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  1. Coronavirus

    Who uses Wikipedia as a competent source?
  2.   Don't be so sure. 
  3. Coronavirus

    If anyone is interested in what goes on in China, I can recommend ADVCHina channel as well as serpentza.  Both guys lived for years in China and have Chinese wives. They speak the language and remain in contact with people there. What they said in one video, is that the Chinese government announced that they were closing the Wuhan area hours before they did it and a lot of people left before they got trapped.  They then went on social media, faces covered and announced that they had escaped. That is the typical Chinese attitude of take care of me and the rest of you be damned if I bring the bug to you.
  4. Move to South Bavaria???

    Because Trump is not (capable of becoming) a dictator, he "only" provoked pogroms with his posts. And yes, certain people left because of him as their life became no more safe.   INTERESTING:   I know many jewish people in the USA and Canada who have left places like Berlin and Paris because of the muslim attacks they have received. Most of them are worried about their children.
  5. Wisdom from pop music

    I don't have digital I don't have diddly squat It's not having what you want It's wanting what you've got I'm gonna soak up the sun I'm gonna tell everyone To lighten up I'm gonna tell 'em that I've got no one to blame For every time I feel lame I'm looking up I'm gonna soak up the sun I'm gonna soak up the sun ~Sheryl Crow
  6. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    German men are the least aggressive men I know. There are a lot of Waschlappen among them.  Can't even ask a girl
  7. Need legal advice for my friend

    I think one needs to differentiate between the terms migrant, immigrant and refugee to find the correct statistics of who does and doesn't work.
  8. Buy a Chromebook here or in the US?

    I have a Google Pixelbook and a Pixel phone and I love it. BUT, in Prague, I 'lost' my charger and they didn't sell them in the Czech Republic as of Oct 2018. I also had a problem finding them in Germany in such stores as Media Markt. I finally found one in Dresden, near the Hauptbahnhof at a smaller, privately owned store.  They will become more popular but are not as popular as they are in the US. Everyone wanted to see it and my Pixel phone.
  9. The "why it is difficult to leave" thread

    Nigeria just charged 57 men for being.... gay. 
  10. Car rental in Germany

    I wanted to rent a car to drive from Paris to Trier and the price went up almost $1000 as soon as I got to the payment page.  And yet when I ordered the same car from Paris and then 10 days in Germany and back to Paris it went down to below $400. And that is with the paid insurance.  Could it be because I ordered i this time from the USA?  I never had this problem when I ordered from Germany. But, my VPN was set for Austria even though I am currently in Los Angeles.
  11. meeting german girls for dating in saarland

    Stop using wanna...
  12. Bankrupt but picky