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  1. Dinner meat at age 41

    We use comida for feeding the horses.
  2. Travel to the US and back.

  3. E-Bike / Pedelec recommendations

    I bought one here in CA made in CA. Unfortunately the battery is Chinese. Electra Townie Go! 7D. Nice bike.  Unfortunately, since I am moving to the EU, the battery becomes a problem.  I spoke with a bike shop owner in Warsaw and he said they sell Electra there, and he should be able to hook me up with a battery when the bike gets there. I have heard that you can freight by sea, but I have yet to find anyone who does that for a 5.8lb Lithium Ion Battery. If anyone knows any company who would ship from San Diego or LA to Poland, please let me know.  Otherwise I might have to sell it before and hope to find one when I get there.  It's a good bike without the battery but being older, it is nice for hills to have a little push.  
  4. Travel to the US and back.

    Yes, Germany. I was told I would get into Poland, because with the work permit, I am considered essential. I can't get my resident visa here in LA as the Polish consulate is closed.  I was told I would get in, but I would have to quarantine for 2 weeks.  That is why I would consider going to Canada for 2 weeks. I could then just fly to Europe. As a Canadian citizen, I would get into Canada which Americans cannot right now.
  5. Travel to the US and back.
  6. Travel to the US and back.
  7. How to legalise foreign divorce in Germany

    Just a silly question.  What happens if you got married without telling them you were married and divorced before in another country?  Do they really have the means and interest to follow up on every detail of someone's life?  I am just interested in knowing how much they can know about someone or if there is enough going on, that they just take your word for it if you said you had never been married. Thank you.
  8. Travel to the US and back.
  9. Travel to the US and back.
  10. Travel to the US and back.

      Latest news out today was that the virus is weakening. Not that it has gone away but in order to survive, it can't kill its hosts so it is evolving into a less virulent form.
  11. Moving from Germany to US (Need Advice)

    I have been receiving items purchased from Asia, yes and from the UK. I haven't heard anything about no packages allowed to the US.
  12. Berlin restaurants reopen

                                                                         .Where I am currently in CA, Walmart and Target have remained open. You can buy electronics and clothes as well as food.
  13. My neighbor's smoke is bothering me

    People usually gain weight because they need something to do with their hands as well as something to put in their mouths. (Waiting) I am not so sure that nicotine is much of a stimulant after so many  years, as the body has become used to it. My friends who have quit smoking say they need something to do so they eat or chew gum.
  14. Do you like living in Germany?

    The middle class pays most of the taxes and doesn't really earn enough to pay up to $100k in tuition. News for you! The kids get out of school in debt and never get out of it. Why should low income kids get free education?  What did they do to deserve it. Now if someone goes into medicine or engineering, I have no problem with free education for everyone. The problem is, is that most of them take liberal arts courses that will not get a real job that pays back the $100k in debt they racked up. That applies to both sides.
  15. Do you like living in Germany?

    In America, most low income families end up not paying much for college. Disclaimer here as I am sure some people did, but the people I know and work with get their education basicially free. AND in CA if you illegal, you can get grants and pretty much go to college for free. It's the middle class in America that royally gets screwed.