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  1. HI there.   My boss called me last Thursday and basically said they need to cut down on employees. There are two people in my department, both a lot younger than me, without children and both on limited contracts due to end in the next six months. However he said he would like to keep both of them and would prefer it if I left, obviously to save money.   The project I used to work on is completely gone due to Covid. I am working on different projects now, but I am over qualified and  over paid for them. MY boss used the argument that they don't really have a good project that suits my skill set and I would be happier else where. While he has a point, what I have now is better than nothing.   Also I should add I am 48, married and have one child. I have been with the company for 4 and a half years and have always had very good feedback from my boss. Generally we get on very well and I could sense he was a little uncomfortable making the call.   I think he is expected to present a plan to the 'big' boss and would ideally like to tell her I have decided to leave whilst retaining the other two employees.    My questions would be can they make me redundant and should I seek legal advice now, before I speak with him again.   Thanks in advance for any advice and please direct me to another thread if this has already been discussed