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  1. Munich bike shops - new and second-hand bikes

    try here its charity based so youll be doing a good thing too.   http://www.dynamo-muenchen.de/
  2. What was your first car?

    My first car 1981 ( not my pic btw ) (last year of manufacture) 1959 sit up and beg Ford Pop, 1200 cc side valve, 3 speed no synchromesh gearbox , 6 volt electrics, wooden floor, no heater, no radio, 18 inch wheels, cable operated brakes throughout, driving at anything over 45 mph was terrifying as the braking distances could be measured using days of the week.     
  3. Make sure you check your account for correct debiting, I pre-paid £20 on there and had one instance of a double booking ie charged twice for the same crossing and I also had them debit my account for an HGV ( I drive a Golf ) when I wasn't even in the country. Trying to get Dart Charge to rectify their booking errors is a nightmare, keep your receipts and check, if you pre pay.