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  1. Experience with Waldorf Frommer in brief


    Letter from them Jan 10 for download of CD in Oct 09. Wanting 859€

    Contacted lawyer cost 390€.

    Sent amended statement.


    2 years of the odd letter now and again


    Move to to May 12 and they are now stating they will take us to court unless we pay them the full amount or in instalments.

    Lawyer advises to ignore and leave, however they must make a move on us before Dec 2013 otherwise they cannot any longer due to length of time they can pursue. If they do take us to court we will probably be in a group of people but we will have to share the court costs.


    2 weeks later letter stating they are preparing court documents.

    We now decide we have had enough of this hanging over us for 2 years and decide we will pay which is now 959€ (100 added for theier fees)


    Laywer states that he understands as Waldorf Frommer have found a sympathetic judge in Munich and he is just agreeing with all the fines and if we feel happy with payment then OK, but now we dont have the option to pay in instalments. BUT he had been in court that day with another client who he did manage to get the fine reduced by 50%, but lets face it at what cost on top for his fees??


    If you want info then PM me.


  2. You definately should go to the police. My other half has recently been a victim of credit card fraud and we have no idea how plus to make things worse they also physically created another credit card and a german passport using his name!!! We have seen a copy of both of these as it was very kindly provided by the company in the US were the b****d tried to use it to rent a server. It gives me the creeps to look at the picture of this guy. We passed it all on to the police but we have not heard anything back from them as its a big issue here at the moment. We got all the money refunded from the bank but it was more the invasion of privacy and the fact that someone went through all the trouble to create an ID and give an address similar to ours but a house number that does not exist. It was a little too close for comfort.


  3. Funnily enough one flat at the Hundertwasserhaus has just been advertised on our work site!


    Flat for Rent: Waldspirale/Hundertwasserhaus 3Z 1Oct. €767,- cold


    Text: 2-BEDROOM FLAT with balcony, first floor, 84m2, 15m2 terrace, access to shared gardens, large living room/lounge 26m2, separate kitchen 7.5m2, bed 1 (door to terrace) 16m2, bed2 11m2, WC/Toilet, Bathroom 7m2. AVAILABLE: Oct 1st. Rent €767,- cold. Nebenkosten ~€200, Tiefgarage Parking place €50/month (optional). INCLUDED: Kitchen, fixed cost €1250,-.

    LOCATION: Burgerparkviertel, between Rhonring & Messplatz. Trams 4,5,6,7,8 2-5 mins walk. Nordbad pool/Eissporthalle 10 mins, Town center 10-15 mins, Burgerpark 5 mins. TEGUT/PLUS/ALDI/Tengelmann supermarkets 2-10 mins walk.


    Contact: Jonathan Schulster. tel. 06151-20711 (privat). jschulster@gmail.com


  4. And another reason not to eat them:


    Heads of Environmental Health Services and Directors of Trading Standards will wish to be aware of a product recall by Aldi Stores Ltd of Bilash Premium Chicken Curry in 400g cans due to contamination of one of the ingredients with the illegal dye Sudan I "Aldi Bilash Premium Chicken Curry 400g"



    Vet talks shit.

    Same food every day leads to boredom too you know. Just buy crappy cheap stuff from the butchers. Veg is also good, just chop loads, cook it for ages, puree it, freeze it off in portions and add it to meat and wholemeal rice or pasa, or potatoes, and its great. Also, mothers in law are so fuckiong stupid, they see it cooking away, and eat some of it. Idiot German mother in law twats.



    As a long term husky owner the last thing you should do is change their food. If you do it has to be introduced gradually over a period of 2 weeks otherwise it will give them the shits. I agree veg is good and so is meat but again when it comes to huskies you should not cook the living daylights out of it, if at all it as this takes away all the vitamins and minerals. Lots of husky breeders I know feed raw meat, fish and some still frozen and the dogs love it. Mine eat tomatoes, apple, cucumber, carrots. He gets rice and cottage cheese is he has an upset tum and that is advice from vets both here and in the UK.


