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  1. So there were no big decisions. The CSU and SPD reps are going to come round and have a look at the center. Here's the SZ write up. And here's one more link for anyone looking to support the family center and interested in taking in some theater at the Brunnenhof in the Residenz on Monday -- the American Drama Group will be kindly donating the ticket price to us. Tickets here! Thanks.
  2. A mini-update. We've submitted petitions to change the 'Kinderlärm' law which protects Kitas to extend this protection to family centers as well. The petitions are being considered at the state and national level. We'll be discussing the Bavarian petition on Thursday 11.7. at the Landtag. Kind of exciting, I've never been inside. :-) More information here:  www.elki-schwabing.de/news.html
  3. “Ziegen have Kinder in Germany.  Menschen have Kinder as well.  Same word for both here”   — Really? Don’t Ziegen have Zicken? Asking for a friend...
  4. Thanks Double D. You know, it is what it is. Many visitors express a genuine need for a real life community gathering place in our digitally influenced urban culture and the family center is growing organically according to what the volunteers support. I’m so pleased that so many people find joy, comfort and friendship in the programs on offer. Thanks for your support as well. FYI, our case (requesting the right to appeal at the state level) has been admitted to the Supreme Court (they only accept 5%) and will be discussed on September 20th.
  5. The Eltern-Kind-Zentrum Schwabing/Maxvorstadt is a non-profit organization providing early education, childcare, child raising support and health classes, language classes as well as integration opportunities to families in Munich.   In September we moved into a space that was formerly a 'Schlecker Laden' and are now being threatened with a law suit for 'Unterlassung.' The premise is that the unit we rented three months ago is only fit for a shop and not any other purpose according to the internal building code (Teilungserklärung). The law suit is being put forth by 6 neighbors in the building complex who are worried about having families with children in their midst. The city has all but approved our paperwork and sees no reason for us not to open our doors. It is strictly a dispute of the private housing code and the phrase 'Laden.' (The 'Laden' was also previously a 'Büro' -- also not a shop, so there is an existing precedent for a different use in the same space).   We're looking for a pro bono lawyer to take on the case. The groundwork has been done by a well known Munich lawyer who will be representing our landlord and can't, therefore, represent our organization as well. He's agreed to meet with our lawyer and walk through the case, we just need a representative to submit our response before December 17th. As a non-profit organization we can award receipts for the volunteer work which can be deducted from one's taxes (Sachspendebescheinigung).   Please respond quickly via PM with your suggestions. Thank you.   Kind regards, Lara Mosdal, Chair