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  1. The result is that even though my husband had a contract for 40 hours a week and has worked for the company for many years, this is all meaningless.

    It was stated that my husband could not keep his post in the event of Brexit because of the nature of his work but a transfer was arranged. This part was in writing. This was arranged at the end of last year

    The part not in writing was his start date. He was told to stay in his old post until 31 march. I had to move to the new house alone in February.

    what the company are now saying that when they offered the position last year, it was available. Because my husband didn´t move until 1 april there was no job in the new place but he could have returned to his old position until Brexit.

    The girl at the arbeitamt on the second visit was very rude to my husband who is of an age. in fact he has worked without a break in uk and germany for 44 years. You would think that he is a lout from the way she talked.

    He applies for jobs daily and has finally secured an interview. He is going for every type of job going from those he is qualified to do to storeman.

    We are eating from the freezer and the tinned food we have but we are now 6 weeks with no money coming in.

    I guess this is a word of warning. Get everything in writing but don´t expect it to count


  2. On 01/05/2019, 09:13:44, LeonG said:

    Opening a pub is more than just saying it.  Especially if it was closed for a while, you need the licensing requirements like a new pub opening, no discounts.  You need to show you have enough parking, bicycle stand and name it.  Health authorities blah blah.  A former boss of mine bought an old pub and wanted to reopen it.  He got fucked around by the amt for 2 years.  They actually offered him to buy the cul-de-sac behind the pub from the town because he could put his car park there.  He ended up filing for bankruptcy.


    And because they are foreigners and nobody likes them already, nobody might come.


    A friend bought a restaurant in a village in a foreclosure and it was formerly ran by people that nobody liked.  If ppl don't like you, the villagers will not come there.


    In our case the old owner ran it into the ground,  people stopped coming, the rats moved in, however the old villagers want their pub but not run by English. One day I collapsed outside and the old man next door stood and looked and did nothing until my husband found me. The old villagers really hate us


  3. Opening the pub is not an option after I became I'll. My husband's old boss also his so called friend apologised.  The big boss does not give a FF. The property is up for sale because we now need one level living. The benefits have not started so now we have reduced our food to one very small meal a day. To make it worse a family member died this week and we can not afford to attend the funeral today. My husband applies for jobs daily but it is rare to have a reply. Today he goes to the arbeitamt to find out why we have no money. We lost a months money while his company were messing him around.  This is the second month and it's not funny


  4. He is at arbeitamt tomorrow.  Great news though, he has already been asked to put in his CV for a new job. The new property that we bought is almost finished with the renovations, so we can get up for sale and hopefully find a bungalow to buy.. someone from the company came yesterday with a letter to give to the arbeitamt and apologised again.. 


  5. Could someone please post the link for online registration at arbeitamt. My husband had a full contract at the place in mid Germany. Because of the nature of his job he could not continue after Brexit.  When Brexit didn't they thought he would go back and gave his new job to someone else. They did not realise that I have a life changing illness and can not be left for weeks at s time. He has now been sacked as there us no position for him.


  6. Yesterday it happened. My husband was sacked because the position,  that he moved across Germany for, no longer is available.  They are very sorry etc. The position was available at the beginning of the year but rather than move him straight away he had to carry on until April in old post and now the new one has gone . He could return to his old post for a month but they have filled that position.  My husband can not leave me for a  month because of the illness that is affecting my mobility and sight.  We need to move to one level living and can not proceed with the next property  because he is now unemployed  at his age he will not find work easily despite his qualifications . Something really stinks here


  7. Huge shock. After being told my husband would receive 160 hours pay, today he was told that because he hasn't worked, he will only get €400. Hes not worked because he has been told no department has a space for him. Before we transferred he had a choice of positions. He has been told to return to mid Germany to his old position.  Thus forcing us to separate.  He has refused as I have developed some serious health issues. I need to be taken  to various appointments.  On Monday my husband will be sacked. He us actively looking for a new job but in the meantime we will live out of the freezer and hope we can pay all of our bills


  8. No we moved in order for my husband to stay in a job that he knew. Today he went again to his new office and again left without getting to see anyone. He was told to go today.  He is now applying for another job. He's really not happy working for such rude people.  We can take a cut in wages if it means less stress


  9. They will pay him for 160 hours for the month they have not used him but so far he must still return to his old job. he is seeing someone next week. I guess if this goes ahead then our son will have a choice of which parent to go to when he´s home from uni. This - is in a country that promotes family life.!


