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  1. I wanted to rent a car to drive from Paris to Trier and the price went up almost $1000 as soon as I got to the payment page.  And yet when I ordered the same car from Paris and then 10 days in Germany and back to Paris it went down to below $400. And that is with the paid insurance.  Could it be because I ordered i this time from the USA?  I never had this problem when I ordered from Germany. But, my VPN was set for Austria even though I am currently in Los Angeles.


  2. The poor future baby can be spared an existence as an unwanted product of an extramarital affair and being sent back most likely with its mother to her home country, which we ignore, but which quite likely could be much less friendly with extramarital affair offspring and unmarried mothers than German society. And please, don't come up with religious or moral objections.


    You have your opinion and other people are entitled to their opinions.  How dismissive to tell someone else to "not come up with religious or moral objections."


    How about you not worry what other people believe?


  3. I see victims...  Must be terrible spending your life looking over your shoulder for racism, sexism...


    btw, i have never had a problem with cops in Germany , Canada or the USA. When stopped, and I have been many times, I am polite, accept they are doing their job and have the right to go home safely to their family and am on my way quickly. (except for that one time between Canada and the USA, but that is another story.)  And I still made it out unscathed.


  4. On 7/22/2018, 12:42:56, swimmer said:

    Yes, I was thinking that later.   


    Like I rail against sexism and then have to remind myself one particular bit of the UK in particular is prehistoric on women's rights, so being a person of colour here is probably far safer than being one the more racist parts of the US (at least from what I hear about how that group gets treated there).  Wihch is not to excuse it or not push back, but we are hardly from a background of saints.

    I fly all over the USA when I am here and I see no evidence of the racism that you are speaking of.  I am sure it exists in certain situations and I do not want to belittle what people feel about what they experience, because as a women I do 'feel' and experience sexism at work and in social situations also.   (And male acquaintances will sometimes try to to belittle that). What I wanted to say is don't believe everything you are reading about the US from Europe anymore than I believe all I recently read in an American magazine while waiting for a plane.  At this time, there is probably more blatant racism in Europe than in America.


  5. On 7/8/2018, 8:49:56, Tap said:

    Back to this incident, it doesn't look like the girls needed any help and I'm sure if they did, someone would have stepped in, or they would have asked for it, but they didn't.

    Germans tend to be cowardly about helping other people. Their natural tendency is to take care of themselves first.  As a woman, if someone is touching my hair, they are to close and they are going to far.  These are young girls raised in a culture of going along to get along and they know no one in the train is going to help them.  It doesn't mean they were not concerned or scared. When I see such things, I let the men/boys involved know that I am watching them and maybe recording them.  I would rather be fined than let someone get potentially hurt.  But then I was raised in a culture where (Canada) where people help each other out.


  6. On 5/8/2018, 8:02:38, yourkeau said:

    "I don't hate foreigners" = "my definition of hate is different than yours".


    You wrote that foreigners coming in large numbers would vote for left wing parties in Bavaria and lead to its collapse. That was so stupid and ridiculous that I will never forget it. That post of yours was one of the most stupid things ever written on TT.


    I don't think you have changed your mind. You just do not express such nonsense in public now, but you still believe in it. For you we all are a threat (because you don't like generalizations, ahahaha). Stockholm syndrome by Le Cheese does not change the bitter truth.

    yourkeau I was on your side until you wrote this.  Making a statement of fact is not hate, it is truth.  Look at statistics of any 1st world country and see what the majority of recent immigrants vote for.  Usually more money and subsidies for themselves and their newly arriving countrymen.  That is painting a wide brush maybe but facts don't lie.  Sanctuary cities in the US are a prime example of more and more taxation for things that don't help the long-time inhabitants of the city.  San Francisco went from a nice place to a dump in 20 years.  I've seen the city featured in UK and German television as a not very nice place to visit and full of homeless, who get great benefits and subsidies, and which not very safe for the same reason.




  7. On 2/23/2018, 1:17:35, AlexCLE said:

    My dad is coming to visit and needs to take the train from Frankfurt to Stuttgart and I'm not sure the best approach. If he buys a ticket on the spot in the Frankfurt Hbf is it much more expensive than ordering one ahead of time? The Sparangebot price is only 30 euro but if his plane is late and he misses the train he's out of luck. The Flexpreis is 69 euro which seems really steep in comparison. What's the best way to handle this?


    Separately, I'm looking at taking the family to Berlin and if I do the regular ticket search it's about 500 euro round trip. But if I click the other tab for Sparpreis search I can find prices that are half as much. As far as I can tell the only difference is the Sparpreis doesn't include use of the local U or S trains. What else is different?

    Be careful going to Berlin on a Sunday.  It is my experience they cancel a lot of trains going that way on Sundays.  You do get an email warning but then you have to go and find other seats on another train.


  8. I believe in walking softly but carrying a weapon, even if it is only a glass bottle of something.  Good for swinging at heads and if broken it becomes a great weapon to lunge at groins, heads, stomach.  Until the Germans get over their passivity and thinking someone else, like the government needs to fix things, this problem is not going away. If enough people march and complain and raise a bit of a ruckus, not everyone can be fined and imprisoned.


  9. 1 hour ago, wien4ever said:

    It's really ridiculous this requirement to renounce. It is very nationalistic at it's core. Americans get so much flak for being 'nationalistic', but then there's this rule of renouncing. I don't think it really engenders loyalty. The USA doesn't require it, and it accepted millions of Germans over its history - allowing them to acquire citizenship through naturalization and without the need for renouncing former citizenship. That they cannot extend that to US expats is silly (mind you if Germans get US citizenship they can still retain German citizenship these days). We are not third-worlders and most of us from the US are productive immigrants. Granted, I know that it is also has to do with allied occupation of Germany after WW2, but then, the French and other european occupiers are allowed to retain dual citizenship. Is it really all just about rejecting the Turkish minority? For claiming to be so reformed and open to immigrants, it's really a backward minded allegiance 'by blood' or by arbitrary exclusivity. Ironically if Germany were to open up to immigrants in a *real* way, it will get the loyalty that it seeks. But it's their country and so be it.

    That is actually not quite true. I have 2 German friends in the USA who received a nice little letter from Germany as soon as they applied for American citizen telling them they will be required to turn their German passports in.  They can only keep their citizenship if they can prove major circumstances that keep them tied to Germany and if they spend so much time a year in Germany for those circumstances.


  10. Guessing you're a black guy thinking the white man is putting you down.  You should try and lose the attitude.  The people here help you if they can but not if you give this racist attitude to them.  I had to look up that you were an American because your English is so bad.  Not knowing your own language is not going to help you learn German.


    That said. I do hope you take some advice from these people and I hope things work out for you.


  11. Some people seem very fear driven here.  I lived in Germany and liked it. Germany certainly has its advantages.  In the states people are afraid to go to Europe now, because of the news.  Don't believe all you read and hear!


    I have lived all over the US the last 10 years and I don't really see any big changes since Trump came to office. Ok, a few less Mexicans hanging on the street corners looking for work.  The Antifa crazies are here, believe me but the average working, and I emphasize working, person goes to work, goes home and basically lives their lives the same as before.  There are more haters, but if you can tune the news out and choose what you watch it won't suck you in. And most of the haters are the left, at least the ones I see. Of course I don't live in the South but when i did, I worked in a diverse company and there were no problems.


    If you have family in the states who want you here. Choose where you are happiest.