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  1. Making a bid on a house contingent on an inspection?

    There are no „buyer‘s“ or „seller‘s“ Maklers here   If a house is being sold via a Makler, then s/he‘s the Makler for that house   And s/he can easily answer all of these questions you have 😊
  2. Untermieter rights with guests with covid related twist

    You‘ve just missed the chance to give notice for the end of May.   If you are planning to give notice to the end of June, you might want to consider waiting until (e.g.) the 12th of June.   Otherwise you might have a very angry subtenant for the next 6 weeks.   Of course there‘s also the aspect of giving her 6 weeks to look for a new place.   On the other hand she‘s not exactly being considerate right now, either.   Just my 2 cents :-)
  3. Are the apartments individually owned?   If one person owns the entire building I can‘t imagine them selling it piece by piece.   And if it‘s owned by one person there might not even be a Teilungserklärung, which I think would need to be done for individual Eigentumswohnungen.