the company to pay for your living expenses (that goes for the directors too, you have a specific Geschäftsführervertrag to regulate that).   However, I would recommend that if you’re both going to be working on it, you would both be registered as directors. Otherwise one of you will simply be a normal employee which you may want to avoid. Either way, it sounds like you should speak to a lawyer about the regulations of business ownership in Germany, because I don’t think you understand the implications.
  4. Reverse Charge Supply VAT and Brexit

    That’s correct.
  5. Reverse Charge Supply VAT and Brexit

    You don’t need to charge VAT anymore. It isn’t necessary to provide anything, but If they are the same clients then their locations have already been verified in order to use reverse charge anyway. Many invoicing software Programmes (such as Lexware) automatically updated their systems so that VAT isn’t charged for British clients. I’ve been helping a lot of companies with brexit as part of my business. :)
  6. Why are you unhappy today?

    My cat died very unexpectedly:(
  7. Best EU countries for taxes for freelancers

    Potentially yes, I pointed it out because conflating the two is likely to lead to problems down the line - if he is aware of that then great  I run a business helping companies expand into new countries and see business owners make these mistakes all the time, so just wanted to highlight it.   kapil you may want want to think about whether ‘lowest tax’ is really the right question to be asking. As you’re talking about businesses that are location independent, you need to consider your business strategy and pricing in relation to where you will be living. If you are consulting companies all over the EU, the price you will need to charge in order to cover your living costs is going to be very different in Switzerland compared to Portugal. If the amount of money you will make is not dependent on where you are living, you should also consider the quality of life you will be able to afford in each place when your revenues come in.
  8. Best EU countries for taxes for freelancers

    You start by asking about taxes for freelancers and then ask about setting up a company. They are two very different things with different regulations, running costs and tax rates.
  9. Reverse Charge Supply VAT and Brexit

    No, you would not charge any VAT at all. He would be providing services to non-EU businesses, which means no VAT.
  10. Reverse Charge Supply VAT and Brexit

    The UK leaves the VAT scheme in December, so after that they need to be treated as non-EU.
  11. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    Because the suit is essentially a onesie, it  has a sticky strip to seal it so to pee I’d have to completely remove it which would defeat the point of wearing it. Getting to England without peeing will be fine, it’s just the journey on the other end that I have to plan for. I’ll be completely fine, it’s a 90 minute flight so it’s not like I would usually drink on it anyway.