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  1. So I hope printing out some bank statements and my last pay slip may be enough to satisfy the airline/border police if my residence permit is questioned.
  2. As I'm due to fly back to Germany from the UK with Lufthansa, their pages say "Lufthansa is currently only allowed to carry the following booked passengers on departures (or travel commencements) from the countries of the Virus variant areas: -    Passengers with German nationality or passengers with a valid residence permit in Germany (upon presentation of a German registration certificate). " or in German "Passagiere mit deutscher Nationalität bzw. Passagiere mit einem gültigen Wohnsitz und Aufenthaltstitel in Deutschland (unter Vorlage einer deutschen Meldebescheinigung).".   So that implies I need to have a Meldebescheigung to get back into Germany, even though I have a permanent residence permit. Is that really so? Unfortunately I don't have one with me. I wonder if it's possible to get the Rathaus to send me one in a foreign country?
  3. I'm currently in the UK and have a flight booked back to Germany in early January. If the rules don't change, I'm trying to understand the quarantine rules for returning people. The rules say that one must quarantine for 14 days, and cannot leave the house or receive visitors. What the rules don't mention is what about other family members you live with who didn't travel to the UK. Presumably they aren't visitors and therefore can they come and go as they please? Does anyone know what should happen in this case?
  4. Unfortunately from what the article says, this requires someone's UK GP to approve their vaccine status (likely after a consultation). How many people living in the EU (still) have a UK GP?