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  1. Getflix and Dazn networking issue

    I have Getflix DNS servers in my DDWRT router and all is working well. They recently added support to, a sports service that I subscribe to here in Germany. In Getflix settings, you have the option to change the version of DAZN to various regions worldwide, and the option to turn this off and revert to your home country. As I am based in Germany, I want to revert to my home country, Germany. The problem is, when I turn off the region option for DAZN on Getflix, I get a 'Not available in your country message' when I use DAZN. The workaround is to set the Getflix option for DAZN to 'Germany'. This works, but I don't want to do this long-term in case they start clamping down on the DNS and VPN providers.   I have contacted DAZN repeatedly, but they keep fobbing me off. My question: Would it be possible to redirect the DNS request for away from Getflix while having all other DNS requests going through their servers as normal? How could it be done?