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  1. Delivery to P. O. boxes   Fehmarn was an incorrect example, sorry.   Deutsche Post/DHL don‘t charge this.
  2. Delivery to P. O. boxes

    Some German sellers won‘t deliver to the islands (Sylt, Fehmarn...) because they use delivery companies who charge an extra fee for that.   It‘s just one of the downsides of living somewhere that‘s not „standard“ for their logistics solutions.
  3. Delivery to P. O. boxes

    For the German sellers I‘ve offered a plausible theory: they use delivery services that can‘t access po boxes in Germany, so they might assume the same will be the case in Cyprus (even if it‘s not).   As a work-around: maybe contact the sellers and explain the situation, or as Luna suggests „disguise“ the po box address to look line a „regular“ one.   Or support the local economy and buy from Cyprus sellers :-)
  4. Delivery to P. O. boxes

    To recap:    you‘re asking on toytownGERMANY   why TAIWANese sellers   won‘t deliver to a PO box in CYPRUS   ;)
  5. Delivery to P. O. boxes

    Where are the sellers based?
  6. Delivery to P. O. boxes

    In Germany: P.O. boxes are for „Briefpost“.   In practice DHL can deliver your package to the post office and put the postcard informing you in the P.O. box. However: all the others (UPS, Hermes, DPD, GLS...) can‘t access P.O. boxes   So maybe you‘re looking at sellers who use a delivery service that‘s not DHL (or comparative in another country, assuming they operate similarly)
  7. Gardening advice wanted

    Obi carries it, it‘s called „Unkrautvlies“ or „Unkrautfolie“ in German:   You can check whether your nearest Obi has it in stock.   I wouldn‘t use trash bags or pond liners as they won‘t allow water to drain, but they will certainly do the job.
  8. It changed at some point:   (coins are considered „valoren klasse 2“)   Quote:   Im nationalen Versand PAKET und EXPRESSsind alle Valoren der Klasse II auf eine Einlieferung von 500 EUR pro Empfänger und Tag beschränkt, auch wenn es sich um mehrere Sendungen handelt.
  9.   Yes, but only up to value of €500 per package per day.  
  10. Häagen-Dazs ice cream flavours

    According to this link they don‘t have strawberry in Germany, just strawberries & cream and strawberry cheesecake:   (I have no idea whether this list is accurate.)
  11. Young Drivers and Car Insurance

    If the other drivers are aggressive and/or idiotic, THEIR insurance has to cover the damages they cause.   If the OP‘s son has these traits; point taken ;-)   It was just a suggestion to reduce costs while insuring a teenager.
  12. Young Drivers and Car Insurance

    Assuming you have Kasko AND Haftpflicht: you could cancel the Kasko (this is possible before the end of the year).   That might ease the pain of insuring a young driver a bit.   Of course then you‘re only covered for damages to others.
  13. Notar with an English or French Stamp

    Have you tried calling some on the phone?   I‘ve found German lawyers/notars to be not very responsive to e-mails.    
  14. Landlady not replying to termination

    You can send a postcard as an Einschreiben   Not the kind with a picture; the front side is blank and you can write your Kündigung there
  15. Driving minidigger on private land with no license

    We are renting one right now; it was delivered on Saturday and they didn‘t ask for a driver’s license or any other qualifications/certificates   There‘s no license plate so you can only drive on private property with it