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  1. What's got you flummoxed today?

    They are personal injury lawyers...enough said.
  2. Illegal Subrenting

    I use it, as do my family and friends in the East Midlands :)
  3. Anmeldung appointment hog-tied

    A close friend moved into his new Berlin apartment at the end of February. He’s still trying to get an appointment.
  4. Freelancing- Should I or na

    There are generally ~22 working days per month, but given this appears to be only for one month, I made the assumption of 64 hours. Looking at yearly figures is irrelevant on such a short term contract, but yes, it may possibly be even less than the 6.25 amount.
  5. Freelancing- Should I or na

    I can’t help with the bureaucracy side, but for this project you would be earning 6.25 an hour. That’s before any taxes or other expenses are taken out. Do you really want to do that?
  6. Freelancers are not the difficult side of the marketplace to attract. Those are easy because as you said, they need more work to do.  The difficulty comes in finding the businesses to post there, and what you will offer them beyond the many many competitors in this space. Why would people go to you instead?   There are many competitors from general ones to ones for specific tasks, trades, skill sets etc.  I think before you go any further you need to do a real competitor analysis (given you weren’t aware of MyHammer which is a typical example of this business model for tradesmen, there are many others for designers, consultants, other professionals etc) and work out where you would fit and what your value proposition is.
  7. Just an update to say that they have approved my request so hopefully the money will arrive next week
  8. I got an email today saying that I had been randomly selected for extra screening. I got an email at 4pm today and they want me to send everything by tomorrow if possible. At least I finally got some kind of response!
  9. Financial compensation of remaining vacation days

    But they just said the holiday is not from 2019?
  10. Good luck!   I still haven’t heard anything either, although my situation is not yet as dire as your own.
  11. Berlin restaurants reopen

    I walked past a few restaurants yesterday and they were packed, not distanced, and queues outside with people waiting to get in (also not distancing and not wearing masks). I’m definitely not going anytime soon.
  12.   Erm...did you mean one of those statistics the other way around? If there are more women than men, then it would be possible for every man to be in a relationship and for women to be left over.
  13. I'm a woman in my 30s based in Berlin.  I can tell you now that there are a lot of single women (the ones I know are almost all expats) who would love to find a partner and have a relationship. They often talk about how Berlin sucks to find someone as people are focused more on hookups - I saw the same phenomenon myself.   However, you come across as really desperate, and everything you do seems to be around finding a girlfriend. Women can spot that a mile away and it's not attractive.  You have received some good advice above.   I would also question your description of women being 'emotionally unavailable' because they may be less likely to turn up to things. I don't know whether that's true, but even if it is, that doesn't make them emotionally unavailable.
  14. I applied and haven’t got the money yet either.
  15. "Please call me by my first name"

    Just to clarify, I really like that in German it’s just Frau, as marital status really is irrelevant.  But in England I will always be Miss (assuming I don’t marry), as in rural Lincs Ms always meant divorced, regardless of the original intention of it.   Edit: I realised that’s a lie. In a couple of years I will be Dr, and then it really doesn’t matter at all.