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  1. Kindergarten staff negligence

    Thank you all again for all of your valuable input. May be I just expected that kindergarten carer are well trained and will know when to call doctor. Her arm was swollen and she couldn't move and as I stated she was in pain of broken arm for around 2 hours and they were still of the opinion that nothing was serious.   @franklan to be very honest, dr told us that arm was broken just by looking at it without x-ray. It was in pretty bad shape. 
  2. Kindergarten staff negligence

    Thank you everyone for your time and answers, appreciate it a lot.    @dj_jay_smith Question about taking legal action wasn't about compensation, I should have been more clear, it was rather about making sure that they don't throw this incident under the carpet and to make sure there is some kind of internal inquiry at least  and consequences.   I don't know who to contact in case kindergarten staff doesn't even acknowledge their mistake. Is there is any higher department in which I should speak to, jungendamt may be? But will they be neutral enough to take any action.   Thank you again.
  3. Kindergarten staff negligence

    Hi, Yesterday, my 4 years old daughter fall during climbing a rope in kindergarten and broke her arm. According to her, nobody was around but after some time a carer watched her cry and asked what happened. Anyways her arm was swollen but somehow staff at kindergarten assumed that it wasn't serious while actually it was a broken arm, so they didn't call any emergency doctor and after sometime they called us that your daughter had an accident, it's nothing serious but she will not stop crying so please come and pick her up. We live a bit far from kindergarten so it took my wife around half an hour to reached there. One carer had some ice on her arm and they were persistent that it's nothing serious. In the meanwhile, I also reached there and at this time, it would be around 2 hours since the accident happened. I asked the secretary at kindergarten that why didn't you call an emergency Dr and answer was that it wasn't serious and we only call emergency Dr when it's very serious. Anyways speechless, we left there for hospital and Dr confirmed that its a Borken arm so they performed a surgery.   Now my question is, is it normal what that Kingarten secretary stated about calling emergency Doctor. My daughter was in  absolute pain for about 2 hours just because they assumed it was nothing serious. What other options do I have, can I take any legal action against kindergarten.   Thank you for your time for reading this post and I will highly appreciate any kind of advice in this regard.   Thank you.