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  1. I need Help with Tax Calculation

    Hi,   I am an Indian moved to Germany this month (may 2011) for a full time job. I understand that in Germany the financial Year is from Jan-Dec which is different in India where the financial year is from Apr-March   I am married and have kid. Both my wife and kid are yet to Join me in Germany. They are awaiting for their Visa   I want to know how the Tax is being calculated.   1. Since my first month of work here in Germany is May 2011, Will I be charged tax for Jan-Apr even though I had been working in India? 2. Will I be considered for Tax bracket III even though my wife and kid are yet to join? (my wife is not working anywhere) 3. I have not got my Tax Card Yet (Lohnsteuerkarten). So how will my tax be?   I am curious because this is my first month and I have to start setting up everything here   P.S. I am working in Stuttgart area   Thanks in advance