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  1. work contracts

    Hello,   My background is that I'm in the Betriebsrat, for a giant Swedish company. Without seeing the contract I can't really give you any advice, there may also be Betriebsvereinbarungen or a tarif vertrag also involved, but to see the BV, would be almost impossible for us at this moment. I am going to assume that your Husband has a permament German work contract, that being just not paying him is out of the question. It is highly illegal to hold back somebodies wages without a very good reason. His only thing he has to do, within german work laws, is to provide 100% Arbeitsleistung, to the times given within the contract, for example 37.5 hours a week. I will also take it he hasn't refused to go to work. So that being the company HAS to give him work.   I would advise you to find a Lawyer in "Arbeitsrecht" to look over the paper work and advise you. Don't worry about costs at the moment, you can file for process help, and  in Arbeitsgericht its a bit different to other Courts, with costs and other things, this will be cleared by the Lawyer with you, if you want to you can go it alone without a lawyer, but I would advise against this, as German work and Contract law is a very complicated and specialized area.   If there is a Union, e.g. Verdi or IG Metal, then you can ask for help here, but normally you have to be a payed up member. If this is a German Company in Germany, then they will also have a works council (betriebsrat),and if they are any good they will also be a massive help, but this case will be individual rights and not Collective.   But at the moment it looks like to me that you have a very good case, your husband just can't be sacked, without a VERY good reason, that the betriebsrat also has to be heard on, this is germany and not the US or UK. Worker rights are very protected here. If a termination contract comes (aufhebungsvertrag) do not for any reason sign it. Find a Lawyer as soon as possible, and contact the BR or gesamtbetriebsrat as well. If they fire him, then you  have 14 days from the date you receive the letter to counter it with Sacking protection (Sorry it really can't be translated any other way, kündigungsschutz).   The last thing, a company demanding someone to change their citizenship, (brexit or no brexit) etc. is highly ILLEGAL, and against German and EU discrimination laws. I take it you have been living here a while, before Brexit at least. You can go to the Einburgerungsamt and apply for aufenthalt, before anyone startsup, saying we as europeans don't need it, you can still apply for it, I have had unbegrenzte Aufenhalt since 2002, it protects you here living in Germany, just with hard Brexit, travelling could get interesting, outside Germany, but still looking at that mess, I can't see a problem anymore.   I'm away this week, and will first be able to see the thread again on easter monday, but don't panic, it will be OK.    
  2. Burns Night 2019

    Hi everyone,   Does anyone know of any Burns Night events, going on in the region of Saarland/Pfalz(Kaiserslautern) or Mannheim/Heidelberg area? Any help would be fantastic, as Dr. Google is not being at all helpful.   Cheers.