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  1. Mass Shooting in Hanau

    So not only Governments, Keleth...the human condition...
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    I´m sorry to be so dim, Keleth..but what do you mean? And which Govt? Blair´s? May´s ? The other guy´s? Johnson´s?
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    The British Govt exploits its own citizens, Keleth?
  4. Beihilfe income limits, income deductions allowed?

    Hello, Returning! Do you really expect us peasants to know the answers to your question? That is professional tax advisor stuff. Maybe Toytown´s renowned @PandaMunich tax advisor will chip in here but otherwise...who can really advise you free of charge AND correctly?
  5. Mass Shooting in Hanau

    That´s a bit like a parent who says " my boy was in bad company. He kicked an old lady ." The rule are different for teenagers and kids ok...but an adult? Should take responsibility for their own actions if sound of mind.
  6. Mass Shooting in Hanau

    Devil´s Advocate here! Would that include hate preachers in London etc who are not Brits? Serious question.
  7. Mass Shooting in Hanau

    Yes! A perp of such an atrocity owns it. 
  8. Mass Shooting in Hanau

    And he even killed his own mother. Totally deranged. Not only a neo-Nazi in his beliefs and karma will have to have a word with him.
  9. Mass Shooting in Hanau

    Lurking in the background, sure. It has rightly been frowned on to be racist for a  long while (eg compared to when I grew up.) But it isn´t restricted to England..if it were, it´d be easier to pin down why, I expect. It is everywhere I have ever been in my life - sometimes racism, sometimes xenophobia, sometimes simply fear of the unknown, sometimes just the stress of life and sometimes just needing a scapegoat to blame others for your own failings. And it is not restricted to any social class.
  10. Mass Shooting in Hanau

    I´m sure Brexit has triggered some racists  just waiting for the opportunity to " feel free " in their minds to spout what they want. Having a Govt seen as " hostile " to immigrants ( whether a justifiable opinion or not ) doesn´t help BUT I still believe an adult ( of sound mind ) OWNS their OWN idiocy and should be called out for their own stupidity and ignorance.   Whatever happened to taking responsibility for your own failings...rather than simply blame others?
  11. Mass Shooting in Hanau

    When I was growing up, I found it fascinating to read about how society had progressed, including the sterling efforts of the Suffragette Movement, and how all adults were eventually allowed to vote. There are days I wonder if it was all a waste of their time, energy, idealism, money and health. 😟 There is probably one in every family like your particularly idiotic relative, emkay...    
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    Sorry to disappoint you, Jeffo...I´m working on 2021! Anyway, I did have a ( potential ) client a  few years ago, a Dane, who wrote to me...he was going to be deported ( I think from Bremen ) if he couldn´t prove he had relevant health insurance. I think he was applying for dole money as well...must have been about seven or eight years ago. Ok, there was probably more to it than that but I don´t remember.
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    yes and no!
  14. Police letter for Shoplifting

    By the way, I don´t like thieves IF they presume other people are useful targets as a way to make a living or because it gives them a " high." I DO understand and empathise with people who are desperate for food etc. Many of us have been there..I have. I DO believe in a solidarity system eg unemployment money and help with rent etc..I am ONLY against abuse IF the abusers are having fun and saying " fuck you, you pay. You have more than me," And I nicked your xyz because it was yours and you paid for it and I want it.  
  15. Police letter for Shoplifting

    I was being sarcastic! food section! A few people here want to feed their dogs properly but can´t afford to...
  16. Brexit: The fallout

    A bit old but I had heard of his before:
  17. Police letter for Shoplifting

    What has racism got to do with shoplifting, TraceKira? Do you really leave 100 euros a week on shelves for the unfortunate? I leave 1,000. But I am careful which shelves...
  18. It is definitely dangerous to move to Germany - or anywhere else - without checking out the health insurance laws and rules and regulations and the pros and cons in another society (speaking as someone who was without health insurance for seven years in my younger days and didn´t even think about it! )
  19. Maybe Rosie was doing due diligence before coming idea. Perhaps Rosie could comment here?   Disclaimer: I´m an independent insurance broker and authorised broker on Toytown.
  20. Has Rosie checked with her Irish insurance that she is actually covered for her pre-existing condition? If Rosie and her husband have only just moved, they should try applying for German public insurance asap as voluntary members. After three months, it is too late..   And German public insurance doesn´t exclude pre-existing medical conditions- however severe. Of course, I do not know what is in Rosie´s and her husband´s plan or whether it is VHI.
  21. Why are you happy today?

    Simplicity ( and a warm day! ):    
  22. No, RedMidge! No German Krankenkasse will accept it because the OP would not be running bills through them but rather between the doctor and the OP and the Irish private insurer.
  23. Microwave potato chips

    a couple of fried eggs? Just to make it wholesome!!
  24. Microwave potato chips

    Looks like aubergine!   ...that is the meanwhile-Greek in me!  
  25. What made you smile today?

    Just think about may be even more interesting than now give or take a few thousand years!