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  1. Munich babysitters wanted

    Hi, we are a family of 3 with a lovely, very curious, 17month old son. We are seeking a native English speaking nanny to play/ sing / read some nursery rhymes etc. as a support for early English learning for our son. As a start date we've been thinking about the beginning of May, but it could be discussed. We intend to find someone, who could come to us on a regular basis, either Mondays or Thursdays or Fridays for 3 hours, starting from 9am (weekends could also work - hours are to be discussed). I would be at home for the whole time, mainly busy with cooking/ laundry/ or other household routines. But if you need me at any point, I would be there. We (of course in addition to your rate) offer small snacks/ beverages, so you don't starve at our place   We live in Unterschleißheim, approx. 10-15 minute walk from Sbahn Station. Does is sound interesting to you? If so, write me a message with your rate directly on here, or per e-mail Best regards, Anna