    All dogs are different and its worth taking the time to speak to people who have experience on each breed and also read as much info as you can. After speaking to Phoenix Rose via PM its quite clearly appears to methat her dog is well looked after, loved and cared for. Sometimes its worth taking the time to get the facts before jumping to conclusions that the dog should be rehomed or she is a bad owner.


  6. To phoenix-rose, I have had my husky for 10 years, previous to this another, if you want some REAL advice then please PM me. I take on board all the comments here bit unless you have really lived with one then you have no idea want you are up against. Not all Huskies like to run or race, they will only do so if trained from a pup, some are quite happy being a couch potato. They are however a pack animal and do not like being alone, hence the singing or howling, this is a problem that will just not go away unless he or she is stimulated or entertained.



    Okay...a bit random this one... and I know I may be putting myself at the mercy of some name-calling here , but i can't use any other shaving products apart from the 'King of Shaves' range. Nothing else works, and my stocks are running low, and i've yet to see the stuff for sale anywhere over here as yet. Anyone know of any stockists out here? Would the big wal-mart place do it? i've only been there the once and don't remember if i checked or not...


    hmmm... i feel another emergancy parcel from blighty might be in order

    Its the only stuff that my boyfriend can use as well. I get it from www. pharmacy2u.co.uk


  8. All the parking areas with red lights on are empty and the ones with green lights have 2 parking spaces left which someone has conveniently parked their people carrier in the middle of.


    You need a week and a half to get off the plane and walk the miles to arrivals, no moving walkways.


    On the good side, I have never seen anyone at customs and when my BA plane was delayed they invited me down to the toffs lounge where I helped myself to refreshments and free newspapers.


  9. @Rick de I have done exactly the same thing with the escalator and come out in baggage.


    I dropped a friend off at Frankfurt and she was taken to one side to have her suitcase checked. We both realised that the key to the padlock of her suitcase was back at home and so after we explained this he let her go through without checking or ripping it apart!! I was horrified that he did not seem bothered. OK apart from PMT I know she is not some nutter out to cure the world of all that is evil, but she could of been. :ph34r:


  10. I would just rather be sure that it was OK before I caused any hoo har. Prevention is always better than cure and sometimes its just not worth the hassle. I prefer to be smug :D and know I was in the right to start with, than have a slanging match. :(


  11. A quick question, I have recently purchased a PVC greenhouse, its not huge but big enough to walk into 190x180x160 and its collapsable so that I will only use it for the summer and then store it away. I am now worried that the neighbours (only the one dubious couple :angry: ) may complain if I put it up in my garden. I have to look at the side of their house all day through my patio doors as it borders along the garden but I can guarantee that if I erect this on my patio they will kick up a stink. Does anyone know if I have to get permission?


  12. @ Jay


    This is the problem, we are seeing cars on autoscout which have double our mileage and they are going for a reasonable price, which we would accept if we decided to trade it in. When my other half threw these prices at Mr "Audi" yesterday he said that they were overpriced and would never sell. But it appears to us that they are selling as we check quite regularly.


    Thanks for all your advice and if you know anyone who wants a nearly 4yr old Audi S3 ask them to PM me. ;)


  13. OK I have a quick question with regard to changing your car. What is the “general” plan of action here. Do most people trade their cars in against a new one? Sell them privately to try and get a bit more cash? How often do you change you car? The reason for asking is we had hoped to trade our Audi in against another and got the shock of our lives when we were told what they would give us for it. Its lost €16K in 2.5 years. I am getting the impression that people buy a new car drive it to its death and then start all over again. Any words of experience would be helpful. :D


  14. Hi Neil


    The Apotheke at the main station speaks English or at least the young guy does and is very helpful plus my doctor who I have only used once in 4 years Dr. Barbara Kunz, Darmstadt, Holzhofallee 35, Tel. 06151/311359, its just 100 yards from the Darmstadter Echo and over the road from Wella. The receptionist is not so hot on english, but if you can get someone to call for you who is more 'local' then its not a problem, either that or jsut turn up yourself. Hope it helps