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  1. @onemark: I am entitled, in more ways than one but for Family & Heritage, the first option was to keep the Irish which could stay in my blood so to speak, and also give the option to be passed to my kids etc...if that fails, then of course, German Citizenship. 
  2. Hi,   When I got married to my German Wife (back in the day), as far as my British Birth Certificate was concerned, no Appostile or Translation was required to formalise the Marriage. My Son however has an Irish Birth Certificate...when he finds his German one-to-be and submits his Certificate, will an Irish Birth Certificate require an Appostile And / Or Translation for the Marriage to be official? Anyone out there had the same scenario / experience and found the right answers?
  3. Thanks guys for the Info...I have now started the ball rolling...still need to get a certified copy of my British Passport but what I understand is to take my passport to the local Rathaus and they will officialise it with their stamp.   If and hopefully when the Irish Citizenship comes through and I am officially in the "Duel Citizenship" Clan here in Germany, will all my official documentation need to be amended after March next year to change from British to Irish?
  4. Hi, due to the ridiculous Brexit coming up in March, I am looking to continue my EU Citizenship (Currently British) via my Grandad's Irish Side. For this I need to provide several documents from my Grandad (sadly passed away) including Original Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates. For the Birth and Marriage Certificates, this shouldnt be a problem via my Uncle but the a Certified Death Certificate can only be supplied, is this enough to prove my Grandfathers Citizenship? Also, am I correct in understanding that once the Foreign Birth Registration has completed, I can then and only then apply for an Irish Passport?   Any Info / help would be greatly appreciated.   Regards, Sean