  10. They are now giving him back his old position which happens to be where we used to live. We moved to be near his transfer job. As soon as we got here that job disappeared.  Everyone expected Brexit to happen.  The company that he works for really do not care. They get my husband back in the position that they want him. If they split up a family it is not their problem.  

    His contract states that he is employed full time. Far from refusing to work, he has telephoned and messaged asking for his start date. He was given lots of excuses until today they told him to return to his old position.  We sold our home, left our friends,  I gave up my work and way of life. We can't afford to just go back. My husband has to leave us


  11. Yes this stinks. Now Brexit isn't happening he has been told that he must return to his old job in mid Germany.  That leaves me on my own on the north coast.  I knew as soon as he starred being given excuses at the start of the month that there was a problem. How can large companies destroy peoples lives like this


  12. I am sure what they are doing is illegal. We´d be better off if they sacked him. Apparently they have no grounds because he is excellent at what he does. His only problem is being an outsider. ( not because he  is english).  They don´t like people from other parts of Germany. For now its looking like we have to go without money for a month then my husband will leave to work back at his old place leaving me to live alone. This is the way with our German friends here also. The husband lives here, his wife commutes every weekend because she can not get work here. She is in the medical profession


  13. We have a similar problem but we can not get an electrician out. we did have one. he was an electrician/plumber. he hooked the toilet flush up to the hot water so we have little confidence. He started the wiring then left instructions for us to complete . In the oven we have a yellow/ green, a blue, a brown and 2 blacks. we have fed these into a connector thing we hope in the right order. then we have to connect the wires from the main cable . however these are brown, black, blue, GREY and then green/yellow


  14. Yes the contract still exists. In fact his old boss wants him back at least until we see what this Brexit drama is going to bring this time.

    That way we get an income but leaves me on my own in a house that is still being renovated.

    we´ll certainly not starve but we need to pay our bills.

    His old boss is looking into it because he arranged the transfer in the first place and was horrified that my husband wasn´t working.

    Would we have any rights to claim money from the places that help people. We´ve never ever had to do this, we have always worked, saved and sorted out our finances without help.

    would they consider us not eligible. 

    I think we´ll be forced to separate again.

    As an ex army wife of 35 years i´m used to this but I don´t really want to do it


  15. We actually fully intended to run the bar, an english tea room and we even had bookings for the function room that we intended to honour.

    the council actually closed the kitchens. The roof has been replaced, the plumbing has been reinstated. The electrician is here right now trying to put the electrics back. We have a lot of decorating and plastering to do still. The kitchens have to be gutted and cleaned and theres still a huge hole in the ceiling of the function roof. The water supply has a huge question mark over it

    We closed the pub because its not actually legal to poison people with salmonella


  16. 3 minutes ago, RedMidge said:

    Sadly,  moving to a small village ( ? in old Ossie part??), means  trying to fit in, find out about local customs, .  Yes, this can mean participating in local events, as boring as they might be!

    I´m sure these events are not boring however if I go out with my husband I want to sit with him


  17. Not so simple. The previous owner also cut all the water pipes to the upstairs rooms, removed the radiators, refused to do any repairs. We are being forced to live in the bar while all the restoration goes on.

    also all the cooking fat was tipped down the rainwater drain so that has to be cleared.

    The best bit was he also cut the toilet waste pipes from upstairs.

    all of this takes time and money.

    We´ll get there but when we do we are selling.

    I don´t want to live in a village where i´m ignored because i´m a woman


  18. My husband had a contract working for a firm in central Germany. Because of the nature of the job he was told that if there was a no deal Brexit he would either have to take German citizenship or he would be made redundant. All the non Germans were told the same.

    Come new year he hadn´t been given his notice but we found out that if he transferred to a non military department then he could keep his job.

    There were a couple of places on north sea coast. 

    We moved.

    When my husband got here the problems started. He needed to do education followed by exams. This is normal. He was then told he wouldn´t be working at the place he was given and he had to take another exam. He turned up for the exam and was told that they forgot to tell him not to bother, he had to go somewhere else. We would hear this week.

    Well we´ve not heard. He´s tried messaging and calling the district manager and he either gets fobbed off or ignored.

    My husband has a full time contract with the company. He´s not been sacked or made redundant. He is also not working. He´s not being paid either. Apparently he´ll get €400 basis.

    Our problem is we have used all of our savings to move and renovate this place that we´ve ended up in. I gave up my work, our house is being sold, we can´t claim unemployment because he´s not been sacked and he can not afford to leave.

