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  1. Gentleman With Van Berlin - My friendly Europe-wide moving service

    Paul did my move from Mainz to Berlin last week.  The communication in advance was really good and he was really helpful offering lots of tips about Berlin and preparing for the move.   On the day of the move, he packed everything very thouroughly and securely. We got a tracking link to see where he was on the way to Berlin, so my girlfriend knew when to expect him.  Everything ran smoothly, nothing was broken, so I'm happy!  
  2. That seems like a fairly typical experience is a bike shop in Germany to be honest.  I once took a new set of wheels in, so that he could swap over my cassette from the old wheels to the new wheels (I didn't have a chain whip at the time).  He charged me over 50€ for it.   Others I know have paid 30€ to have an inner tube changed.   I doubt you will get anywhere with your complaints, you can just never go to him again and tell others to avoid him too. Unfortunately lots of people have no idea how easy small jobs on bikes are, so they (like in this thread) think that the price is fair. 
  3. Appointments at Ausländeramt bookable via Internet

    Is there any update on waiting times in Summer 2019? My GF and I will be moving to Berlin and she will need an Auslanderbehörde appointment. There was nothing before 2021 online when I checked. I hear that you need to go early (very early?) to get a number, then wait until 7am to join a queue.   Is that right? How early should we go? Is it really an all night job, or can we turn up at 5am and get in at 7am?   It won't be until September when she needs her new Visa. She already has an appointment in Mainz, but we are moving to Berlin before her appointment, which has complicated things quite a lot.
  4. Sufficient salary ranges in and around Munich

    I have a chance of moving to Munich from Mainz but have some reservations.  I am a scientist and the job is at the Uni, so I guess I would be in TV-L 13-4 or 5.   I currently earn just over 50k in Mainz but if I move to Munich, I guess it’ll be much more expensive. Is there a TV-L zuschlag or do public servants just have to deal with Munich prices?   The job would in Martinsried, everywhere in south west Munich looks crazy expensive, any tips for where to look that would be cheaper? I prefer being out of the city centre.  Thanks in advance!