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  1. Landlady not replying to termination

    Indeed   however, it it not unheard of that landlords respond or don't respond at all and could say the envelope is empty so best to use this option and if at all possible to go to the letterbox personally with a friend/witness not related to you and put the letter into the landlord's letterbox and prior to putting the letter in put "per Bote" with both you and other person putting a mark with initials/signature and date on the actual letter. This makes 100% sure your notice is delivered. This is more challenging if you are far away. Emails and Whatapp are not recommendable when it comes to formal communication with landlords...  
  2. Legal insurance for landlords - recommendations?

    I agree @LeonG. It's a fairly formal process though here to prove all a landlord who is unsure what they want should normally fix the contract to a year or less with fixed move out date or 3 month notice period either way then there is more flexibility on both sides. I see the trend now that full-time landlords are tying in tenants up to 2-4 years with no break clause even for job move rather than the opposite...during these interesting times landlords want a steady income no matter what so tenants beware during such uncertain times 
  3. Trash cans not provided by Landlord

    @Ums so happy to hear you are moving out of this place...maybe all the other tenants are going too hence he locked the bin room so everyone did not leave the big moving out rubbish behind. It's frustrating but thumbs up to focusing and putting your energy into your new place. 
  4. Does house insurance cover lights?

    What an interesting one.  I would imagine that normally the insurance would not pay if things break or fall belonging to you that is if you are the apartment owner. If it were the landlords hook that feel down with your chandelier etc. that could be a different story. Best to register the damage, take a few photos of the ceiling, hook, lights etc. and depending they may send someone out to take a look. As a tenant there could be a chance...let us know the outcome
  5. Legal insurance for landlords - recommendations?

    Eigenbedarf does not even have to be directly for yourself and immediate family.  It can be e.g. if any family e.g. parents, brothers, sisters, niece/nephew and even as far out as cousins need a home. It all depends on the type of contract used. Landlords are very creative to get tenants out when they want to. 
  6. St0rMI0rD your post is interesting and you're not alone out there. Sunday morning at 5:30am neighbours up the street put the screaming child on the balcony and it woke up hundreds of people in our street. They were inside the child outside. Many came out of their apartments and said "Shush" simultaneously...There are many landlords in the meantime sharing in a polite way to be legal that their homes are not suitable for kids...I suppose be thankful not to have noise coming from beneath you as well...There is usually some sort of a "Mittagsruhe" or "Nachtruhe" so called quiet periods in the building house rules but of course those don't apply to young kids or babies.
  7. Google has various results on this question. The scenario is that the real estate agent verbally informs me that the landlord is going on holidays and cannot provide even a draft contract until next month. They said the landlord will write an email and say the place is ours and we should just ensure we respond that we take the place. Would you do this without seeing a contract. What are your thoughts/opinions as it's unheard of from my side.