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  1. Anhoerung for late anmeldung

     Thanks, Zwiebelfish. That sounds reasonable enough. I am still really scared that somehow I got distracted and forgot. I moved under an extremely stressful situation, but I have seen in a couple places that I cannot receive a new Steuernummer at a new address unless I have done this. Which I do have in my possession.    It has just been 6 YEARS so if I did somehow get distracted by other stuff (though, I remember stressing about getting it done) that was a major deal. I would be in major s**t if I had to pay a huge fine right now.    Not a religious person, but I pray that it is not a huge deal! Tboz      
  2. Anhoerung for late anmeldung

    Question all...   I, like the original poster, am freaking out right now. I moved to our flat about six years ago and I SWEAR that I did the Anmeldung but I just rearranged and edited down all my papers not too long ago and I cannot find it. At least not yet.   My question is, I have my confirmation of my changed Steuernummer from the Finanzamt with my current address on it. I cannot see a date anywhere on the form but does this mean that I had to have registered? My health insurance, car insurance and registration, everything is coming to me at this address. But if I received a new Steurnummer at the new address does that mean I did it?   And if so, does anyone know a way to request a copy of the Anmeldung if I really cannot find it or do I have to go to the Bürgeramt anyway?   Ugh, I feel buried in administrative paperwork all the time here.   Tboz