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  1. Developed feelings for a friend, should I tell her?

    sometimes it works, sometimes not, give it a try though
  2. The missus can speak Chinese (Cantonese) and Putonghua (Mandarin) to a certain extent, it's English she has a problem with
  3. Modern Language teaching has been declining in the UK for decades, nothing to do with Brexit. Knowing Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees Morgue, I fully expext a resufgence of Latin and Ancient Greek
  4. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Sorry, it appears that I was looking at used models, rather than new. However, the price in pounds for new models is exactly the same as Euros, i.e £42,990 is shown as €42.990
  5. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    How much are Tesla Model 3s in Germany? In the UK they're £50,000-£60,000. I have a friend in San Diego and his cost around $40,000. I also have a British friend in Hainan, China and he has ordered one from the Shanghai factory for the equivalent of £23,000