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  1. Hi Mice, it sounds like we should talk! You can ring me on 0160 909 01222. I just re-read my post and may have over-stated the full-time part right now, but I would really like to hear more about what you're doing and if see if this job could fit in with that. Look forward to hearing from you! BTW, my name is Kimberly :-) 
  2. Let me know if and when you are back in the area long term. Thanks for the reply!
  3. It doesn't look like anyone is still using this forum, but just in case . . . if there are any native-speakers in the area of Leizen (off A19 at the Röbel (Müritz) exit) who are interested in an unusual opportunity for a full-time position teaching English (among other tasks!), please get in touch. The position would involve working with children, and would suit someone who can work well both in a team and autonomously.