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  1. What TV channels show the super bowl?

    Alternatively you can sign up to free for a month, watch the game with original US commentary (but without the commercials) and then cancel your subscription straight after the game.
  2. Bike cellar silliness

    As a regular cyclist, I feel quite a bit of sympathy for Alderhill. Thankfully I don't live in communal space any more, but I can remember such frustrations. People who cycle 6 weeks a year don't really get what it's like for everyday, rain or shine cyclists. Imagine if there were 8 car parking spaces in front of your building and 4 were permanently occupied by rusted old cars from the 1980's. Would you just accept the situation or would you want to do something about that? Or if a neighbour parked his caravan and three-months-a-year convertible on two of the communal spots?   Honestly I don't know what sort of people buy €1,000+ bicycles that get used 6 times a year and then permanently occupy a bike stand without any thought for regular cyclists. Probably the same people who abandon bikes at the train station and wait for the city to organise and pay for their disposal. We're living in a society here!