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  1. Hi,   I submitted a [late] tax return for 2006 in early September 2007 using WISO Sparbuch and the Elster Online system. My German is pretty poor, but I managed to use the software, and I'm under the impression the tax return was submitted... this is what the software says at least.   But 3 months later, and I have received nothing in the post from the Finanzamt, and the WISO Sparbuch software says after contacting the Elster system that no decision has been reached on my tax return.   The tax return itself should have been straightforward to process, and I'm due to get a good bit of money back, so I don't want to lose this.   If anyone has any experience with this...   Should I be worried? Or is 3+ months pretty normal to have to wait, especially given that I handed it in 6 months after it was technically due? In particular, should I be worried given that I'm approaching the year-end of 2007?   Does anyone know if the Finanzamt accept queries about the status of returns via email, or do you need to phone / call in person?   This may sound like a silly question, but where I come from it can make a big difference when interacting with the state institutions that you call in person, as emails are often ignored. But my German is still sufficiently poor that I try to do these things by email if at all possible.