    Surely this can not be legal. I get the feeling that he is being pushed out



  19. Okay to answer some questions. Any event in the village, Christmas parties, summer parties, the thing where they chuck a ball down the street and chase after it ( don´t ask !) any get together in the village requires women to sit away from the men. 

    The village is on north sea coast and strangely lots of people have the same surname.

    We closed the pub for a couple of reasons. The broken asbestos roof and the rats running around had something to do with it.

    As for why half the village were stood in our neighbours garden gawping at our back door...I have not got a clue!


  20. we have been in this village and our new property for nearly 3 month and my eyes have been opened.

    We got past the old owner walking in the house, via a locked gate and through the garden.

    We are even learning how to handle local handwerkers or rather the lack of them.

    we know that we are being discussed at the dorfhaus and that we have angered the village by closing their pub.

    We angered some people even more by taking a "stray" dog to the tierheim. In fact the dog wasn´t a stray. She sat outside our house all day and all evening. It was cold so at night we bought her in, fed her and then walked her to as many houses that we could to find her owner. We missed the house down the unlit dirt track. 

    We also pinned notices everywhere. 

    Next day we took her to the tierheim. She was lovely and our dogs got on really well with her.

    We found out that she had a chip but wasn´t registered. Later that day we found out that she had been reunited with her owner. We weren´t told who.

    A few days later angry woman accosted my husband, having a go at him for making her go all the way to the tierheim to collect her dog and now she had to pay €24 to register her. We should have left dog apparently.  The woman lived the house down the unlit dirt track !

    Much gritting of teeth and holding our tongues !!!!!!!! 

    Then we are told that we would be expected to attend the functions at the Dorfhaus and any events held in the field. 

    We´ve been warned about these. Women sit one side, men the other. Husband and wife do not mix. no argument. In fact I am fairly sure     women tend to walk 3 paces behind their husbands here. Certainly Fathers do fun things with their sons but girls stay at home.

    Local tradesmen soon worked out that by not coming out to us on arranged appointments, didn´t make us resort to begging them to come. We just looked further afield. 3 strikes and your out policy works. 

    On his last chance a new roofer came out to look at the chimneys. This is where we got the run down about this property.

    The old owner refused to do repairs. When his asbestos roof broke, he wouldn´t repair it so the customers stopped coming.

    In fact it was a minor repair on 2 chimneys that caused 2 of the bedrooms to be totally wrecked. All the old owner did for many years was keep putting more and more layers of wallpaper on to cover up the damage.

    Stripping the walls and removing the plaster has been easy. One yank and the whole lot came off.

    The roofer also understands that if handwerkers come out and do the jobs, then we COULD open the pub quicker. We only said we could. We have not said that we would.

    Hoping that,  that little gem of information was going to spread as fast as whats on our washing line, we sat back happier.


    The next day, in the evening, the dogs start going mental. Barking, running around and generally worried.


    Had someone got into the garden again? we replaced the gate with a high fence! We rushed to the back door to find...……..HALF THE PIGGIN VILLAGE STOOD IN NEXT DOORS GARDEN. They must have sold tickets ! There they all were gawping at our back door!!!!!!




  21. We did consult a professional, he was related to the seller. 

    In North wales years ago the welsh used to burn out the english. We just can´t get handwerkers.

    Everyone was so nice when we came to view.

    The painter will come tomorrow...maybe

    meanwhile i´m not English, I`M WELSH !!!!!!!!


  22. We live in a tiny village on north sea coast. The town isn't huge either.  There are 3 types of people. The old families. Most are called Janssen. The outsiders. We come from all over Germany and buy the crappy property that the locals don't look after.  Then there are the ones who have property and only use them over the summer. We are outsiders. We are not liked, we can't get handwerkers unless they are black workers. Eventually (we have been told) local handwerkers will do jobs for us but at an inflated price. Not only are we outsiders but we bought the local pub and then closed it. It was a rat infested, dirty, dangerous hole. The plumber was blackwork. He eventually started, did a good job and we accepted that he would start the day when he was ready. He was a Janssen.  The painter should have started last Monday,  he didn't come today. Maybe he'll come tomorrow.  He is legal, we will wait. When we have renovated we will sell up and leave. Apart from one family who have been amazing, I have never met so many rude and childish people in my life. If they dislike outsiders so much, why sell to us. So our plans to open a bar/ tea room have been shelved. Apparently it takes years to be accepted.  I'm too old and too tired to play games