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  1. Ebay campervan scam

    We've owned our beloved (20 year old) Hymer campervan for about 7 years now and decided it was time for to get a slightly newer model. So after having tried selling it to dealers and being offered next to nothing for it decided to try to sell it on Ebay, so I put it on a 1 Euro start price with a minimum reserve price for a seven day auction, and put my mobile phone number on the description so that people could arrange a viewing before bidding. Anyway the sale went well , we had loads of interest, and the van was sold last week to some bloke in Düsseldorf. He said he didn't have time to collect it and wondered whether I could deliver it if he paid the train fare back, I agreed and drove it down to D.dorf. He was very pleased gave me the money signed the sale contract, we deregistered the car and I returned home with my old numberplates. By the time I got home he'd already given me a positive Ebay feedback. All very good.   A couple of days went by and I received this call from an extremely angry man saying that the camper that I had sold him a couple of days earlier had blown the head gasket and now needed a replacement engine which would cost 3,800 Euro. I was horrified as the van had always been well looked after and never had any oil or water leaks. He went on with his rant saying that either I gave him the money back to cover the cost of the new engine or the thing would be brought back on a tow truck by him and his mates and dumped on our drive. He then slammed down the phone. I was left feeling very worried and rang up a friend who is a lawyer and he said that as it was a private sale I had nothing to worry about as it was "sold as seen".   This made us feel slightly better, but the thought of a gang of heavies turning up on our doorstep with the camper on a towtruck was still in the back of our minds. Anyway I checked his number on my mobile which I thought had come from a German mobile phone, the number was 00961-78869706, after trying to find out where this number was registered I discovered it wasn't a German mobile, but a phone number from the Lebanon. This is when I realised it was a scam. I got another aggressive call this morning saying Ok whats happening with the money for camper to which I told him I knew what he was up to , that he was a Betrüger and we knew that he was in the Lebanon , he immediately hung up and I haven't as yet heard anything else from him.