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  1. Hi,   Can I apply for L1 visa application in US embassy at Frankfurt? I was applying for L1 visa through my company attorney. They gave me the letter which has Munich US embassy printed on it. I am right now living in Munich. However, waiting times for Munich are quite long. Since attorney is on vacation, I was not sure what to do. From my own research on web, I think I can apply at the embassy which is not my place of residence. If I schedule the appointment once online, I need to pay the charges.   Thanks!
  2. Got cheated by Indian Husband

    Since the 'crime' location is mostly in Germany, Indian courts have no jurisdiction over it. Your future action should depend on your goal - 1)do you also quietly want to take divorce? 2) Do you want to give him a run for the divorce?   Option 1 is simple as others have already said. I think he wants to marry again, thats why he is in hurry to get divorce. For option 2, register criminal breach of trust with Police as well as in German courts. Send the notice over last known address in Germany as well as in India, e-mail addresses. Translate this notice and send a copy to Indian court requesting to grant a stay until the matter is resolved in German courts as crime location is in Germany. Give him enough opportunities to fight the case before any potential ex-parte judgment.  The divorce proceedings in Indian courts will be stayed on hold easily for 4-5 years and will help in getting him to right terms. But again all depends on your goal!
  3. Some questions about US taxes

      Thanks @Straightpoop for your reply. Really appreciate it. I researched to find such banks but could not get any specific mention about that they don't care. Do you offhand know some German banks already?
  4. Taxes liability while working from UK

    Thanks @LeCheese for the pointers. However, I am not getting 1) question. So in the first year even if I happen to pay taxes in Germany, would I be able to get into the NHS system? 
  5. Taxes liability while working from UK

    Hi,   Sorry for my lack of knowledge. I wanted to understand about tax implications when resident in UK but remotely employed for German company(and paid salary in Germany). I am exploring idea of working from UK for a German employer. My questions were:- 1. Will my entire tax be deducted in UK only and can I avail NHS benefits? 2. Will there be any liability for Krankenkasse/Pension/Unemployment insurance payments in Germany? 3. Do employer still need to pay their part for krankenkasse? Any other thing worth to mention..   I am not worried about visa implications as I am German national.    Thanks for the insights.
  6. Some questions about US taxes

    Cool, thanks!
  7. Some questions about US taxes

    Thanks @lisa13 for your reply. However, my question was not about there would be mess or not. I am asking whether I need to declare significant DE income esp. capital gains in US taxes. I am in bit advantage position here. I'll have company sponsored accountants for first 2 years to handle the mess if I accept the offer. I am trying to know whether I would be at loss even if I had paid ~25% capital gains tax here already.
  8. Some questions about US taxes

    Hi there, I am planning moving to US in the next 2-3 months. I'll be employed and resident there. I would like to understand more about US individual taxation system.   My question is if I have capital gains from stocks, selling the property in current CY in DE then how these gains are going to be handled in US taxation system. I'll file interim tax return here in DE before leaving. Do I need to declare these gains again in US? I am asking particularly because I might be in advantage position here from tax point of view (offset of losses, deducting maintenance costs etc.). But if I have to declare whole DE income again in US then it would be mess to calculate again. 
  9. Einbürgerung in 7 years

    Hi - I have completed 7 years in Germany and have been in employment since beginning of my stay. I had also done German language B1 exam, Leben in Deutschland and Einbürgerungstest. I recently visited KVR Einbürgerungsstelle for naturalization application.   The beamter said that I am not eligible for naturalization in 7 years as I have not done "Integration Kurs" although I have passed equivalent exams. I have done the exams only but have not participated in course as I have full time employment. I asked BAMF to issue me integration course certificate based on my exams certificates but they are also unable to do so as I have not participated in the integration classroom courses.   My point was even if I choose to do integration course classes for which I have completed the exams, it would be unfair for somebody who genuinely needs to do the classroom courses(as places are always limited). But this has not made any buzz either for BAMF or the beamter in KVR.   Any idea what else could be done?   Thanks