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  1. Kaufland at the storkower str sbahn station has not yet been out of stock when I’ve been there. Worth a go!
  2. Bought a cat

    Did it not occur to you to look at the costs of cat ownership before buying a cat? It’s not like it just turned up at your doorstep and you decided to keep it.
  3. The sick bay - at home due to corona or other illness

    I have a long term cough that I’ve had 7 or 8 years, so definitely not corona. People are running away from me in fear.
  4. Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung Price

    I’ve never had to pay for one either. Given apparently the owner is moving back in and you aren’t leaving of your own volition, it would be in their interest to give you one.   Also, good luck finding somewhere in Berlin in 3 weeks.
  5. Why are you unhappy today?

    Boyfriend and I split up last night/this morning. It’s my birthday tomorrow.
  6. No, you can’t.   i can’t remember the exact law, but I also tried when I first moved here and there are a number of threads on the topic.
  7. Why are you happy today?

    Thanks all   I've been working my ass off so I think it's time things took a turn for the better! Next year is going to be incredibly hard but so rewarding.  I'm researching part time while continuing to build my business (I'm researching the academic side of what I do professionally, which is helping companies launch into other countries) so it's going to be busy but fun.
  8. Why are you happy today?

    I applied for a PhD a couple of weeks ago, and I got in! I start in January and I'm so excited!
  9. ALG1 entitlement period & starting a small business

    I was refused support because they said I was too qualified and would be able to find a job. If they think you will be able to find a job, they may very strongly discourage it. My case worker said she would accept my application, because she has to, but it would not be supported.   instead, as my business is consulting based, she encouraged me to simple Abmeldung from ALG1 every time I had a client. If the project lasts less than 8 weeks, the ALG1 automatically starts up again.  
  10. Buying a laptop and other goods as a company

    Searching for answers isn't business proficiency, it's common sense. (As it happens, I wouldn't gawk at the screen when asked that, neither would most sensible people.)   I answered one of your questions, I told you where to get answers to the rest. If you're too cheap to pay for help then you can't expect others to do your searching for you. You are perfectly capable of searching by either method I gave you and finding the answers.  But given you are apparently that lazy, here is a relevant link: https://lmgtfy.com/
  11. Why are you happy today?

    In one week, two of my clients paid their outstanding invoices, I received the rebate on my Nebenkosten, and my rather large tax refund came through. I'm feeling very rich!!
  12. Buying a laptop and other goods as a company

    If you already have a Steuerberater, ask them these questions.  Well unfortunately those several stem degrees haven't taught you how to use google. These questions are very basic and the answers are readily available in English on google, and also multiple times on this site. There is a search bar on the top right of every page.  
  13. Buying a laptop and other goods as a company

    Get a Steuerberater fast. Unfortunately you are lacking even very basic financial knowledge.  You might also want to try a ‘Finance for dummies’ book or an online course in basic finance.   I’m sorry if that comes across as harsh, but you need financial literacy to be able to run a successful business.   Laptops and anything else you need for your business are tax deductible. However, if your laptop is expensive, you may have to split the deduction over a few years.
  14. About the employment situation in the city

    I’d be fine with 12-15 people in a room, to be honest I wouldn’t call that open plan, rather a team room. Startups these days have open plan offices with 50+ people in a room, often more if the space allows, and it is incredibly stressful.
  15. American Humanities Major Seeking Job in Germany

    Right now you can only work the 20hours a week correct? From when are you looking for a full time job?