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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

    Usual Cretan dog story from me - barbaric. But safe now.
  2. I wonder how this will pan out!!
  3. This fits into the current atmosphere. Not nice at all.   And the irony that the current British Home Secretary is herself the daughter of Ugandan-Indians ( forced to leave by that psychopath General Amin in the 70s ):
  4. No! I had only charm and good looks!😂 ( Both long gone!😂)   Luke: Edit: hot pants, babe! Money was non- existent but Renate in her hot pants! Blimey, I think that was her name!❤️
  5. Deregistering when leaving Germany temporarily

    No worries! 99 per cent of Germans and 99 per cent of foreigners in Germany don’t know what an independent insurance broker is. They always say “ ah, you are an independent insurance broker. Which company do you work for?” 😂 And bad mouth you anyway because “ my friend says it is one euro a year cheaper if you go online with some link to Hell and do this or that! “ 😂 The way it is in life- jeder gibt seiner Seft dazu!
  6. Deregistering when leaving Germany temporarily

    Young lady! There is no such thing as a tied broker!😂 A broker is independent! A tied agent flogs contracts for his/ her company - in this case: Allianz!  This is a massive misunderstanding in Germany...😠 Yep, a magnificent missive by PandaMunich! A star on here. 👍
  7. Why are you unhappy today? 20 years old, beheaded for being gay. Primitive bigotry. 20 fucking years old😟
  8. Deregistering when leaving Germany temporarily

    Evening, MaineCoon! Re DKV! No, proof of Abmeldung is not enough! You must also attach a mini letter to formally cancel the contract - I have experience of this - whether public or private insurance, an accompanying letter is required. Example: I had a client with Hallesche private health insurance about 10 years ago. He left the country without saying boo to a goose.  What do I still get monthly? A copy of his latest, unpaid bill. 10 years ago!😂 Ok, he didn’t do the Abmeldung but he has never written to them, either. Do BOTH! Same goes for public health insurance! Abmeldung AND a cancellation letter . PS: your building insurance doesn’t expire 31st December! It automatically renews! Unless you cancel it at least 3 months before the renewal date! Not in your name!😂 Ah well, sort it out. Many good building insurance companies but best is to talk to a local insurance broker who knows your local terrain and who could pop by to have a look at the place if need be.  
  9. Zattoo buffering

    I will google that find out what that means. Double Dutch to me!😂 Ok! Googled! None the wiser! I’d better leave the thread! Don’t want to spoil it!
  10. Don’t swear, dear! It’s bad for the blood pressure!😂
  11. Du! Peter Maffay! 1970! Spent a year in Bonn as an 18 year old and had my first proper girlfriend! 😂❤️ Disco, hot pants, no money, no internet.. smooching in the back of a friend’s car while he and his girlfriend were, too!😂
  12. Why are you happy today?

    We just had our Covid tests! Negative!👍 Germany here we come on Saturday!😀 By the way, the guy at the lab arrived and said “ Germany has changed the rules again.” Moi: “ no, they haven’t! Get on with it!” 😂 ( He was referring to those already vaccinated ). What it DOES mean , thankfully, though, is that those with a negative test max. 72 hours before flying do not need to quarantine. )
  13. Coronavirus The last sentence ! 
  14. Coronavirus

    I am guessing here.. people who have had a corona jab may feel they are freer to take risks. Feeling they are safe out there in the big, bad world. A bit like some people drive even more recklessly because they are wearing seat belts. I am pretty sure this also happens.
  15. Coronavirus I wonder how this will pan out...
  16. Fortunately, I’ve never been  “engaged “ to the lady! Have been married elsewhere here and there in my life!😂
  17. We know a Dutch couple in our village - in their 60s. They never wear seat belts..” why, John? We drive carefully.” And yet, a contradiction.. they are so afraid of Corona , they no longer socialize with anyone -though restrictions have eased here.   PS: there are tons of reckless drivers here- Greece has some of the highest driving / death rates in Europe and always has done.   
  18. Why are you unhappy today?

    We went for our Corona test this evening in readiness for our flight to Hamburg on Saturday. Just before we went to town to the lab, we got an email from the airline. The German authorities have changed the rules again. When we rebooked the flight for about the fourth time last weekend or so, the rule was the test had to be within maximum 72 hours before the scheduled arrival time in Germany.  Now it’s 48 hours .. so new date for the test tomorrow evening...sigh...   And, bloody hell! The bloke showed me the swab he’s going to stick up my nose tomorrow! I have a small nose - that bloody thing is LONG!😂
  19. No further questions, m’lady.  Fears some people have v. your apparent support for deliberately  brutal killers.  Nuff said.
  20. Some awful news from Greece today: Are you truly comparing people who are worried about Corona and/or their fear of vaccines ( eg people with compromised health or distrust of Pharma companies ) with the perps in this story? 
  21. Only in America... How is North Carolina going to survive?😀
  22. Why are you unhappy today?

    This brutal home invasion and callous murder is top story in Greece right now. 300,000 euro reward offered for information leading to getting hold of the perps:
  23. You don’t need to look far to see how thin Is the veneer of civilization. No need to be an anthropologist.  Just read the news- kids murdered at a school in Afghanistan, police massacre of favela dwellers in Rio, knife attacks in London, mass shootings in the USA and all the rest of it.  We are no better than our ancestors in reality. Legally yes - thank God - but humans are / can be horrific.    But I do agree with you about the social contract. We need to try at least to be respectful of our common existence. But not sure that “ we actually all agree “.. see my previous points😀
  24. What are you cooking today?

    What’s with the “ but “? 😂
  25. Why are you happy today?

    Planning, yes, fraufruit! But corona. I mean, we weren’t even allowed out of our province till the other day. And masks still. And restaurants have only just opened. And even paying utility bills is not easy- they keep shutting the offices.  And no flights. And cancellation of flights.   And all the rest of it - just like elsewhere... And Nicole’s son and our friends are telling us we can’t meet at restaurants. And I have some business appointments - but where/ how? And etc .. because...