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  1. Canadians have an accent also. I find most people in SoCal do not have an accent unless they live in the Valley or the ghetto. I can usual pass for native until I say to much then I sound like I come from Holland or maybe Belgium.


  2. I agree it is a very dangerous issue in many people's eyes. One that brigns out the old-school conservative feelings in even the most liberal people. But you haven't actually given one good reason why someone who has made a country their home for the long haul should be treated any differently than someone who just happened to be born their. from Owain


    The problem is that who would decide what 'long haul' actually is. 10 years, 20 years. Maybe married with kids in that country. In the EU that might be ok but in the US that would just bring more illegal immigrants into the country if they knew they could vote and change the immigration law if they were here 20-30 years and a lot of them are.


    It's a difficult and sometimes unfair rule but who decides now and who would be deciding in the future?


  3. 2 days is not enough time in San Diego. Go to the mountains near Julian, where they make the best pie on the way to the desert. Four-wheeling in the desert once you are there. The Indian Casinos. Point Loma Lighthouse. The bluffs at Torrey Pines and the world famous golf course. Old Town, the Palomar Observatory (famous) and the beach. Hotel Del on Coronado Island is a must see.


  4. If Mexicans were treated so badly in the US there wouldn't be so many millions of them here. Citizens here have to fight the government to get the illegals out of the jobs and out of the country. You can go into any Emergency room here and find 80% foreigners, most of them Mexicans there for the free health care. As an American citizen I don't get them.


    I know hundreds of Germans here in San Diego and they are here legally and they don't want to go back. I want to move to Germany and I can't.


    It's tough all over..


    Just sayin'.


  5. I have caught many and I do what you are doing and then start setting a catch cage out and putting the food in it. Once they go in with me there I shut it.


    mlovett: To get them to stay at the new place put them inside somewhere for a few weeks; a garage. a shed or the apartment and feed them in there. One day open the door and out they go but continue to feed them in there for another few months and then put the food where you want to. They will be used to the area then. Thank you for taking care of them.


  6. I have over 10 years experience in mainframe operations (also called Enterprise Operations Analyst) IBM and HP3000, but good jobs are getting harder to find as the smaller companies move to server farms. I was just wondering if anyone knows if there are any such jobs in Germany and if so, how to go about getting one. I speak good German. I lived there several years for 5 years and would like to return again. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas? Any area would be considered. Also, and yes I said I speak good German but I do not know what that would job would be called in German. Thanks for any advice or help.


  7. They have associated cancer with bad teeth as junk from the teeth, infections, etc will go through the whole body.


    Root canals are not that bad.


    I agree it is better to take care of your teeth with a good dentist than suffer and pay a fortune later when you really are in pain and have to get it taken care of.


  8. i don't know why the rest of the world hasn't figured out how to make the lights change when there is traffic and otherwise leave the main drags green unless someone comes from a side road. Here in California, lights change quickly because there are sensors in the road that recognize a car is sitting there. No car, the lights never change. Of course if you ride a bicycle you are out of luck as they are not heavy enough. As much as I like Germany, it is wonderful to not sit at lights for what feels like hours and to not stop unless there really is a reason to stop. The lights are not on timers.


  9. I can only say that if you have lived anywhere on the Mexican border you have heard about foreigners in the U.S. But no, no one there talks about integration just not causing problems so that would be different that in Germany. Newspapers, television, radio and schooling is in Spanish here. On buses and billboards and no one, well not out loud anyway, says anything about the Hispanic population integrating into the local culture. Maybe because they were here first. lol