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  1. Being the outsider in a village

    No, I'm not going to slag off the          previous owners. 
  2. Being the outsider in a village

    No, I'm not going to slag off the          previous owners. The property is now renovated and up for sale. 
  3. work contracts

    The result is that even though my husband had a contract for 40 hours a week and has worked for the company for many years, this is all meaningless. It was stated that my husband could not keep his post in the event of Brexit because of the nature of his work but a transfer was arranged. This part was in writing. This was arranged at the end of last year The part not in writing was his start date. He was told to stay in his old post until 31 march. I had to move to the new house alone in February. what the company are now saying that when they offered the position last year, it was available. Because my husband didn´t move until 1 april there was no job in the new place but he could have returned to his old position until Brexit. The girl at the arbeitamt on the second visit was very rude to my husband who is of an age. in fact he has worked without a break in uk and germany for 44 years. You would think that he is a lout from the way she talked. He applies for jobs daily and has finally secured an interview. He is going for every type of job going from those he is qualified to do to storeman. We are eating from the freezer and the tinned food we have but we are now 6 weeks with no money coming in. I guess this is a word of warning. Get everything in writing but don´t expect it to count
  4. work contracts

    In our case the old owner ran it into the ground,  people stopped coming, the rats moved in, however the old villagers want their pub but not run by English. One day I collapsed outside and the old man next door stood and looked and did nothing until my husband found me. The old villagers really hate us
  5. work contracts

    Opening the pub is not an option after I became I'll. My husband's old boss also his so called friend apologised.  The big boss does not give a FF. The property is up for sale because we now need one level living. The benefits have not started so now we have reduced our food to one very small meal a day. To make it worse a family member died this week and we can not afford to attend the funeral today. My husband applies for jobs daily but it is rare to have a reply. Today he goes to the arbeitamt to find out why we have no money. We lost a months money while his company were messing him around.  This is the second month and it's not funny
  6. work contracts

    He is at arbeitamt tomorrow.  Great news though, he has already been asked to put in his CV for a new job. The new property that we bought is almost finished with the renovations, so we can get up for sale and hopefully find a bungalow to buy.. someone from the company came yesterday with a letter to give to the arbeitamt and apologised again.. 
  7. work contracts

    Could someone please post the link for online registration at arbeitamt. My husband had a full contract at the place in mid Germany. Because of the nature of his job he could not continue after Brexit.  When Brexit didn't they thought he would go back and gave his new job to someone else. They did not realise that I have a life changing illness and can not be left for weeks at s time. He has now been sacked as there us no position for him.
  8. work contracts

    Yesterday it happened. My husband was sacked because the position,  that he moved across Germany for, no longer is available.  They are very sorry etc. The position was available at the beginning of the year but rather than move him straight away he had to carry on until April in old post and now the new one has gone . He could return to his old post for a month but they have filled that position.  My husband can not leave me for a  month because of the illness that is affecting my mobility and sight.  We need to move to one level living and can not proceed with the next property  because he is now unemployed  at his age he will not find work easily despite his qualifications . Something really stinks here
  9. work contracts

    It's a lot of money to lose but I'm annoyed that they promised to pay 160 hours but we are to only get 400. He actually used to work all hours, so the loss is huge.
  10. work contracts

    Huge shock. After being told my husband would receive 160 hours pay, today he was told that because he hasn't worked, he will only get €400. Hes not worked because he has been told no department has a space for him. Before we transferred he had a choice of positions. He has been told to return to mid Germany to his old position.  Thus forcing us to separate.  He has refused as I have developed some serious health issues. I need to be taken  to various appointments.  On Monday my husband will be sacked. He us actively looking for a new job but in the meantime we will live out of the freezer and hope we can pay all of our bills
  11. work contracts

    No we moved in order for my husband to stay in a job that he knew. Today he went again to his new office and again left without getting to see anyone. He was told to go today.  He is now applying for another job. He's really not happy working for such rude people.  We can take a cut in wages if it means less stress
  12. work contracts

    They will pay him for 160 hours for the month they have not used him but so far he must still return to his old job. he is seeing someone next week. I guess if this goes ahead then our son will have a choice of which parent to go to when he´s home from uni. This - is in a country that promotes family life.!
  13. work contracts

    They are now giving him back his old position which happens to be where we used to live. We moved to be near his transfer job. As soon as we got here that job disappeared.  Everyone expected Brexit to happen.  The company that he works for really do not care. They get my husband back in the position that they want him. If they split up a family it is not their problem.   His contract states that he is employed full time. Far from refusing to work, he has telephoned and messaged asking for his start date. He was given lots of excuses until today they told him to return to his old position.  We sold our home, left our friends,  I gave up my work and way of life. We can't afford to just go back. My husband has to leave us
  14. work contracts

    Yes this stinks. Now Brexit isn't happening he has been told that he must return to his old job in mid Germany.  That leaves me on my own on the north coast.  I knew as soon as he starred being given excuses at the start of the month that there was a problem. How can large companies destroy peoples lives like this
  15. work contracts

    I am sure what they are doing is illegal. We´d be better off if they sacked him. Apparently they have no grounds because he is excellent at what he does. His only problem is being an outsider. ( not because he  is english).  They don´t like people from other parts of Germany. For now its looking like we have to go without money for a month then my husband will leave to work back at his old place leaving me to live alone. This is the way with our German friends here also. The husband lives here, his wife commutes every weekend because she can not get work here. She is in the medical profession