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  1. UK Election night watching?

    ...The Beast of Bolsover has also been kicked out. How long was Dennis Skinner an MP? 40 odd years or so.
  2. Expat Burnout

  3. What made you smile today?

    My Nicole is due home around 1 am tomorrow morning here in the village after a while in Hamburg visiting her son. Rosina is waiting... ( hope I can stay awake! )
  4. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Just wondering how people on here ( some ) would react if an 89 year old man in a care home had a wish come true— to have eg a buxom young woman strip off in front of them? I just smiled! Ok, bucket list!   (PS..too scared to post one of my favourite jokes here about an old people´s home...the PC crowd would kill me...)
  5. My current reputation on this site

    Luke😂. I joke on here sometimes that the taxes I pay in Hamburg whilst not even living there feed the 5,000! You‘re getting close to a food parcel!😂
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    Just imagine the constitutional fun if, say , Jeremy and Boris both lose the popular constituency vote and are not reelected as MPs!   I read somewhere today a Prime Minister doesn’t necessarily have to be an MP.. if memory serves me right, Tory MP Douglas-Home  in the 60s lost his constituency vote but became Prime Minister.
  7. Climate change

    I read it that snowingagain was being fully sarcastic!🙏🏻 And there again, maybe you were as well, fraufruit!😂   Edit: just read fraufruit’s edit! So we are all friends again!😀
  8. Climate change

    I am defending her! So there!
  9. Climate change

    Anyway, I am not a scientist so I don’t know to what extent climate change is mostly cyclical or “ man-made.” I can imagine both are true. And the degregation of the planet - eg the Amazon and tropical forests elsewhere is frightening.   At least here on Crete, where fishing stocks are not wonderful, the fishermen no longer use dynamite in our local area.   Edit: strangely enough, just read an article that the deepest point on land on Earth has been „ found.“  
  10. Expat Burnout

    Rebels without a cause?😂
  11. Climate change

    I don’t disagree there either- it is easier to be idealistic if you or your parents have money!
  12. Climate change

    I don’t disagree about the virtue signallers and I don’t disagree that she isn’t talking as a scientist.    What she is is a symbol of the new young generation who as they grow into mature adulthood will be faced by an even more scarred world than now busy depleting its finite resources. Plus the elephant in the room - many don’t want to talk about it - is the growing world population in some parts of the world eg where organised religion will not accept contraception.   My mum  had 14 brothers and sisters in the “ good old days.” Great stuff☹️ - unnecessary now.
  13. The Vent - No Chat!

        I don’t know if there is an “ absurd news story of the day thread  “ but this is unbelievable— lawyers ransacking a hospital: Just sickening.   The world is insane- this snippet from Sweden. Annoyingly absurd.
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    The country’s going to the dogs!