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  1. interpretation needed

    😂 No, McDee! But I have just sent the Finanzamt a bunch of money.  In the Verwendungszweck for the transfer, I wrote “ Spende fuer einen Ghostwriter.” ( Don’t know the German for ghostwriter!) 😂
  2. The Vent - No Chat!

    I love cats! You five decadent fuckers have had your fill! Fuck off! Let Angus through- it’s only boring chicken in a bowl and it’s dark out there. I am risking stumbling in the dark. Fuck off. You can see well in the dark- I can’t.
  3. Who here lives in Leipzig?!

    Good for you, brookeb! I admire, respect and think highly of you katheliz!🙏🏻 Mind you, no time in the world could heal me if anything terrible happened to my daughter. I don’t think I could cope.🙏🏻
  4. interpretation needed

    Optimista and Leon- I know zero about cars moving from country to country within the EU. This stuff is legal and acceptable? To whom and why? I thought the EU was supposed to be wonderful?
  5. Why are you unhappy today? This is making me feel sick. Don’t watch if you can’t bear how depraved  we humans are. Yeah, Black Lives Matter ( or should ). Including when it’s Africans committing the atrocities on fellow Africans. Just as depraved as anywhere else in the world where lives are cheap.  
  6. interpretation needed

    Bloody hell!
  7. interpretation needed

    The French or the Croatians?
  8. interpretation needed

    How is it on Cyprus , jeba? We bought a car in Germany for 9,000 euros about three years ago, had it driven down and then the ferry to Heraklion. Phone call from the Zoll: “ We will check the car now and call you back.” Call came back from the Zoll woman: “ we can make a special price for the import duty...12,000 euros.” I phoned the driver, transferred him his fee and asked him to stop drinking and get the hell out of there and onto the ferry back and then back to Hamburg.   This is well-known here ( though I didn’t know at the time- our first time.) Other expats have been through this. Our Greek insurance agent, a good bloke with an Allianz agency in town, had the exact details of our car, which he insures ,  and, according to official guidelines, the “ duty “ should have been c. 3,000 euros.     That would have been palatable but, jeez, 12,000 euros.😟  
  9. What made you laugh today?

    Wulfrun! You always post beautiful, funny stuff! Thanks, mate! 🙏🏻👍🏼
  10. I think it is the hypocrisy, El Jeffo , of certain politicians who do what they want. There is no reason this ground should be owned by the Right. There must be room for criticism from the Left as well.
  11.   Here is a criticism of the crackdown pending in England re corona. 
  12. What made you laugh today?

    This is just SO silly 😂 !  
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    What was Tony Blair doing there?🙈  
  14. Necessary Income

    Any age limits for eg a mathematician, Luke? And, as always the issue of health insurance..   Mark- health insurance obligations are tough in Germany. You can‘t just turn up and say „ hey, babes, here I am.“   It doesn‘t work like that. Even for European citizens moving to Germany it is very bureaucratic...  
  15. Necessary Income

    Your wife might qualify for an artist‘s visa, which could in turn and in time qualify her for public health insurance through the Artists‘ Foundation , known as KSK in Germany. But you would still be in limbo as you would likely not qualify as her family co-insuree if your worldwide income is over 455 euros a year- which it is..