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  1. Bike cellar silliness

    As a regular cyclist, I feel quite a bit of sympathy for Alderhill. Thankfully I don't live in communal space any more, but I can remember such frustrations. People who cycle 6 weeks a year don't really get what it's like for everyday, rain or shine cyclists. Imagine if there were 8 car parking spaces in front of your building and 4 were permanently occupied by rusted old cars from the 1980's. Would you just accept the situation or would you want to do something about that? Or if a neighbour parked his caravan and three-months-a-year convertible on two of the communal spots?   Honestly I don't know what sort of people buy €1,000+ bicycles that get used 6 times a year and then permanently occupy a bike stand without any thought for regular cyclists. Probably the same people who abandon bikes at the train station and wait for the city to organise and pay for their disposal. We're living in a society here!
  2. Zattoo limiting VPN and DNS access

    I didn't realise the Swiss version does not work at all outside Switzerland without Smart DNS. Using the German/Spanish subscription, without Smart DNS Zattoo would just revert to the version of the country you were in.
  3. Zattoo limiting VPN and DNS access

    I switched over to a Swiss Zattoo account last week. I notice today that when I try to use Zattoo at work on my Android phone (standard German ISP DNS), Zattoo does not revert to the German version, but instead displays the Swiss version channels. Those channels do not play however - a 'not available to stream in this country' message is displayed on all channels, including the German ones.    
  4. Getflix and Dazn networking issue

    Yes, it's 100% a Getflix issue. I have tried a few times to report it as a bug that needs to be fixed, but their (increasingly frustrating) customer service keeps asking me to change basic settings and take screenshots, which is a waste of my time. I was hoping for a quick DIY solution, but it seems I just have to jump through their hoops to finally reach their tech team.
  5. Getflix and Dazn networking issue

    I have Getflix DNS servers in my DDWRT router and all is working well. They recently added support to, a sports service that I subscribe to here in Germany. In Getflix settings, you have the option to change the version of DAZN to various regions worldwide, and the option to turn this off and revert to your home country. As I am based in Germany, I want to revert to my home country, Germany. The problem is, when I turn off the region option for DAZN on Getflix, I get a 'Not available in your country message' when I use DAZN. The workaround is to set the Getflix option for DAZN to 'Germany'. This works, but I don't want to do this long-term in case they start clamping down on the DNS and VPN providers.   I have contacted DAZN repeatedly, but they keep fobbing me off. My question: Would it be possible to redirect the DNS request for away from Getflix while having all other DNS requests going through their servers as normal? How could it be done?    
  6. How to access BBC iPlayer from Germany

    Yes, iPlayer is not working for me either using Getflix DNS at the moment. Vodafone/KD internet is exceptionally slow and unreliable for me right now, too.
  7. Zattoo limiting VPN and DNS access

    Agree with everything there Murphaph. I think that Zattoo could come under pressure from the German broadcasters though, especially because of Germans making use of the Recall feature and the HD versions of RTL, etc available on the Swiss offering through DNS/VPN. Live Sport is also a topic, although the Champions League is disappearing completely from free-to-air tv in DE, CH & AUT next year.
  8. Zattoo limiting VPN and DNS access

    Lots and lots of their customers were on the €29 a year Spanish subscription for the last couple of years. It was a bit of a secret tip for a while, but it has become common knowledge, meaning Zattoo had to do something about it. You can be sure Zattoo knew what was going on the whole time. I just think they turned a blind eye as they were gaining customers and weren't losing any money that way. The higher subscription fees in CH and DE in the last few years were probably because of broadcasters' demands for a bigger slice of the pie.   The way they are going about things now does not seem like a preparation for a big crackdown on DNS and VPN in my opinion. It looks like they are tidying up their operation, but without any big desire to lose the income from non-Swiss customers. Why else would they be so carefully moving people over from Spanish to Swiss accounts, while rewarding them with vouchers for doing so?
  9. Advice on dentistry costs in Germany

    Just wondering about standard costs for a typical check-up appointment at a dentist as a private patient.   My last appointment lasted about an hour, involved the usual scraping away of 'Zahnstein' and a 'Professionelle Zahnreinigung' and the invoice came to €540! Looking back at his bills, they are never below €400, this one being a bit more expensive as he said he needed to do an x-ray and also had one of his staff give me a flossing demonstration, which was also billed for. Looking at his bills, he always notes 'erhöhte Schwierigkeit' at almost every point.   As I have to cover a few hundred 'Selbstbehalt', it is quite annoying that the costs are so high. My insurance often refuses to pay all of the costs because I hit the maximum coverage level. Is this typical? What does your check-up usually cost as a private patient?    
  10. German v English pronunciation

    So, my class today yet again complained about English pronunciation. The point that got to them was when a waitress offered wine to the guests on the learning DVD we were watching. She spoke with a rather posh southern English accent and said what sounded like "July t'try the wine, sir?", which they were all convinced was "Do you like to try the wine, sir?". They all wanted to know where the 'would' had disappeared to. They also maintain that our pronunciation consists mainly of "Verschlucken" and "Nuscheln" i.e. "swallowing" words and mumbling, and that Germans don't do this (I barely stifled my laughter that a Bavarian of all people had the cheek to say that!). Anyway, is German generally so much more clearly pronounced, or are the Germans just convincing themselves of things yet again.