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  1. Hello,   Is anyone able to help me on the following issue? ...   I'm currently working as self-employed in Romania, in the IT business. I want to work and live in Germany, and recently I have found a company in Bavaria to work for.   I know that, since Romania is an EU state, it is possible to work as Romanian self-employed for maximum 180 days in Germany, and to pay all the taxes only in Romania: wage tax, pension and health. But after my self-employed contract would expire, I would like to continue working as full-time employee for the same German company, and pay all the taxes in Germany only.   Can anyone tell me if is this possible? I don't know exactly how the German finance is considering income taxation, would it consider that my Romanian self-employed (called PFA) and my German employee status are two different things, even working for the same company, therefore the yearly German income would only be the one from my full-time employment, and only pay German taxes for that one?   The reason for first working as Romanian self-employed in Germany is that currently in Romania the taxes for IT self-emplyed are quite low.   Thanks in advance for you help.