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  1. Untermieter rights with guests with covid related twist

    You‘ve just missed the chance to give notice for the end of May.   If you are planning to give notice to the end of June, you might want to consider waiting until (e.g.) the 12th of June.   Otherwise you might have a very angry subtenant for the next 6 weeks.   Of course there‘s also the aspect of giving her 6 weeks to look for a new place.   On the other hand she‘s not exactly being considerate right now, either.   Just my 2 cents :-)
  2. Are the apartments individually owned?   If one person owns the entire building I can‘t imagine them selling it piece by piece.   And if it‘s owned by one person there might not even be a Teilungserklärung, which I think would need to be done for individual Eigentumswohnungen.
  3. Around here (southern Hessen) Kaufland has them
  4. Did you apply for „Briefwahl“ (absentee ballot)?   If not, could they be sample ballots? Our Gemeinde put samples in the weekly free-and-full-of-advertising newspaper a few weeks ago with instructions on how to fill them out.
  5. job contract terminated before pregnancy

    On the plus side: your vacation days are calculated as if you‘ve worked until THE END of your Mutterschutz (ie 8 weeks after giving birth) so chances are you‘ve got more than 20 days.
  6. My understanding is that it‘s up to you to follow the news, then when you hear that you think you‘re eligible to be vaccinated you call the apprioriate number for your area, they ask you a few questions to check that you‘re really eligible at that time, then you can sign up.   That at least seems to be the procedure in Hessen.   I‘m not aware of letters being sent out.
  7. Chocolate pudding recipe

    I think the general consensus is:   Find a different recipe for chocolate pudding :-)
  8. Chocolate pudding recipe

    One liter of milk should make enough pudding for 5-6 people imho.   Germans don‘t really use „cups“ as a unit of measure.   Maybe look at other pudding recipes to get a feel for the sugar amount.   Or just try this recipe as it is and consider it an experiment :-)    
  9. Chocolate pudding recipe

    I‘ve been debating in my mind whether it‘s 50-50 based on weight or on volume.   Probably weight because that‘s how Germans measure dry ingredients.   1 tablespoon sugar doesn‘t sound anywhere near enough; then again I have a sweet tooth ;-)   This might be the chocolate mousse recipe referred to above:
  10. Chocolate pudding recipe

    What @katheliz said; the author makes a mix of 50% cocoa and 50% cornstarch   Then, to make pudding with 1 liter of milk she uses 100 grams of her mix, a tablespoon of sugar and an egg yolk
  11. Delivery in times of COVID

    It was just a suggestion :-)   Of course you‘re free to look for other delivery services which might be more expensive ;-)
  12. Delivery in times of COVID

    I‘ve found offering €10-20 Trinkgeld greatly improves their willingness to carry things to their final destination within the house/apartment.
  13. Coal barbeque on the balcony

    Be careful - I‘m sure the regulations vary by Bundesland or by the city/Landkreis you live in.   We called both the Bürgerbüro and the Revierförster last year in attempt to get a Holzsammelschein and were told that here (Hessen, Landkreis Darmstadt-Dieburg) it is no longer possible to get one.   I‘d be very careful gathering any more than a small amount that you can conceal in your backpack 😎   The Baumarkts sell kindling; of course they‘re closed right now.
  14. Is it the death certificate (Sterbeurkunde) or the Erbschein (certificate of inheritance?) that you are trying to obtain?
  15. Donating new/old clothes

    Fairkauf in Mannheim has donation boxes outside that you can put your clothes in