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  1. Buying a laptop and other goods as a company

    Searching for answers isn't business proficiency, it's common sense. (As it happens, I wouldn't gawk at the screen when asked that, neither would most sensible people.)   I answered one of your questions, I told you where to get answers to the rest. If you're too cheap to pay for help then you can't expect others to do your searching for you. You are perfectly capable of searching by either method I gave you and finding the answers.  But given you are apparently that lazy, here is a relevant link: https://lmgtfy.com/
  2. Why are you happy today?

    In one week, two of my clients paid their outstanding invoices, I received the rebate on my Nebenkosten, and my rather large tax refund came through. I'm feeling very rich!!
  3. Buying a laptop and other goods as a company

    If you already have a Steuerberater, ask them these questions.  Well unfortunately those several stem degrees haven't taught you how to use google. These questions are very basic and the answers are readily available in English on google, and also multiple times on this site. There is a search bar on the top right of every page.  
  4. Buying a laptop and other goods as a company

    Get a Steuerberater fast. Unfortunately you are lacking even very basic financial knowledge.  You might also want to try a ‘Finance for dummies’ book or an online course in basic finance.   I’m sorry if that comes across as harsh, but you need financial literacy to be able to run a successful business.   Laptops and anything else you need for your business are tax deductible. However, if your laptop is expensive, you may have to split the deduction over a few years.
  5. About the employment situation in the city

    I’d be fine with 12-15 people in a room, to be honest I wouldn’t call that open plan, rather a team room. Startups these days have open plan offices with 50+ people in a room, often more if the space allows, and it is incredibly stressful.
  6. American Humanities Major Seeking Job in Germany

    Right now you can only work the 20hours a week correct? From when are you looking for a full time job?
  7. Steuerberater or myself? semi-complex "World Income"?

    If you need to ask the question, you should probably use a Steuerberater.
  8. Tax return processing times by the Finanzamt

    Yep, I’m also getting annoyed with this.  Usually I’d have the cash within 2, sometimes 3 months and now it’s creeping up to 5. It’s a sizable return and I could really use the money.
  9. What's got you flummoxed today?

      I was one of them, albeit not in Munich.   Surely it's good these 'nerdy young obese people' are out getting exercise even if it is chasing Pokemon?
  10. I was in a similar situation a few years ago.    I wanted to keep my apartment and maintain my health insurance status so I did not abmelden and went onto an Anwartsschaft with TK. It was all very easy.  Personally I chose this route as I wanted to make sure I could reenter the public health system and that way there were no discrepancies.  I wanted things to be as smooth as possible when I returned.   if you don’t deregister, you have to keep paying health insurance. 
  11. What made you smile today?

    I'll take 2 please!
  12. What's got you flummoxed today?

    My payments usually go to the hotel directly.   I had a problem with this recently where I'd booked and paid for a hotel on booking.com, but the payment was processed by the hotel.  Upon arrival, the hotel had cancelled my booking, claiming there was a problem with my card, which there wasn't, which could be proven by the fact they had taken the money 2 months earlier.  There was an event on that day and they just wanted to up the price for more cash.   After over 6 hours on the phone to Booking.com, they got me another hotel at 5x the cost (it was now the day of the event an everything was sold out) and the original hotel had to pay the difference.  So the advantage of using Booking is that when the shit hits the fan, they will at least bail you out, even if it takes all day.
  13. Why are you unhappy today?

    I just wanted to share her happy little face.
  14. Why are you unhappy today?

    I'll let you know the food brand when I get home - I tried several but the vet recommended one (I think it was Royal Canin) was the only one that helped.  Kattovit and other store-bought ones didn't go down well in my house. I second what Lisa said about subcutaneous fluids - it helped her a lot and she always came home from one of those sessions with an appetite which was great.   Ideally it's all a low-protein diet but give them whatever they will eat. Mine ate roast chicken from the deli, because I would give that cat whatever she damn well wanted at that point.   I would once again recommend SUC, it really did help with appetite. You can buy the three parts on amazon (Solidago, Ubichinon, Coenzyme), mix them and squirt it into the cat's mouth: half a syringe at a time, one full syringe per week.  I was sceptical but it really did make a lot of difference for my fluffball.   My cat simply refused to die. I took her a couple of times as she appeared to be in such a state but she would look at me and outright refuse, and the vet always found 'one more thing' to try and it always helped.  I was going to let her make the decision, and while all she wanted to do was sit with me in the sun, she purred like mad and I couldn't give up on her.  In the end she had a stroke and her little body gave out.   It's a year today since I lost her and I miss her terribly.
  15. Why are you unhappy today?

    My cat survived another 2 years after diagnosis thanks to an excellent vet.  Let me know if you want recommendations for food etc.  I was recommended SUC too and it helped with the appetite loss a lot.