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  1. I can't think of anybody else I would want to be for just a day. Think how miserable you might be if they had the great life you think they have, and you had to give it back. I wouldn't change anything for just a day, except maybe a war or genocide so the people involved in it have a day of rest and peace. More than that I can't do for anyone.


  2. The problem with horse meat, besides the fact that they are looked upon as pets, is that most horses, before they end up on the dinner table, have had more chemicals in or on them than most other animals. Horses get injections for lameness, they get shots against diseases, they get fly spray sprayed all over their bodies on a daily basis and even get fed chemicals to keep flies to a minimum on the manure pile. Some barns even have fly sprayers that spray the air every few hours and thus the horses breathe it in. I have a horse and she gets more chemicals on her than I would put on me. I know her lifespan is only 25 years or so so I don't worry about it like I would for myself and it keeps her sound, clean and happy for the years she has but I would never think of eating a horse.


    You don't know what that horse has been through. I had an ex-race horse that had a collapsed vein in his neck from daily injections from the track. Older horse are fed NSAIDs daily for pain and inflammation control and horse also get ulcer meds. Horses are doped for handling. Until they raise horses like they raise cows, just for food, I would not touch horse meat.


  3. I can turn this around and wonder what would have happened had a stayed in Germany? I married an American and moved to the states. 20 years later, divorced and still living here. (I am from Canada). Now I want to come back and although I have a B.S. and am working on an MBA, being over 45 cuts me out of many jobs in Germany as does my footloose style of living, moving from job to job because I get bored. I have lived all over the states, from NYC to San Diego,CA and in between but sometime I just get the urge to go back to Germany. But I can't because of the visa problem. I still speak the language as I work as an account manager. CSR for German and UK companies from the states. I miss the seasons and the food and yes the crazy German customs sometimes. California is boring unless you surf maybe and I don't. I feel like home is calling me to come back and I often wonder what would my life be like if I had stayed there.


    Anyone else have regrets about leaving Germany?


  4. I am doing a project and need information about what kind of insurance is needed when one has a business in Germany. What kind of paperwork are they required to keep regarding worker's compensation. I have read that they have OSH logs for incidents? Just any information that anyone has about having a business, not a freelance in Germany. This is for a project so I don't really want to contact an attorney and get billed. I am not starting a business in Germany or anywhere right now. I am just interested and have spent a lot of time on the Internet but can't find a website that just has that information and has it clearly. Ex: In the U.S a business has to have Worker's Comp, they can offer health care although it is not obligatory right now. They keep required OSHA logs for the Occupation Safety blah blah for each year.


    I would appreciate any help I could get here and I hope I put the question in the right category. I can read german so a link to a government website would be ok.


    Another question is: What exactly in Ausfallversicherung? Someone tried to tell me it was like an umbrella insurance but it looks to me like it is in case a company has money problems. Anyone have any ideas?


    Thank you. Any help is appreciated and jokes are ok too.


  5. ExpatUSA you are correct. There are probably more Germans in Southern California than in all of Germany. Just kidding but there are a ton of them there. I've asked them why they are in California even though they are all proud to be German. They say the people are nicer, less zickig, less likely to want to fight with you. Less rules and regulations and of course the weather. They all head home once a year but they live in California and have no intention of changing that unless the visa runs out.


  6. I think if you are providing a place to live and food you do have a say of what goes on in your home. Granted, pushing it to far would drive them elsewhere but I don't think you should have to put up with excessive PDA in front of you in your own house!


    As Dragonseer says above: start a conversation with her but in the end both you and your wife have to be comfortable in the home too.


  7. I had a female boss in Germany who told me that she thought the Nazis should have taken care of the "Jewish Problem." My jaw dropped on the floor. Needless to say I went looking for another job as soon as I could. To this day I look back at that and still shake my head. This was back in the 70's in Köln.


  8. I think it is always harder for the foreign women to go outside their culture. If a German girl likes an American man or British, they like the freedom these men bring with them outside of the controlling German environment. When a woman moves to Germany she is most likely to marry a German man because there are more of them and then they have to make the difficult adjustment because you are in their world and they expect you to adjust.


  9. Moonpin: I think you got it right. And you have to think that a lot of those 'rich' people thought like we did once and yet once they had the money, found it hard to let it go. I mean you see how much money some of them give away into foundations and such and yet it it is a small fraction of what they really have.


  10. Thanks Gwaptiva. I just found that you had answered my post and I do appreciate it. I'm finding more jobs in the UK for mainframe operators than in Germany which is interesting and at least in the UK I can possibly get an Ancestry Visa via my grandparents. But I still want to return to Germany.


    The search continues and if anyone knows of any jobs in this field or who has a mainframe and might need someone, please let me know.


    Thank you.