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  1. Do I really have to pay Kirchensteuer?

    Ok, heres the thing.   I do not and will not ever pay Kirchensteuer and have never been registered to do so.   My wife has been registered since birth, so it was automatic until she cancelled it last year before she went back to full time work.   She has just recieved a tax bill for them for the year 2006.   Now in 2006, she was not working, so was not due to pay this ridiculous tax. I was the sole breadwinner, so to speak.   Apparently, because on our joint tax return, she stated that she was reliant on my wage, the effin church wants some of it. If we had filed single tax returns, we would have not had to pay it.   How can this possibly be?   Now I will fight this to the high court if I have to as a matter of principle.   Can anyone help.