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  1. Looking for cleaners

    We are moving and we need urgent help in cleaning on 18 October. Please PM me if you can help out.
  2. Tax return from abroad

    I see, thank you!
  3. Selling an apartment or house in Germany

    No, I dont think you can ask for exchange rates in additional expenses. I can imagine things like flying back to DE etc. might be asked.   Btw, having delay from banks is  something common unfortunately. This happens when the bank is some online bank or situated in another state and buyer is getting some sweet deal.   When I bought the property, my bank was online bank in North. Their interest rate was quite good but after notary appointment they gave me long list of documents to provide. In Bavaria, some documents are not provided by the builder, but the practice was prevalent in North. I was late by almost 20 days in making payment..
  4. Tax return from abroad

    We are moving out of Germany this month and have to file tax return for 2019 next year. Normally I file the return using germantaxes.de. Almost always finanzamt sends me the letter to submit the invoices once I file the online return.   I am wondering how this would work when I'll be out of country and no address here next year? I am sure they're going to ask invoices again and all, same process. One option I thought to put my current address in the tax return next year and keep Deutsche mail forwarding, but I won't really like to put my former address as current address.
  5. I doubt this is true, could you please post some official link about this?  Does not matter, if you are European or non-European, if you have contributed more than 60 months you can get refunds under special circumstances only.
  6. Deductibles on expenses in selling residence

    Thanks @El Jeffo
  7. I understand that there are no capital gains taxes(in DE) on selling primary residence when one has lived 3 calendar years in that particular property.   However, I had one question and I did not find explanation anywhere. Are the expenses related to selling the primary residence deductible? Particularly, preclosure charges(because of selling) on primary residence mortgage, seller agent commission fees if any etc.   Thanks!
  8. Embassy post for US L1 visa application

    Update:   I am not sure about US passport renewal, but one can apply L1 visa anywhere in Europe. I talked at the hotline and they confirmed me. However, process is really tedious. Once you have filled the DS-160 form, paid the fees and indicated the place for application it cannot be changed :(. You have to fill new DS-160 and indicate the place of new interview location again -- of course pay the fees again. The fees once paid cannot be transferred from one interview location to another, although the fees is always standard $190 in local currency. I think it is so because the payment processing companies at each location is different.   There is one exception to the above, location can be changed within one country without paying the charges again. However, one needs to contact the hotline, take their authorization, they will transfer the fees and then you can book the appointment. In this process, one would likely lose the new preferable appointment because appointments change very fast even within a day.
  9. Hi,   Can I apply for L1 visa application in US embassy at Frankfurt? I was applying for L1 visa through my company attorney. They gave me the letter which has Munich US embassy printed on it. I am right now living in Munich. However, waiting times for Munich are quite long. Since attorney is on vacation, I was not sure what to do. From my own research on web, I think I can apply at the embassy which is not my place of residence. If I schedule the appointment once online, I need to pay the charges.   Thanks!
  10. Einbürgerung in 7 years

    Hi - I have completed 7 years in Germany and have been in employment since beginning of my stay. I had also done German language B1 exam, Leben in Deutschland and Einbürgerungstest. I recently visited KVR Einbürgerungsstelle for naturalization application.   The beamter said that I am not eligible for naturalization in 7 years as I have not done "Integration Kurs" although I have passed equivalent exams. I have done the exams only but have not participated in course as I have full time employment. I asked BAMF to issue me integration course certificate based on my exams certificates but they are also unable to do so as I have not participated in the integration classroom courses.   My point was even if I choose to do integration course classes for which I have completed the exams, it would be unfair for somebody who genuinely needs to do the classroom courses(as places are always limited). But this has not made any buzz either for BAMF or the beamter in KVR.   Any idea what else could be done?   Thanks