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  1. I would love it but I have no visa and am currently not in the country.  I also speak B2/C1 German and if you are interested, let me know.  I am also over 55 btw. PM me and I can send you a resume with computer experience as well.
  2. Your experiences with German bureaucracy

    I have VA. I am guessing that is not good enough....
  3. Your experiences with German bureaucracy

    JG52: Can I ask what insurance you have from America that is accepted in Germany?
  4. Germany and non EU dual citizenship

    The authorities from both countries are very aware of what goes on.  My German friend gave up her German citizenship, yea crazy, and Germany sent her a letter stating she had to turn in her German passport.
  5. Pregnant without legal status in Germany

    The poor future baby can be spared an existence as an unwanted product of an extramarital affair and being sent back most likely with its mother to her home country, which we ignore, but which quite likely could be much less friendly with extramarital affair offspring and unmarried mothers than German society. And please, don't come up with religious or moral objections.   You have your opinion and other people are entitled to their opinions.  How dismissive to tell someone else to "not come up with religious or moral objections."   How about you not worry what other people believe?
  6. Street checked by die Polizei

    I see victims...  Must be terrible spending your life looking over your shoulder for racism, sexism...   btw, i have never had a problem with cops in Germany , Canada or the USA. When stopped, and I have been many times, I am polite, accept they are doing their job and have the right to go home safely to their family and am on my way quickly. (except for that one time between Canada and the USA, but that is another story.)  And I still made it out unscathed.