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  1. Tax Laws regarding collecting funds through Donation Websites

    PandaMunich, I have one more question! The donation website does not specify anything regarding that, but do you know if these funds for this project should go to a separate account or my regular account? I know a few people that had money donated due to medical costs for operations, and they all had it transferred to their own account. Anyone else that has experience with that?
  2. Tax Laws regarding collecting funds through Donation Websites

    You are wonderful, Panda! Thank you!   So as long as one person does not pay more than 20,000 Euros to me (which would be taxable), basically there is no limit regarding the total of the amount that is donated by multiple people. Got it!
  3. Tax Laws regarding collecting funds through Donation Websites

    Thank you very much Panda Munich and El Jeffo!   I still want to make sure I comprehend that correctly before doing something and all of a sudden the German tax authorities send me a bill  just because I had no clue.   Link number 1, Number 4 states a person that has tax class 1 (would that be me, single, tax class 1?) would be allowed to receive up to 100.000 Euros tax free within a 10-year time frame?   Example: I place an ad on a donation website to help someone that has a rare disease and the goal that should be reached is 20.000 Euros, but in the end the people donated a total of 99.900 Euros, I will not receive a bill from the tax place telling me that only...was allowed tax free, but I received for example 30.000 Euros more so I have to pay....amount of taxes?   Sorry for my slow comprehension, but I am still having some problems reading-understand a lot of things in GERMAN business language, even though I have been in Germany now for a while.
  4. Does anyone know what the max. amount  tax free is per year, if a private individual receives money through donation websites like gofundme etc.?   I only found something that states that 20.000 Euro will not be taxable in a 10-yr. time frame.   Any tax experts that know the rules to that in Germany?
  5. If you move to the areas of Amberg, Regensburg, Neumarkt or the surrounding areas and you need help with anything related to moving here, please contact me.   I am a German/American citizen and know this area very well in regards to housing, laws, jobs and other issues that arise especially in the first year of moving to a new place.   Thank you, have a great day!
  6. Deregistered, TKK refuses to cancel health insurance

    Silleki, I know that if you live and work in Germany and have one month between jobs for example then you are still covered. If you move to Estonia, I do not know if that works the same way. I also do not know if there is a difference if you work for an employer or if you are self-employed. Call your insurance and ask them, I am sure they are able to tell you.
  7. Hi everyone! Tried to go to the Franken and Oberpfalz section and then to Adverts but it doesnt work. It has some link stating to post something but not the usual list of people posting. I tried other areas and they work, just not that particular one. How do I report a technical problem? Also, I have been a member here for many years, and I am wondering how do I report having a new email address for this site?
  8. Why are you happy today?

    Haha!!! I am sure you will look quite well after the ''push and pull'' action. You will sing ''Who needs a brush when there is nothing there?'' Amazing what we have to go through, right?
  9. Why are you happy today?

    That statement is hilarious, John I have not been on here for a have you been? I am happy today because I dont have a dentist appt. tomorrow
  10. Health insurance for unemployed/returnees

    Hi there! I have not been on this site for a while, but I am curious...what happens for example if an American citizen with no income comes to Germany, marries a German citizen a month later. Is that American citizen also entitled to be put on the German citizens health insurance?