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  1. That certainly is a lot! I can't help with a lot of specifics, but I can tell you that if you go down to the Finanzamt in person and explain what happened, they are usually very friendly and willing to help. I went with a load of issues when I got myself all in a tangle and they were incredibly helpful. As it is now a different tax year to the one the issues are about, I'm not sure if it will work the same way, but they are great with people who proactively go to them for help.   Regarding the Class VI, you will have to claim that back in your tax return.
  2. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    I hit the 8 years in January next year. I went last April to ask them about the process and they said it was fine to submit but that it couldn't be approved until I hit the 8 years. I've submitted and now it's a waiting game.
  3. Why are you unhappy today?

    So I basically had a major panic and couldn't speak. The words that came out were not the right words, let alone in the correct order or with the right declinations. I did a C1 course FFS, but I was in too much of a panic to simply answer 2 questions that they asked me.
  4. Yes, it has to be booked in person at the VHS office. Take your passport and a photo with you.
  5. Why are you happy today?

    No appropriate certificate unfortunately.
  6. Why are you happy today?

    I’m really nervous. I have my citizenship language test today which is the final piece of the puzzle. It should be easy (I took C1 in 2013) but I have barely used German since then and so my grammar is terrible but I haven’t really practiced. I’m putting this in the happy thread partially in lieu of any suitable thread and also trying to be optimistic!
  7. No, the Kontist account gives a free virtual card to use online. If you want a physical card then it’s 29e per year, or free if you spend at least 3k per year on it.yes there is the fee for foreign currencies, but the question (for all accounts) is how much you really need this? And do you plan to often withdraw cash from a business account?   i have N26 but as a personal account so I can’t have a business one, and am considering setting up a transfer wise account for the currencies feature. Either that or revolut which offers the same thing.
  8. I'd recommend Kontist. I joined them recently and am having a great experience.  One big bonus with them is that the separate out tax and VAT (if applicable) payments automatically so you know how much you have in your account that its safe to spend.  Their bank account is specifically aimed at freelancers.
  9.   I spent a couple of weeks tearing the place apart looking for it - I went through every single piece of paper in this house.  Turns out my ex took it when he moved out a few years ago. Now the question is whether I'm senile for not remembering or simply for not ensuring there was a second copy! 
  10. Jamal Khashogghi

    FFS. This is a really interesting news story and you guys are having a pissing contest. Can you just quit it?
  11. Because of Brexit, current waiting times are longer than usual.   In Friedrichshain I had to wait 3 months for an appointment, then my case worker was sick that day and I had to wait another 4 months for her next available appointment. I doubt Pankow is all that different.
  12. Implications of Abfindung on ALG1

    Hey guys,   I will receive an Abfindung from a former employer after taking them to the Arbeitsgericht. I am already receiving ALG1 and trying to understand how much of it will be taken by the Arbeitsamt/Finanzamt.   I understand that 60% will go to the Arbeitsamt (I'm under 40 and was working for that company for less than 5 years), but how is this calculated given I am already in receipt of ALG1? Will it simply result in a Sperrzeit to calculate the money against? I know of the 5th Rule regarding taxation of the Abfindung, but will this be done myself during my usual tax return, meaning I will receive a brutto amount, or will the employer make relevant deductions beforehand?   I was happy this was all over but in calculating it is no less stressful  Tbh given what I'll lose to the Arbeitsamt and Finanzamt, it probably wasn't even worth it at all.
  13. landlord taking ages to provide water+heating bill

    While it's irritating, it isn't really in your interest to push them. As Leon said, they cannot backcharge you if you don't receive it within the next calendar year (unless they can show they didn't receive the info from the provider,but that's pretty unlikely).   This means they cannot charge you for 2016, and if they don't hurry up, they cannot charge you for 2017 either.  However, although they cannot charge you, if you paid too much compared to what you used and you have a credit, you are still entitled to claim back the money owed to you, even if it outside the next calendar year.
  14. I'm currently hunting everywhere for my Mietvertrag. It has it's own home in its own special folder and it's not there. Currently waiting for the senility to end so I can remember where I put the damn thing.
  15. Starting afresh in Berliner Umland

    Moving here won't really be all that different for the OP under a Brexit scenario as he has children by a German mother.