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  1. My 2 cents (American, married in the US to a German, got divorced in Germany in 2017):


    As you already have the retirement Ausgleich and as it seems child support will be agreed on soon, just go ahead and file here.


    It‘s not really much hassle, it just takes its time: 9 months in Darmstadt in 2017 (mind you that included the retirement stuff).


    I can look through my paperwork for the fees if you‘d like.




  2. Yes, I do have to change it at the Einwohnermeldeamt, which I can do once the divorce is "rechtskräftig" (4 weeks after delivery of papers).


    Obviously this will be mid to late December; if I then apply for a new passport it might be early January before I receive it, at which point I would already like to be on vacation :lol:


    I was hoping I could change it at the German amt, ignore the U.S. consulate for now, take my trip, and then when I'm back do the American side of the paperwork.


    I'd just really really really hate to get stopped at immigration for whatever reason...


    Edit: @fraufruit: in which year were you able to fly with your new name on your ticket but not on your passport?


  3. I have a question that seems similar enough to this subject to add it on here.


    I have an American passport

    Am married to a German

    Am getting divorced on November 6th

    Divorce becomes finalized 4 weeks after we receive the paperwork, i.e. could be late December

    I want to  go back to my maiden name which can only be done when the divorce is final

    I am planning a trip to the U.S. early January

    I haven't booked my flight yet, because:


    What name do I book the flight under?


    The "easiest" solution would be to book it under my current (married) name, go on the trip, come back, and once back apply for a new U.S. passport with my new (maiden) name.


    Will this potentially work or am I just looking for trouble if I attempt this?


    Stumbling points: if I book the flight using my maiden name, and the divorce isn't finalized for whatever reason by early January, then I would be travelling under a false name


    And: if I book the flight using my maiden name, the divoce comes through very late in December, I might not have enough time to apply for a new passport (my understanding is that you have to apply for a new one, they no longer amend the "old" one).


    Another factor: I have dual citizenship, so I also have a German Personalausweis, which should be easier to have changed, my understanding is that I can apply for a new one as early as November 7th, I just can't pick it up until I have the final paperwork.


    (Yes, I understand that I have to use my US passport to travel to the U.S.)


    Advice, anybody?



  4. You also get vacation entitlement for the entire time of your Mutterschutz, so what is that now, 8 weeks after giving birth?


    And, yes, follow the advice of robinson100 and toBnruG and if you're sick during vacation you can recover those vacation days.



    Is Schadenfreiheitklasse literally just that; the number of accident-free years you have? For example, ten years of insurance, a claim in one year; SF9 instead of SF10?


    OR, does the SF start from 1/2 again, thus your SF will be dependent on when you made the claim?


    Here's a table showing how your SF changes after a claim.


    Edit: in your example, assuming you are talking about SF10 in Haftpflicht, you will be placed in SF4 after one claim.



    I heard from colleagues living in O-R that everyone from the surrounding small towns are trying to get their kids in there.


    A few years ago (5? 7?) students from the surrounding small towns (Landkreis Darmstadt-Dieburg) were not admitted to Darmstadt schools unless they had a very good reason, so they more or less had to attend this school, or the one in Groß-Bieberau.

    I'll admit I didn't follow the discussions too closely because at that time both of my children were already enrolled, but the general impression I got back then was that if you lived in the Landkreis (which Mühltal is part of), then the GCLS (Georg Christoph Lichtenberg Schule) had to accept your children.

    (It's also referred to as LGS = Lichtenberg Gesamtschule)



    Did your kids graduate from there? Or did they switch to another school? What do you think about the school? Do you know what majority of the students complete the abitur?


    My son graduated from there; my daughter finished Realschule there and then went to a Fachoberschule in Darmstadt to do her Fachabi and is now at "college" (Hochschule Darmstadt).

    I have no comparison really as my kids went there from 5th grade until completion, but no gripes, either. It's very multi-culti (there's a reason why they call O-R "Klein Istanbul") and there are lots of after school activities.

    I have no idea how many of the students complete the Abitur :)