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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

    Hugs, Tor When we meet up in Hamburg, we will raise a toast to your beloved mum. Promise,
  2. how to make a good password

    I bow to your superior capacity, Tor! I have aged...I had a salad today and fell asleep! (Before the salad arrived. I told the gorgeous young waitress my password was "tootiredtoeatsalad1952 " but she ignored my pain!!! )
  3. how to make a good password

    Dear Tor, babe! One important reason I´m flying to Hamburg in March is that the Egyptian thingy from Hamburger Sparkasse messed me up (Internet banking stuff ). The Beraterin at Haspa has just retired and couldn´t be bothered with my anxiety in her final week there. The other reason is I didn´t understand anyway. Other reasons to fly to Hamburg: I need good weather And to arrange a beer with you without a password. Keeping life simple,  babe.  
  4. how to make a good password

    That´s my level!!!  
  5. What made you smile today?

    Cats never cease to amaze and delight me. Was on a doggie round and there he/she/it was!
  6. Questions about English grammar

    Dear Beth! When I wrote to two German friends in Hamburg that we are planning to return to Germany, they both  wrote back." bleib wo Du bist. Shietwetter hier."  
  7. Questions about English grammar

    That´s the one I have always believed in! The Greek one? New to me! But I couldn´t resist...once I´d googled it! (As a resident of Greece..)   The Slovaks do it more romantically!   In our Cretan village, less is´s raining and you pass an older person and they just say " brexei " (it´s raining.") And if you are out with a dog walking, they say " skiliati " ( spelling? ) " dog? " On a good day, they will ask, when you are walking a dog,  " pou pas?" ( where are you going? "), the answer to which can  only be " sto bordello? " ( to the brothel.") I don´t know the Greek word for a brothel for dogs but I assume it is short. The locals are " less is more".    
  8. Questions about English grammar

    My favourite post of the day! Especially the bit about teaching your oldies the difference between " dice " and " die." Which word do the oldies prefer?
  9. Just seen this! You were an employee and left your job and Germany. So you didn´t cancel in writing your insurance and provide proof you had left the country? That is the mistake. If you can rectify that and prove you left the country, you should be ok. But enjoy the bureaucracy...   General warning...German insurances - all of them - need proof you have left the country..otherwise they will follow you like the Spanish Inquisition. Same with the GEZ bastards and all the rest of them.
  10. Questions about English grammar

        Tell Shorty‘s academic torturer to study the Ancient Greek connection! 🙏🏻   Oh, I have messed up the link😂! Anyway, one theory has it it comes from Ancient Greek cata doxa, meaning contrary to popular experience.
  11. Questions about English grammar

    Anyone who has ever taught English as a foreign language will know the students LOVE saying „ it‘s raining cats and dogs.“  Spaniards, Chinese, Brazilians, French, Russians, Moroccans- doesn‘t matter. It is always one of their favourite English sayings!   I even used it myself yesterday when it was belting it down!🙏🏻   American lecturer at university? An academic? Baaarrgh!!😩😂
  12. I have kept maybe 20 books, which I still have even here. The rest? Given away, lost .. whatever. They are the books which still smell like old books in a library. I think I am old-fashioned.
  13. The reality is a lot of people wouldn‘t bother getting out of bed if they were guaranteed sn income which paid their bills, alderhill. I exclude seriously sick people from this assertion. All help in a civilised society to the weaker, whether young or old, should be available.
  14. No chance of me being retrained as a software developer! Universal income it is!😂 The Finanzamt in Hamburg are already working on it! 😩😂 A letter the other day: “ Sehr geehrter Herr Gunn, wieviel können Sie Brutto verdienen als nutzloser 67-jähriger falls Sie zum ersten Mal in Ihrem Leben arbeiten müssten?“ Or something like that.   I have, unfortunately , misplaced the letter!
  15. It is partly down to my old-world know how ( lack of ), lisa! On the other hand, a client of mine is an IT specialist on a high salary and with a wealth of experience and he, erm, couldn‘t sort it out and went to the Filiale!😀 Have to sort stuff out in Hamburg anyway re leaving Crete at some stage and the Brexit issue ... so this has prompted me to fly over there sooner rather than later! ( Plus I need some Hamburg sunshine- it is raining here  right now and I am suitably annoyed!😂)