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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    Just a thought without having read in detail. Is Boris saying the UK WILL use imperial measurements or that it is no longer court-case-worthy that an individual shop ( butcher or whatever ) offers sausages in pounds and ounces etc? 
  2. US opens up for travellers from the EU and the UK from November for the fully vaccinated:
  3. Yep, Keleth! That was a mischievous must watch👍 And I've found some really old footage of some of his goals:
  4.   Jimmy Greaves😒
  5. I have been in Greece for nearly 8 years and still have a Bahnkarte because I always forget to cancel it. They take the payment every January or so.  😂 I am incorrigible.😩
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    I grew up with feet and inches and stuff like that. Whether a Tory stunt or not, I am still better at feet and inches and stone and pounds. If someone says " 15 centimetres ", I am still hesitant with my thumb and forefinger what that is. I can do two inches immediately but the centimetres .. have to think about it. And 75 Fahrenheit still sounds hot! 😂 And that despite living in other people's countries for decades!😄
  7. What made you laugh today?

    In town today! On the hit list was whether a packet we sent off from Hamburg a couple of weeks ago full of Leberwurst and shirts ( and for some reason - new socks😂) has arrived. We made a list of to-do and that included going to a courier place ( there are a few and they are not good at letting you know😂).   So we did everything EXCEPT go to one of the courier places! And we remembered on the way back home. Little did we know..knackered from the heat and relaxing back home.. " jassou, Mr John. For Nicole." Postman arrived!  Leberwurst ohne Ende! And socks and stuff! Too hot for socks right now! 😂  
  8. You may have missed snowingagain's irony/ sarcasm there, Keleth😄. Edit: viagra and stuff.. LONG Covid? ( to stay on topic😂)... I don't do viagra. My eyesight is so poor. I can't see what is long or not!
  9. Brexit: The fallout 😂
  10. The "why it is difficult to leave" thread

    Progress! Back in Crete, enjoying gorgeous weather - but I sorted out my permanent residence stuff in Hamburg the other week and have secured an apartment in Harburg from 1st October. Dog friendly❤️. Next step: back to Hamburg ( checking flights ) this month for maybe a week to sort more stuff out and then back to Crete for a while- Autumn is cute here👍.   This will all take a while but we're getting there!   
  11. Well, may have to leave Crete next year for several reasons but, whilst weighing up the pros and cons, I came across a picture we took a  couple of years ago one day not far from our village. Hm, that is not something I´d get to see in Hamburg.   Do you have a picture to share of the area or town you are in which would make it difficult for you to leave?        
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    I was in Harburg ( Hamburg ) a fortnight ago and asked for ein Pfund Tomaten at the market. Standard procedure there!  ( Next post- how to educate an American what a stone is!)😂
  13. Odd news As per the headline!!
  14. What made you laugh today? No, not this link! But it reminded me of a chat a couple of hours ago with a friend and his old joke! The joke? Van Gogh was in a pub in East London and a bloke asked him if he wanted a beer.   Van Gogh:  no thanks, I have one 'ere.
  15. Why are you happy today? As the headline explains.
  16. Public vs. private health insurance

    Actually, scook17, that is a common question.  " I am 40 now and am privately insured or considering it. What will I pay when I'm 70?" Nobody asks " I am publicly insured now and I am 40. What will I pay when I am 70?"   There is a simple, honest answer- nobody knows. But it will cost more than now in both systems even though nobody knows if both systems as they exist right now will exist in 30 years' time.      
  17. Theoretically, your girlfriend has a legal right to keep her current Direktversicherung provider where it is at the new company as long as she has been  paying the contributions herself ( including the fairly new 15 per cent top up from her previous employer ) but if her new employer has a group plan in operation -and especially if it is a large company - tough to fight against. Did your girlfriend originally sign up through an insurance agent or broker? If so, she should ask him/ her for advice.   She also has the right to transfer her existing Direktversicherung portfolio value to a new policy. But again - she needs to ask her insurance agent for advice/ help.   She can switch her current Direktversicherung to a private policy but will only have tax advantages is she switches to a Ruerup plan and not a private Rentenversicherung.    Again, ask your girlfriend to contact her agent or even the insurance company  if the latter would work.
  18. Why are you happy today?

    Stray cat, Oscar , was easy to coax into the cage. Worms coming out of his arse, toothache, in pain. Now has 4 fewer teeth, worm treatment working soon and castrated. The vet did the last bit free ( friend of Takis and he knows we care ). And Oscar can have a somewhat more relaxed life - though we will at some stage leave this fair isle. And then?   But anyway, for now.. no pain. 
  19. Why are you unhappy today? 😩
  20. Haftpflichtversicherung (liability insurance)

    I apologise if you think I am schooling you. It was a general warning based on my experience of fellow foreigners on here.  I don't know why DEVK want to know the profession of your friend for a personal liability insurance. It is irrelevant.
  21. Passport renewal situation (UK)

    Congrats, rob! Durham? I renewed mine about three years ago and I think I sent my old passport to Belfast. But I might be wrong! I remember a young man from a courier service on his motorbike arriving in the village here with my new and old passport. It was quick. About three weeks or so.
  22. Greece?
  23. Haftpflichtversicherung (liability insurance)

    Good evening, lewton! Everybody should have a personal liability insurance in Germany. Full stop. Some tariffs offer cover for mini- jobs but that depends on the mini- job. Your friend also freelances, which means he needs professional liability insurance ( depending etc on what he does ). A regular personal liability insurance is essential - regardless of any professional activity.
  24. Why are you unhappy today? Happy for this US cricketer.. but unhappy that the fascist machos have forbidden Afghanistani  women to play cricket or probably any other sport.
  25. What made you laugh today?

    The months have gone by , lockdown, time in Germany and all the rest of it and we wanted to finally have lunch at the newly reopened Italian place - our favourite place in town. We got there - the doors were closed. Three smiling Greek ladies next door told us : " he's closed today. Something he ate yesterday. He's got diarrhoea."  Ah well, saved by the bell!😂